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Christianity and Spiritualism regarding laws which operated in certain miracles of Jesus

The following is a message given to James Padgett in November 1918 by Francis Bacon and may be of particular interest to those who practice the various forms of spiritual healing.
Also, within the message is a statement, part of which I have capitalised to draw particular attention to it, which lends itself to the the notion of Dark Matter, something which has presented a question for Astro physics as well as quantum physics. The mathematical model reveals that there is something more out there in Space which as far as they are concerned should not be there but the maths indicate that there is.
In relation to this I had an experience one evening in 2004 in which an object fell to the floor from my hands and totally disappeared despite a determined search to find it. On finally giving up I was convinced that it would return sometime as over the years this has been the case with small things which go and then return quietly as if they had not gone at all. In this case it materialised before my very eyes from a height of around 29 inches or 74 centimetres the next morning. A little later I decided to read from a volume of the True Gospel Revealed Anew and on opening it at a random place the message on the page was an explanation about the science of how Jesus’ Resurrection took place and after reading it I understood that the experience had been given in order that I may accept the the explanation.
Although the experience may be classed as being paranormal, for all intents and purposes it seemed normal because it took place without any dramatics, but despite this I did ponder over it for many days afterwards for an explanation.
”The material of the universe is not confined to or entirely comprised in what mortals may suppose to be the only material, that is that which may be sensed by their five senses or some of them.
What is of itself material is always material no matter what form it may assume, whether visible or invisible to mortals; and THE LARGER PORTION OF THE MATERIAL OF THE UNIVERSE IS IN THE INVISIBLE, THOUGH SUBJECT TO TRANSFORMATION INTO THE VISIBLE, AND RETRANSFORMATION INTO THE INVISIBLE, the larger portion of the material of the universe is in the invisible world, though subject to transformation into the visible, and retransformation into the invisible, and the laws governing and controlling the material are the same, whether that material be to men visible and knowable or not.”
The whole message:
Comments on an article written by James Hyslop on Christianity and Spiritualism regarding laws which operated in certain miracles of Jesus
Received by James Padgett
November 20th , 1918.
I am here, Francis Bacon.
I have been with you tonight as you have read, and was somewhat interested in what James Hyslop had to say in his article on
Christianity and Spiritualism, and many things that he puts forth are true, and explain very satisfactorily why many of the miracles, so called, of the Bible, may be believed. As he says, they are not different in the nature of their operations or in the exercise of the law that produced them, from the physical phenomena which are manifesting themselves at this time among the investigators of Spiritualism; and, if today, the same law in its force that was brought into operation by Jesus and the disciples, could be called into operation, the same or similar phenomena would be produced. Of course, a great deal depends upon the medium and the amount of rapport that may be created by the communicating or rather operating spirit, for it must be understood that all the supposed miracles were the results of the work of spirits, who by reason of the harmony existing between themselves and the mortals, were able to call into operation the laws which were necessary to produce the results called miracles.
At the present time, there may not be persons who have sufficient development of these psychic powers, which were possessed by Jesus and the others, to produce such phenomena as they produced; but there have been many mortals since his time sufficiently gifted with these powers to cause manifestations very similar to those of the primitive Christian times, especially as regards healing and the like ; and today much healing is being performed by mortals, and which is attributed to various causes, such as mental healing and faith cures, but which is really due to the exercise of spirit powers by spirits whose duties are to perform that kind of work.
Mortals, of themselves, cannot bring into operation any of these laws, either of mind or soul, but are dependent upon the cooperation of spirits who use some of the properties possessed by these mortals to bring into exercise the laws which only can produce the healing.
And here I desire to state, that it is not necessary that the mortal be of a highly spiritual development in order that the powers of the spirit world may effect and change the conditions of the material of earth for the laws which central (control?) the material are sufficient, ordinarily, to bring about the healing of the physical or mental diseases of men, and therefore, you will find many mediums, and others not recognized as mediums, having this power of healing.
The healing of the body and the healing of the soul require the workings of different laws, and while spirits not having very much soul development, may successfully cooperate with mortals in like condition, in healing bodily ills, yet such spirits are impotent to heal the diseased soul or the purely spiritual condition of men. But spirits who have the power to produce the latter healing, may also heal the body. And this you must know that no spirit who is not what may be called, physically whole or sound, can cause the healing of a physically diseased mortal, for power of this kind can be possessed by and proceed from only those spirits who in their material nature are perfectly healthy and sound.
These spirits, while they have cast off the gross, physical material of the mortal, yet are still material so far as the spirit body and form and the properties which compose the same, are concerned.
The material of the universe is not confined to or entirely comprised in what mortals may suppose to be the only material, that is that which may be sensed by their five senses or some of them. What is
of itself material is always material no matter what form it may assume, whether visible or invisible to mortals; and the larger portion of the material of the universe is in the invisible world, though subject to transformation into the visible, and retransformation into the invisible, and the laws governing and controlling the material are the same, whether that material be to men visible and knowable or not.
This material has its quality of persistence after supposed death or destruction, although the form of its manifestation be changed; and from this you will see that he who is known as the materialist, with his supposed want of belief in immortality or the continuity of existence, is in error even as to the material world of which he assumes to have special knowledge, and being in error as to this, how can he claim to be right when he asserts that the purely spiritual has no possibility of continuity of existence or, as some understand, immortality.
Well, I have written enough, and feel that you will pardon my
intrusion; but I also feel somewhat justified in writing as I have done.
With best wishes. I am, Your friend,
Francis Bacon.

An Unexpected Experience

This is an experience that I had during the afternoon, and while relaxing listening to the radio during the early evening, a flood of content came to mind, strongly competing against what I had been trying to listen to. therefore I made the effort to write it down to share which is something that usually only happens in the morning on awaking:

Something interesting happened this afternoon while on my return from a walk to the post office to pay a bill and redirect a letter to a colleague who had returned to Poland more than four years ago.

A Jehovah Witness has been going door to door giving out invitations for a big meeting at Cardiff Arena and in no time it was in my hand. On discussing the matter I realised the location and said that I would not be going so she should give the leaflet to somebody else. When meeting Jehovah Witnesses I always tell them about the website as a result of some research that I had done several years ago about the time period between the publication of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell (1758) and the writings of the messages received from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits through the mediumship of automatic writing by James Padgett beginning in 1914. She replied that she had heard of the website but I know from experience that it is not possible to discuss anything with them unless it is in line with their own beliefs so could not be sure if she really had. However she was quick to give the parting information that she had been a Jehovah Witness for 48 years.
While continuing the walk back a I tried to remember the name of the group who had formed during what seemed to be midway point between Swedenborg and Padgett as they had made a prediction of what they expected to be the physical return of Jesus. They had got it wrong but because of the timing I felt that there may be some significance in it so wrote them into a piece that I had written in response at that time. On arrival home today I had to research again because it had become a vague memory and it was only because of a comment made to the existence of the Millerites (1833) who were the forerunner of Jehovah Witnesses that I knew where to begin looking again.

Quite surprisingly I came across an article which I did not see before which states that the Jehovah Witnesses had predicted the return of Jesus in 1914 but because they did not see him in physical form then changed it not realising that they had in fact been correct but it was a return in spirit only as the writings of the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus attests, Also to being the Second Coming and as Jesus in the messages states that once a person dies and the silver cord is broken it is impossible to ever return in the flesh again to the physical World.

Much of the Jehovah Witnesses beliefs are drastically incorrect and they would benefit much from reading these messages which began to be received from 1914 through to 1923 through James Padgett and were then continued until the early 1960’s through Dr Samuels.

The article found this afternoon:
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Second Coming of Christ
By:The John Ankerberg Show
By: Lorri MacGregor; ©October 2001

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Second Coming of Christ

From another article:

[Quote]The Witnesses reject the notion of the Trinity, as did some early Adventists, though the latter movement finally remained orthodox in this regard. Still, the remarkable Watchtower notion that Jesus is also the archangel Michael is actually known from Adventist thinking as well.

So Jesus failed to show up in 1844 as Miller had predicted? Don’t worry, the calculation was correct, but it turns out this was actually the year Jesus entered the “heavenly sanctuary” and started an investigative judgment in preparation for his eventual return to earth. So the Kingdom of God did not establish its global rule in 1914 the way Russell had predicted? Don’t worry, the calculcation was correct, but it turns out that this was the year the Kingdom was invisibly established in heaven! (Never mind that Russell originally claimed that it was invisibly established way back in 1874, a year that eventually lost all significance in Witness doctrine.) [unquote]

An attempt To Change The Meaning In a Verse Of The Lord’s Prayer

During last week there was a news item referring to a move to rephrase the Lords Prayer in reference to temptation, the part that says lead us not into temptation and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. A caller on the radio pointed out that God would not lead us into temptation any way. So here is an indication that what we have in the present form probably came about due to the nuanced difference from the original through its translation.

On Sunday night I was extremely tired so decided to retire early but felt to pray the Prayer which Jesus gave to James Padgett. I particularly like this prayer. It is more to do with being heart felt than intellectual and people who knew me before would know that I was never a ‘holy Joe’ in this area and as such would always try to avoid representative prayer because it was never my strong point, and also I never felt that they worked anyway, even though I understood spiritual things. However there is a deep and emotional connection to this Prayer.

The note that accompanies it explains:

”The only prayer that is necessary is the prayer for the inflowing of this love ; all other forms, or real aspirations, of prayer are secondary, and of themselves, will not tend to produce this love in the souls of men…..
”This is the only prayer that men need to offer to the Father. It is the only one that appeals to the love of the Father, and with the answer which will surely come, will come all the blessings that men may need, and which the Father sees is for the good of His Creatures….
”So, my brothers, continue to pray and have faith, and in the end will come a bestowal of the love like unto that which came to the apostles at Pentecost.
”In leaving you, I will leave my love and blessings and the assurance that I pray to the Father for your happiness and Love.
Your brother and friend,

So in the new prayer given to Padgett by Jesus, which is titled simply THE PRAYER could also be called The Lords Prayer since it was given by Jesus Himself and within it there are some references to the original Lords prayer buried within, which I perceived last night, though through a different expression which may be closer to what was meant in the original language.

In reference to the original Lords Prayer, the part which says ”Lead us not into Temptation but deliver us from evil” is encapsulated it the sixth paragraph of the new prayer by saying the following:

”Keep us in the shadow of Thy Love every moment of our lives, and help us to overcome all temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones, which so constantly surround us and endeavour to turn our thoughts away from Thee to the pleasures and allurements of this world.”

And secondly in context to the words in the original Lords prayer which refers to the words: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; the new prayer says the following in the seventh paragraph:

”We thank Thee for Thy love and the privilege of receiving it, and we believe that Thou art our Father who smiles upon us in our weakness, and is always ready to help us and take us to Thy arms of love.”

Just as the original Lords prayer indicates the reciprocation of forgiveness towards those who trespass against us then likewise it would be reasonable that the same attitude of reciprocation should be present as that of the Father who smiles upon us in our weakness.

Our Father Who Art In Heaven (The Lord’s Prayer)

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
[For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.]


Pope Francis has approved a change to the wording of the Lord’s Prayer after what was described as a ‘flawed translation’ from the original Greek wording.
It comes two years after the Pontiff expressed his dislike of the phrase “Lead us not into temptation” in the Our Father prayer. (The Lords Prayer)
The Pope said that the version we currently know implies that God, not Satan, leads people into temptation.
He has now approved an alteration to the line ‘lead us not into temptation’ to ‘do not let us fall into temptation’.
The Italian version of the prayer has been updated but it’s not known when the English version will be changed. [unquote]

In the second Lord’s Prayer given to James Padgett it says: ”Help us to overcome all temptations….”, implying that we have our own responsibility in this area which is very different from either ‘Lead us not into temptation’ or ‘do not let us fall into temptation’. Both of which is a form of abrogating personal responsibility.

Dr Leslie R Stone says words to the effect that Spiritual progression can only be obtained by ‘earnest prayer to the Heavenly Father for His Love. This knowledge of Divine love and the possession of it, constitutes the reason for our (Foundation) Church of the New Birth’.

So The Foundation Church of the New Birth is not a physical Church as are other Churches and has been referred to as a Church without walls, and elsewhere in the writings Jesus says that it is desirable to attend our own church than not because of any good spiritual elements that may be benefited from.

A Comment Added To Aid Clarification

Here is another message come across at random this morning while travelling by bus.

Elias comments on the lack of knowledge by the preacher of the truths of spiritualism.

April 1st, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

The following passage quoted from the message is one that I felt at the time of reading needs some explanation to aid clarity in order to make sense to people unfamiliar with the writings.

[Quote]The preacher is still in the dark as to the conditions of spirits and their destiny, and as to the means provided to attain to the heavens, and become released from the hells, by the Father’s love. To merely live is not the end of men or spirits, and the fact of living as a spirit of today instead as a mortal of yesterday does not demonstrate immortality; and the consoling thought that the preacher expressed from the fact of continued existence after death, are merely the wishes of desire based on such existence.


The quote above is an encapsulation of the result of not knowing the truths as they are explained in the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, which are said to be the same truths that Jesus taught when on Earth but which had been lost as a result of not being fully understood at the time and also due to his untimely death and the fact that much content of the scriptures had been altered either by being removed or added to by scribes due to either political expediency or the need to convince or influence hearers by adding beliefs connected with their own pagan beliefs, many examples of which are also explained in the writings.

So even today the essential understanding is not there in the established churches and couldn’t be until arrival of these clarifications by Jesus and the Celestial Spirits through the mediumship of automatic writing through James Padgett and later Dr Samuels. It has also been said that the churches will be the last to accept these truths.

Where it states that ”To merely live is not the end of men or spirits”, would most likely mean that it is not the be all and end all but that there is much more, such as the path of continued spiritual growth and development that will lead eventually to the Celestial Heavens, and it is only here that immortality, or continued existence is guaranteed. Jesus states that at some time in the future, entrance to the Celestial Heavens will be closed but all will be given the opportunity to progress and although it is not known when this will happen, when it does the hells will be dissolved into the elements to spare the inhabitants their suffering. This is one point that I find very sad, but it will be as a result of man’s own refusal but on the other hand much damage had been done through the actions of history and the flawed teachings which have been handed down generation after generation and in a sense doesn’t seem to be fair.

Comment on Spiritual Truths

Personal Comment immediately removed for being classed as spam:

Holy Spirit

September 15th, 1914

Yes, I am your grandmother (Ann Rollins).

[Quote] Jesus is the teacher. The Holy Spirit is God’s Messenger, or Instrument, that carries into the soul, the Divine Love that is bestowed on the Truly penitent human. Jesus is the saviour of humans by his teachings, and his example. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter that carries into the soul the Divine Love. Jesus is still teaching and influencing humans to turn to God.[unquote]

It should be reflected upon that these messages were communicated to Humankind over a Century ago yet there is little of this content, if any, being conveyed by the established Churches to their congregations.

Also for myself, when I listen to Church Services on the radio or even attend a live Church service, when the occasion arises, there in nothing that resonates with me as was always the case in my early teens and even when I attended Confirmation Lessons with the local Parish Priest it just seemed to go over my head.

I tend to remember more the morning assemblies at Primary School where the Headmistress would convey the aspects of love though the readings and not focus on doctrine and it is this feeling of fondness that remains with me. However there was one occasion when this same Headmistress stood in to take a Religious Education lesson in the classroom for an absent teacher, when I was around eight years old, and she was sat on a chair with the class sat on the floor in front of her while she read from the Bible. I myself was sat at a desk with my back to them reading a book of fairy tales and I clearly remember thinking to myself that ‘At least I know that I am reading fairy stories’.

So there was something there beyond my own understanding which was conveying ideas which were not normally Commonly questioned, and there are other examples going right into adult hood, though with a break from 14 to 26 years old but the ball began to roll 2years earlier that was not religious or Christian in particular but for some reason I was out of the blue moved to make a prayer to Jesus and it wasn’t out of the commonly act of desperation, it was just that I felt moved to. Even then I was not in any particular religious bent but out of the blue I had a very deep and moving experience concerning Jesus while waiting on ‘machine breakdown’ at Rolls Royce Engine Division. Even then I continued my life as normal until I was guided to the UC, and I can now understand how this was intentional as the various activities would provide the stepping stones for the personal experiences which were outside of its own teachings but which provided the validation of the Padgett messages, once discovered many years later.

So this leads into another message which I came across on my tablet during the morning while travelling to a venue by bus yesterday(11th February) and I had wanted to open the pdf of volume 2 but it refused to do so and this had happened on a previous occasion and thought that there may be a problem with the tablet or some bug on the pdf reader. However volume 3 opened, though I had difficulty in moving the pages via the blue tab also, and when I tried to move it down the pages would move gradually up which was not what I wanted. Eventually the pages did start freely sliding by and decided to just let them go and see where they came to rest. They stopped on page 209 and felt that it was very appropriate and could make a comment on them. In fact they happen to fit together very nicely with what I have just said of Dave Kenny’s post as the writer of this message is always trying to influence her son to what she has since learned during her time in the spirit world and this was something which I had also often suspected of my own ancestors towards myself. I felt that they were in a position to understand these things because where else could it come from, I thought, and having since learned of some family history during a visit to Berlin in 1986 it suggests that this could be the case.

Page 209 Volume 3

Spirit Mother Of A Material Preacher Writes About Her Spiritual Finding And New Beliefs And Would Like Her Son To Know And Believe As She Does.

One important point which was the reason for writing in the first place is to point out that it is the content of the messages from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits which provide the clarity of spiritual understanding, much of which had been altered by the constant recopying by scribes and also the adding to or removing the original texts of the Holy Scriptures.

The continuity of life after death

Came across this message today by Francis Bacon who explains that the physical World that we live in and the spirit World where we go to after we die is made of the same material, and in modern terms it is explained that it exists at a higher vibration so is invisible to our physical senses.

There is also reference to electricity and its use in telegraphy, pertaining to radio waves which are also invisible but we have become aware of them because of their affects which can be observed but before we obtained this awareness we did not know that they existed.

This is interesting because these things were not known about when Francis Bacon was alive on Earth and even though at the time of the messages quantum physics was in its infancy, no such terminology is used but instead [Quote] ” The world in which men live is composed of the material, and the world in which I live is also composed of the material, of the same nature, but of different consistencies and objective qualities. The material of the universe is always material, whether or not it be cognizable by man and subject to his thoughts and inventions and uses; and as man progresses in the study of the same – I mean the practical and experimental – he will discover that there are things of the material in nature which to him are being developed and made known, and which a few years before he had no conception of their existence. Such is the discovery and use of electricity, and the workings of the laws of nature which enables him to make possible the effects of wireless telegraphy…….[unquote] (Continue to the end of the actual paragraph in the message). .

In other messages by others it is stated that the spirit world has much to give us in terms of inventions, some pertaining to energy but they will not share them with us at the moment given the present mind and the potential for misuse the technology just as we have with nuclear physics.

Just for clarity, It is the spirit of an individual which dwells in the physical body and it is the spiritual aspect of the mind which motivates the physical mind and without the influence of this spiritual aspect the brain would be just a lump of flesh. It is this same spirit mind which carries on complete with all of its faculties after death and as you were in life so you will be in spirit

[Quote] The mind is an entity indivisible and united, and is not separable into the subjective and objective as men frequently teach, except in this: that in its workings, that part of the mind which controls the brain in the ordinary affairs of life may be called the objective, and that part which is suited for and used in controlling the material after it has been transformed into the purely invisible may be called the subjective. But it is all one mind and exists in man while on earth, just as it will and does when he becomes a spirit. [unquote]

It is quite interesting that James Padgett had been told that this kind of message is of the type not normally needed or allowed but it is of a kind that I appreciate because it could be touching on the principles of quantum physics, although the terminology is not used because it had not yet been invented at the time of the messages.

Also within this message are references to spirits being able to communicate with mortals on Earth, namely Spiritualists who demonstrate proof of continuing existence after death by receiving messages and also being able to feel in their own organs the discomfort and cause leading to death and communicating this information to the recipient who would have this knowledge in the case of a loved one.

An Unexpected Inspiration

Yourself God and Jesus.

On the morning of13th October 2015 a basic tune came to mind followed by a line of words while I was sat at my computer in the living room. Knowing from experience that if an idea is not written down immediately, only the concept remains which has to be put down in our own words, while wondering exactly how the original was phrased because it was the best expression.

So it was the same here and I was careful to add the date too because these things become lost in time and forgotten until revisited, not knowing when they were created. This was written down in longhand and because of the basic tune that accompanied it, it also needed to be recorded at each stage.

The words began coming in groups of two liners as it progressed. After a while I began to think that it would perhaps be suitable to make a hymn so contacted Elizabeth who is now responsible for the Foundation Church of The New Birth, a church without walls, which acts as caretaker for the messages received by James E Padgett through the mediumship of automatic writing from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits, now almost 105 years ago.

A copy of the mp3was sent to Elizabeth by email and on hearing it she asked for a print out of the words and permission to publish it in the newsletter as a poem and I agreed. From her mention of it being a poem I took another look and sure enough it read like a poem which I hadn’t noticed because it wasn’t by my own effort to make it so. The two line verses could be arranged in groups of four lines each but that leaves one verse that has only two lines and because they were receive in groups of two it was difficult to decide how they should be grouped without changing the order in which they were received, so I did eventually settle on a decision. Also at each stage I was not to know what verses were to follow, one after another but it is interesting that they make complete sense in a chronological layout of the basic purpose of the messages received by James Padgett.

The concept of the opening words, Yourself, God and Jesus, was envisioned to be circular, in an anticlockwise direction, with Man at the base and God above as in a direct relationship, but with three in the circle. Jesus also intersects between God and Man because He stands in the position of Messiah or mediator between Man and God to show the way. (Why it was an anticlockwise representation I do not know and even less so with the passing of time).

The direct relationship between man and God was the first intended but was lost after the Fall of Man. Jesus is is at pains to express concern at misconceptions and wants them to be corrected to the correct relationship in the minds of mankind.

Yesterday I had felt pushed to redo the video because I was never happy with the end result, having no illusions about being able to sing, and as such had previously attempted to present it as a spoken poem but that ended up too forthright in presentation and was not happy with it. previous attempts at singing it was also unsatisfactory but this version seems to have turned out more acceptable.



”Incidentally it was while searching my computer one Monday evening in December 2015 for files related to a situation of being unfairly treated and dismissed at a Community Centre where I had worked diligently for thirteen and a half years as ‘as and when’ cover in the office during functions which may be during the day or in the evenings, particularly at weekends.

I had put together the evidence because I understood what had began taking place some months earlier but despite having this evidence, I felt it was distasteful to seek any retribution so let it go. However It had been on my mind to continue working there for a further five years, but as it turned out it was the best thing that they did and I ended up being better off financially minus that hassle of driving there in what was to become ever greater traffic congestion and especially that I used to juggle it between two jobs at their convenience to accommodate them other wise I was quite content to travel to work to my main Job by bus when I wasn’t required to cover. The most up to date situation is that the Charity Commission had been called to investigate certain irregularities and there was a local call for a new committee to be formed as the place had become so expensive to use that nobody wanted to use it and the Local Council was in the process of proceeding to close it but locals had clubbed together to save it which was good because it was a building built especially to replace a WW1 and 2 Memorial Hall which had been demolished to make way for a dual Carriageway.

So, I was totally surprised that I rediscovered the song because I had totally forgotten all about it for two months and finding it again by chance was like a revelation to myself. This is why I thought that I must contact Elizabeth straight away via email. When the simple melody and the first words to the lyric came to mind, my first reaction was to record it immediately in order not to forget it. It progressed from there one lyric or two at a time, written down, added and recorded. They are in the same order and construction as they came to mind until the whole was complete. The time stamp shows that the process took 72 minutes and after that a couple of practice attempts until the final recording. 

A Message which Evokes A Memory

Yesterday morning I had quite a few things on my mind to do but couldn’t decide what to do first so would start one thing and then jump to another and then onto another all at the same time and was getting nowhere so decided to just sit down and spend a little time reading volume two of True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. So I decided to pick up the volume and open it up at random and where it opened at there I would read. I had consciously decided to open up in the area of the last third but that was all that I knew and saw that it was a message by Solomon and that the topic was of Mr James Padgett’s selection by Jesus. That was all that I saw before jumping up to do something else quickly so put a marker between the pages for when I return. On returning the marker fell out onto the carpet so then had to look through the table of contents to try to find it again and while looking through there were so many other topics that tempted my interest but I decided to keep the original intention. Eventually I found it to be on page 286 and on reading it found it to be about the qualities of James Padgett against that of Emanuel Swedenborg who was the first person to have been chosen who also had the ability to visit the Spirit World and to report his findings. A link is given to the full message and it was a case of trawling through the website because dates received had not been included in the original printed volumes and in fact ten pages later there is a very interesting message from Jesus titled How The Divine Love Enters Into The Soul Of Man. It is another message that is not dated and also does not not in the same year so will have to search for it.

[Quote] Some years ago, as you say, a selection was made of a man to declare these truths, and to him much power and spiritual knowledge were given, and even that power of leaving the body and visiting the world of spirits that he might see for himself the actual condition of things as they there existed, and to declare to mankind the results of his observations. And he did observe and declare many truths, but the difficulty in the way of his realizing the pure truth and interpreting the things which he saw, was that his mind was too much biased by what he had read and believed from the writings as contained in the Bible. And hence, his efforts failed to accomplish the great purpose intended by the mission given him. I am here referring to Swedenborg, the seer, as he was called.

This was a great disappointment to these Celestial Spirits who had projected such a plan for revealing the truths to mankind. At the head of these Celestial Spirits was Jesus, as he is now. Since that time, the time has never been propitious for a plan of this kind to be attempted again until now.


This was the first time that I have ever seen this particular passage, although I did know about Swedenborg’s anguish about not being able to receive the the truths accurately of which he had admitted to in messages conveyed to James Padgett from himself. I had written about this aspect before from deduction, so am particularly happy with the understanding that is conveyed here in the message.

So this now crystallized the realisation in relationship of my having come across the Swedenborg Society at their address in Central London in early 1978, while on Andy Johnson’s MFT and although I had never heard about them before and also their offices on an upper floor were closed, for some reason I was drawn to find out more about them and also to buy a copy of Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell.

So also yesterday, 17th January 2019, this focussed my mind on the fact that this was one of many experiences for the affirmation of the validity of the writings and my mind cast back to to 1976 when I had a profound feeling, and visual experience in my mind’s eye, that conveyed that the Soldiers coming to take Jesus away to murder him on the cross was a contradiction to why he had come two thousand years ago, as he had come to show mankind the right way to live, as I understood it then. This experience occurred while on Machine Breakdown on the shop floor of Roll Royce Engine Division while waiting for the milling machine I had been allotted to work on repaired.

But in fact it was to be 27.5 years after that experience to learn that Jesus had originally come to show the way how to obtain God’s Divine Love.

And further to that I remember very vividly the roll out of events that would guide me to meet the Unification Church on Monday 20th June1977, and also the experience in relationship to the single yellow flower in July 1977 at South Farm and the connection with the photograph of the solitary single flower taken in a field in my home town in 1975 and later the realisation that it could be a circular representation of a destiny.

Of course I can testify that as these events happen we do not realise the significance of what is taking place, and it is only in looking back with hindsight with an overview of events, and that I now realise that the activities of the UC provided the stepping stones for the ”’experiences” to take place, but that realisation only came about on being shown the existence of the writings in November 2003 because when I emerged out of the back end of the UC and no longer an active member it had me wondering what it was all about as I knew that I had definitely been guided to meet them.

There is however a lot more detail of events which preceded meeting the UC which goes back to the age of eight years, and also many years later after what has been explained here.


Solomon writes of Mr. Padgett’s selection by Jesus.

October 1st, 1915.

A Timely Reminder

The following was originally posted two years ago and has returned as a timely reminder:

Robert Hole

This morning was the first time that I could not stomach turning on the radio or TV to listen to the news which is something that I have always loved and looked forward to. I have often turned it off in disgust at the twisted representation of events, in all of their varied and subtle ways, but this morning I just didn’t want to be assaulted. So today is the first day that I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the World, in the case of new events, but we have an idea of what is on going in general terms.
The sorry fact is that the World is going to do what it intends to do regardless and the problems that we have, and the reasons for them, have been seen before and will be repeated by future generations because that is the state of mankind’s mind, not everybody, and even though we are all affected by the actions of those at the top who wield the power, we can also observe those that would take advantage of others to their harm and loss at the lower levels right down to the underclass. And again not everybody.
Those people who are using their power to subvert others, whether individuals or whole countries are also harming themselves in the long run and would not do it if they realised this fact.

The span of life on Earth is so short compared to eternity yet they are laying their own foundation for an existence in the lower realms, of which it is said that there are the most number of levels because there are so many diverse types of sin whereas the progression of spiritual growth and further happiness is more straight forward but it is all governed by spiritual law that nobody can escape from.
So because of the absolute falsity and criminality that is ongoing in many governments around the World and which many people are observing,exposing and commenting on and have it covered in an amazingly competent and clever way, I feel more useful in making comment in terms of the inner truths that have been made available to us through James Padgett and supported, in large extent, by Emanuel Swedenborg before him.
The principles within the messages are as important and relevant for our time, going forward, as they ever were, going right back to the time when Jesus walked the Earth gathering his disciples together from wherever he could find those pure of heart who were able to respond when in fact the whole nation had been especially prepared to receive the Messiah but they could not recognise him and are still waiting in faith and expectation to this very day.
When Jesus walked the Earth there was no such thing as Christianity and the teachings that he brought were for the whole of mankind regardless of faith, religion or none because he was showing the way to obtain a restored relationship with God before the Fall of Man and before Jesus this could never happen. Jesus laid the foundation and opened the way and is still working to accomplish this goal.
The words of the poem, it is a song really but did not want to embarrass myself, is, it turns out, to be an encapsulation of what the True Gospel Revealed Anew is all about, in a nutshell. It is easy to imagine a person who has no spiritual inclination to read a part of the messages and think so what, what has this got to do with me. However what it illustrates is that there is an end goal and that is for an individuals highest happiness which is obtained through the obtaining of God’s Divine Love.

What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do to bring about the Great Millennium

There had been an expectation that the new millennium in the year 2000 would bring about a new age and this desire had been sustained for countless previous generations and with this knowledge in mind I waited for the minutes to pass by with the video camera pointed at the TV screen to record the event.

When the moment finally arrived at 12 midnight my reaction was to state that nothing will change, it will remain the same. Sadly I was wrong about that sentiment because things were due to become much worse in the World, mostly from 911 onward, the self inflicted event used as an excuse for endless wars in the Middle East, mostly in one of the cradles of civilisation and the support for those who’s main goal is to murder Christians and an attempt to turn multifaith Syria into a sectarian hell. The instigators of this now want to start a conflict with Russia, and their Cultural Marxism or third way, Communitarianism, Big Society and Political correctness are steadily destroying the fabric of society every where around the World and this morning, Monday 17th of December I read in a newspaper that Primary School children are to be taught that boys have periods too in a so called victory for transgender campaigners. The outright manipulation of Brexit is also a symptom of the sad state of affairs, with total entrapment with no way to get out except to be firm and just leave plain and simple.

The UK Column for 17th December is a real eye opener and after watching David Ike’s presentation on child abuse focused on Elm Guest House I decided to read some of the messages in the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus with a mind for some relevancy and on flicking rapidly through the pdf’s it landed on the following but flicked back to the one before to read that but the message from Luke is very appropriate. (The order of messages is different in my pdf copy and only found this website for the first time today, and it seems to be ideal for quickly browsing for the messages available by the date received order).

Luke: What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do to bring about the Great Millennium, etc.