Jesus Obtains His Knowledge Directly from God the Father

When first learning of the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, I was moved by the fact that Jesus closed His messages by adding at the end, Your friend and brother Jesus.

This morning, news regarding Israel and Palestine and the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and the impending conflict with Iran was in the news on the radio and this prompted me to search for the passage in the writings where Jesus said that the Messiah will never return to the Jews again. This was also prompted because they still believe that they have a privileged position which was also heard to be expressed by a person being interviewed this morning.

While searching I saw in the index of volume 3,a reference to Mary Baker Eddy which I thought would be good to tag onto a previous piece that had been written, and along the way saw the passage where Jesus says that He is forever learning more from God the Father, as this fact was also expressed in a different way elsewhere when Jesus stated that he understands more now, spiritually, than he did when He walked the Earth.

So again, this morning I was deeply moved by Jesus’ freedom of heart to reveal this truth about himself which is also in keeping with His making clear that He was born of both a man and a woman just the same as everyone else who has ever been a mortal on Earth and not , as believed, of a virgin or that He is God. Both these are expressed by Jesus, through the writings, to be blasphemous and which do much harm to those who hold such beliefs by impeding their spiritual progression.

Some time ago I wrote an item explaining that when people finally enter their eternal home in the spirit world that they do not become instantly all wise and knowing but that spiritual growth is a process of development similar to what has always been done through education in our schools, intellectually for the development of the mind, except that it is a continuous learning process,in an internal spiritual way. So it was a surprise to learn that this also applies to Jesus as well. The only difference being is that he was the first and is leading the way to teach us how, to point us in the right direction. This is why Jesus is the Messiah, the mediator between mankind and God who came for that purpose over 2000 years ago.

From The True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Volume 3 page 50

Jesus Admits That His Power Is Limited In Some Things And Does Not Always Know The Answer Without Going To The Father, The Source Of All Knowledge.

I AM HERE, Jesus:

Of course you must remember that I don’t know everything that has happened or that is going to happen. I have my limitations as have other spirits but of course my knowledge and powers are more extended than are those of other spirits. This is true because I am nearer my Father, fountainhead of wisdom and power, and consequently can draw therefrom more than can other spirits. Yet I am limited as I said and should you ask me some questions and I not be able to answer them with knowledge, I will tell you and you must not be surprised or disappointed at my inability to do so.

(Reply to a question)… I was not present and don’t know and cannot guess. Well that is a difficult question to answer for it involves so much of my very existence that I feel that my ability to tell you is limited.

I love you so very much that I have come from my celestial home many times just to be with you and help and influence you in right thinking and living; and no spirit who has never seen the grandeur and happiness of these Celestial Spheres can conceive what it means to leave these precincts and mingle in the forbidding earth atmosphere.

I love you so much that I am writing to exert my powers to help you in your material affairs and to keep you from worry and unhappiness as far as possible. And I love you so much that I am trying to have you become so spiritual and good that you may be fitted for a home in my sphere when the time comes for you to come over; and this latter beneficence has never yet been given to any mortal. But if you will follow me and live with me in love and unison you will be able to experience this great transformation and become an inhabitant of my home as I said.

Well you are a sinner, as you say, but when I tell you of how you may become so spiritual and good you must believe me for I know whereof I speak and speak in all earnestness and truth.

(Reply to a question) Yes, I did, for you called me to you by your earnest aspirations and prayers to the Father. and what you then saw in your imaginings may very easily come true, EXCEPT THAT I WILL NEVER MATERIALIZE AGAIN ON EARTH. The other portions of your day dreams may become realities, and the happiness that you felt will be increased many folds…..

Also watched yesterday: What do Jews in Israel think about Jesus Christ the Messiah and God in the Flesh – YAHWEH

The Sons of Heavenly Man Outnumber the Sons of Earthly Man

When I first saw this when it was first shown on 28th of April I had an answer in mind after reading it several times but there were other things on my mind and it needed some time to formulate a reasonable explanation. So it had been on my mind to do it today.

The Gospel Of Philip

The sons of heavenly Man outnumber
the sons of earthly man.
Though the sons of Adam are many, they are mortal;
the sons of the realized Man [telleios] never die,
for they are constantly being reborn.
The Gospel Of Philip
Translated by Jean-Yves Leloup

The sons of heavenly Man ( The total number of spirits dwelling in the spiritual world since the creation of mortals) outnumber
the sons of earthly man ( Those who presently reside on planet Earth).

Though the sons of Adam are many, they are mortal; ( There are two possibilities here, the first being that the sons of Adam continue to be physically born on Earth if it is taken that Adam is the first human ancestor, therefore they will physically die, but also there is the spiritual death that Jesus spoke about, and this could also apply to those who are already in the spirit world. In The True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus it is spoken of those who enter the spirit world only developing their Natural love while those who acquire God’s Divine Love will exist for eternity, to be immortal, in the Celestial Heavens).

the sons of the realized Man [telleios] never die,
for they are constantly being reborn. ( On looking up the word tellios, one of the meanings is given as perfect. In the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus the term perfect refers to those who have attained the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. That then is the starting point. It has been described that in the spiritual world there are many realms or levels and to be allowed admission depends solely on the level of spiritual growth or development. So just like when Nicodemus asked Jesus what he must do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus replied that he must be born again. So in this context, being reborn could refer to the process of moving up through the levels. This is my interpretation of this passage anyway).

BBC, The EastEnders and Antichrist (3)

Some people, certain atheists for instance, believe and say that Jesus Christ even did not exist and New Testament and such character are imaginations of under-trodden and suppressed people.

Assume that this is correct. Still, something remains unclear. Why all the hostilities described against Jesus Christ are being repeated again as if he is still alive and is among us at this time.

Why such a big machine of mass media, in this sneaky, covert way tries to infame and vilify Him. Why it selects supposedly a Muslim to convey its concealed message. What Muslims attribute to Jesus Christ, is almost the same as Christians. Muslims call him “The Word” and “The Spirit” of God. They have no hostility with Christmas and the Easter. Until after the Second World War they did not live as the minority in a Christian society to grow grudge towards Christians and their festivities. There was not such a clash between them and Christians.

Very important point is that the Muslims they show in such occasions are actually “petro-Muslims” or more accurately “petrodollar-Muslims” created almost entirely after 1974 in the world. They have been created as escape goats as targets to divert the attention of the world towards creation of controlled chaos.

So it is not Muslims that run Hollywood. Hollywood boldly tries to humiliate the name of Jesus Christ. It is recently works to add an F-word between Jesus and Christ. Such attempts find their way in other outlets which are under control and full capitulation to Antichrist.

The same scenario repeats year after year near Christmas and the Easter. Some jokes about Jesus Christs and someone who becomes resurrected from the death.

This Easter 2018. I was in the kitchen preparing tea for some companions who were watching The Eastenders in the living room. I heard that one of the actors (Little Mo Morgan) shouting that Kat had died.

I immediately came back to room and told them, “It is fake. Later she comes back alive.” People became surprised asked me how did I know. I said that it was because it was near the Easter. Always someone fakes his death and will come back to life and all the community make fun of him and vilify him and the resurrected one is also an impostor.”

This year goes bolder than the previous years. When it became known that Kat was alive the reason causes all insults. Pieces of gospels are dotted among the dialogues such that when later people hear them somewhere else reminds them of Kat and Mo and other stupid acts out of these characters.

From a couple of weeks before The Easter we hear things about conning and fraud to fleece people and defraud them just for the sake of money.

It is clear that who wants to exonerate himself of crucifying Christ and projecting his own greed for the money by accusing Christ. Is not one of the attributes of Satan, the Antichrist, the accuser?

In the short clip I put here Kat Says (@Time 0:16), “I go to vic to break the good news —- that I am not dead” Emphasis and pause are by the actor.

EastEnders – A Huge Fight Breaks Out In The Vic (22nd March 2018 Episode 2)

This hostility I watch proves me something of great value.

What Could Dark Matter Be?

Good OP. Focuses the mind and provides a reason to put ideas together. I tend to believe that it is dark matter that has always existed and is something that scientists know exists because mathematical calculations indicate that it should be there but they don’t know what it is.

So Tammy O’Brien is most likely closer to the truth. It is likely that Dark Matter isn’t just ”out there” far out in the universe but is all around us and is the substance of the spiritual dimension. And if so it is all around us because we are told that the lower spiritual realms exist on the Earth plane and that evil spirits are Earth bound. However there are different spiritual realms that exist’ as if in layers around this planet. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, who was able to go into a deep sleep and astrally travel to the spirit world to retrieve medical cures, that had been long lost in history, from the Akashic Records, says that the planets are the dwelling places of the spirit World. Because his newly retrieved remedies proved to work as long as the patient followed the procedures described for treatment exactly, and also requested the help in the first place, then this was proof enough to believe what ever else he had to say.

So we know that planets are hostile in all of their variations, to human life, but the physical and the spiritual exist on a different vibration, and are a part of the extensive range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So it would be logical to expect that the physical does not interfere with the spiritual but the mass of each planet provides a gravitational environment. If this did not matter then there would likely be no requirement for the spirit world to exist on planets in the first place. So the environment of planet Earth has to have special conditions to support human life for a particular purpose.

God said that I am that I am, and always existed and it could be argued that what scientists have chosen to call Dark Matter was the predominant form of energy in the never ending void that we call Space and that the Big Bang was a transformational event which created physical matter, directly out of dark matter, upon which physical life as we know it can exist on our own particular planet, Earth.

Over the last week or so just gone, the idea came to me that God had desired to create company for Himself and that the process would be one of replication, similar to what we observe on Earth, except that what we experience here is actually part of this whole process. Many may believe that life on Earth is the be all and end all and that afterwards there is nothing, or on the other hand that if there is belief of an afterlife then it is a nice afterthought, while others may believe that this idea is nothing but nonsense.

The key to this is the knowledge or understanding that there is a pool of pre existing souls who consist of themselves and their soulmate, male and female, who on incarnation into the World do so at the same time but in different locations and the purpose is to develop individual character and form so that they are suitably developed for life in the everlasting spirit world.

I had written something on 26th of April which explains more and had almost forgotten about, which was the result of the feeling that God created for want of company, and this in the end is why the goal of obtaining God’s Divine Love is so important.

What Could Dark Matter Be? 2

26th April 2018 ( The date is included because this time will be forgotten if not noted down).

Decided to put on the radio on awaking this morning 26th April 2018 and a program on Radio 4 was already underway about nuclear physics and as usual Radio 4 communicates in a clear educated manner but this topic proved to be a bit of a stretch for the minds of the interviewer but this is the nature of the subject which presents a constant challenge for researchers.

I was reminded of the time back in 1965 having moved to a new family home laying in bed reflecting on the similarities of mechanics of the solar system and that of the atomic world and picturing what may be the same dynamics in action.

The only other cause to have had reference to the atomic world was when Brian Whitgeranhi would emerge out onto the pavement at Lancaster Gate after attending the regular meetings for professors and enthusiastically shared some newly learned information with me while on door duty between December 1979 to June 1980. This time it was about Up Quarks and Down Quarks.

Of course the realisation followed, over time, that scientists are only discovering what already exits in the created world and that there are many things that we take for granted which are not fully understood. However mankind was created to be a co creator and as such have created many amazing things of benefit as well, unfortunately, detrimental to society.

Just yesterday an insight came to mind which mirrors the idea of sitting on the Right hand of God and of course this idea conjures up the idea of something that is not a reality, that of being physically up in the clouds with a bearded man. However there is a certain truth in which it encapsulates.

So what possibly was the prime purpose for the creation of the material world which is believed to have been kick started by The Big Bang, as it is described. It had been said that the planets did not exist before the big bang but that afterwards there was the clumping of protons.

From Radio 4, In Our Time – The Proton:

[Quote] Protons came soon after the Big Bang, about a second or so. Protons were the first of the now existing particles, if you like, that emerged out of the Big Bang, and they are, to the best of our experiments stable and so protons have been around ever since then. An individual proton doesn’t spontaneously decay and convert to something else.

So the protons which were created within a second of the Big Bang, they are all around and gravitationally attract one another until there are huge clumps of protons which we call stars, like the Sun. Our Sun is an example of a star which is made up of predominantly protons and electrons….. [unquote].

God of the Bible says that I am that I am and always existed. We learn from the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus of the fact that there is a pool of male/ female soulmate spirits, which pre exist, waiting to be incarnated on Earth where they will develop their individuality and character, independently of each other and who later pass on to live for ever in the eternal spirit world. As such while on Earth it should be natural to have this relationship in the spirit and man in fact should be able to act as an interface between the physical world and the spiritual world. This must have been how Jesus came to know the deeper truths of Gods will.

This is a description of explanation which came about due to the thought which came to mind yesterday that God had a desire to create company for himself, on a spiritual level, but that the love which would be shared had to be mutual out of free will, and not out of compulsion. Therefore the creation of the physical world plays its part as a system for replication by providing the conditions to play host for the incarnation of pre existing spirits who are then able to develop their character, form and spiritual development according to God’s will and then go on to reside forever in the higher realms of the spirit world. So perhaps Sitting at the right of God has some truth as a concept but most peoples concept would be the unlikelihood of physical man being up there somewhere in the sky alongside a white bearded man. Jesus has said that he has never seen God but can feel His presence.
What we have in reality, is a system of replication, to serve spiritual level, and which the physical world also has and created, to enable the physical medium for this process to take place.

It seems that there is a parallel process taking place where the advancement of science is growing evermore while at the same time there is a declining movement away from Christian belief. There is dilemma here because on one hand the old incorrect beliefs need to fade away to make room for those which are correct, as explained in the writings, but also the fact that people are failing to be attracted and educated in Christian values, be it old or new, as per the writings, means that Society seems to be degenerating on one level where people with power and wealth are preying on every one else, and also where crime becomes a normal way of life except for those who naturally lean towards goodness.

It is quite interesting that Stephen Hawkin who was struck down with motor neuron disease at a relatively young age was able to continue in his profession as a theoretical physicist and be much admired for his accomplishments. However he was an atheist and there was a TV program with himself with him and Richard Dawking, an evolutionary scientist, who is what may be described as a militant atheist. So there they were together and I had anticipated some really strong anti religious sentiment out of Richard Dawking but instead it was from Steven Hawking’s own mouth and Richard responded by saying ”You said that, not me”. .

There are physical laws taking place in the world of the small which are so inextricable in their process to be able to fully understand. So the purpose of life on Earth is to enable full spiritual development so that the heart of mankind can be like the heart of God substantially so that this would enable a natural process of give and take to occur. We still think of this as being separate and for our own benefit only but it seems reasonable to believe that companionship was the original motive for Creation.

Because humans are spirit who have a body, then it should be natural to be able to have a reciprocal relationship of give and take (this Language has only just begun to be used today -UC Give And Take terminology).


While travelling home by bus I watched a little UK Column live on YouTube then switched to to the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Volume 2 and was particularly looking for some explanation about symbolism in the Bible but instead came across the testimony of the first Human ancestors whom we know as Adam and Eve but they are in fact named Aman and Amon. Their testimony is in keeping with certain elements mentioned this morning and although I had yet to complete what was written this morning, it had been on my mind to tell a cut down version of an experience which I had in Mountjoy Road in Huddersfield in 1978 and it so happens that in the testimony Aman states that they were created beings which also supports what is written elsewhere which goes against accepted thought.
So this is what was read on the bus this evening;

It is on page 101 in Volume 2 of the pdf on my phone. Titled Aman the first parent. It is followed by Amon, mother of all human creation,

Also Aman makes a correction

followed by John. Here he affirms that Aman and Amon,the first parents actually communicated through Mr. Padgett.

From Luke :

Quite honestly it is safe to any of the messages which originate directly from the original four volumes of the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus. This site has been used now simply because of the links to the readings above. However when it comes to the contemporary readings, they are definitely not accurate and contradict what James Padgett had received in places.
Padgett was especially chosen for his qualities and it has taken 2000 years although a first attempt was made with Emanuel Swedenborg back in the 18th century. His own limitations are also covered in the messages received by James Padgett but it has been explained that Swedenborg’s experiences of visiting the Spirit realms are true.

In Our Time. Radio 4