The misunderstanding of The Existence of Hell

The most startling thing heard this morning, on a TV news program, is that Pope Francis has stated that there is no hell and the report added that we just disappear. On looking closer on what was said, it turns out to be a misunderstanding of his actual words.

[Quote] According to Scalfari’s article on Thursday, he asked the Pope where “bad souls” go and where they are punished. The journalist is an avowed atheist.

“Souls are not punished,” the Pope was quoted as saying in the Repubblica piece. “Those who repent obtain God’s forgiveness and go among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven disappear. There is no hell – there is the disappearance of sinful souls.”

The Vatican said it had not been an interview, but a private meeting on the occasion of Easter, and Scalfari’s article “is the fruit of his reconstruction”.[Unquote]

Vatican: Pope did not say there is no hell

The following is a comment that I wrote 18 months ago, and most possibly is a response to a post on Facebook, but it happened to remain on my desk top which is fortunate because it fits well with the above content. The most important is the content of the message message from The True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Conveyed through the mediumship of James Padgett over 100 years ago now. It is the inner understanding which is important and which will be of benefit to people of all faiths.

From 6th September 2016:

It is a good question, but to arrive at an answer for each category is not cut and dried or determined by our own perception of morality because that depends on our own understanding of what the conditions, motives and behaviours are that defiles the soul for each individual. There could be many variables in each category, for instance there can be those soldiers who were put on the front line through conscription and forced to fight for their own preservation but there could be others who willingly joined the SS and willingly behaved with a cruel heart against humanity. Also to conclude that the opposing side must be evil is another area for discussion because it is the leaders who foment wars and send men off to fight them and in some respect those who are wreaking havoc in the Middle East at this time, justified by the so called war on terror are just as guilty as Hitler ever was in his day (If you understand the true ins and outs of what is really going on).

Also there are equally people who think themselves of being good who will also find themselves suffering in Hell and as has been said there are so many sub levels of hell to correspond to the immense variety of sinful behaviours as contrasted with the realms of heaven that represent the growth paths towards the Celestial Heavens.

Even the preacher can find himself in a very unexpected place for teaching beliefs that are incorrect.

p. 184 Hell–What it is and What the Purpose Is. Continued from preceding message

BBC, The EastEnders and Antichrist (1)

This blog defines itself as “On definition of Morality.” I hope to be able to add some words to this description. To get this capacity I have to follow and sample many parts of what the modern society offers as morality. These samples appear in modern media in writing, and in performing art. As they say, I like to discover the structure based on these samples: the structure behind these efforts. I am curious to analyse if these structures are aimed to change to better for humanity or to worse.

I keep the right for me to edit to improve the semantic and grammar of the article but the idea remains as before.

The sample I discuss here attracted me much for the reason that later I am going to write. It is from the “The EastEnders” soap opera produced by BBC and this part belongs to December 2015.


Stacey (well conveniently) becomes pregnant out of a one night stand with Kush.

Complication is that that Stacey is in relation and deep love and living under the same roof with Martin on one hand and Kush is married or near to marriage with deep love relation with Shabnam. As I remember the latter is also pregnant from the said Kush.

Stacey and Martin are somehow Christians and Kush, Shabnam are supposedly Muslims.

There are as always hiding and concealment of truth and dishonesty between all participants and reveal of secrets by accidental hearing and revelations.

Leaving them for now, months were passed until it became near the Christmas. People are deciding on arranging a nativity performance with participation of all the children of Walford to be presented at the community centre.

However mother of Linda the pub owner’s wife has better ideas. According to her, Nativity is old fashioned and boring and it is better to arrange a musical show instead in the local Queen Vic. pub.

There are couple of opinions voiced against her idea insisting of a Nativity. The loudest voice belongs to Dot Cotton, an old church going lady who also has many verses of bible in memory and can recite them on the correct occasion.

To settle the situation, people in the pub are asked to vote (assuming the decision being made in a pub is not being considered as a decision “under the influence”). Ms. Dot Cotton wins the poll and everybody agrees to help to have a decent Nativity show, performed by children. Linda’s mom who accepts the result with grace agrees to become volunteer to be the director for the audition, coaching and performance of the children.

Modern version of Madonna and Child

As time passes, Stacy and her secret of the love triangle between her and Martin and Kush, and her relation with Elizabeth (oops sorry, I moved fast forward, I mean the pregnant Shabnam)  becomes the focus of the BBC popular soap opera just before the Christmas .

Meanwhile the mental health of Stacey who has a background of bipolar “disease” and does not take her pills regularly becomes more deteriorate. In one scene when she is asked who is the father of the expected baby she answers that it is the God. She says, “The God is the Father of the child” and camera dissolves on the face of Kush who looks regretful and sorry, knowing the child is actually his. She continues to attract the attention of her community and also fans of the soap opera to her long and supposedly mentally ill speeches and quarrels.

Where do you expect Stacy delivers her child. Your guess is right.

All the people including Stacy and Martin go to Nativity play performed by the children.

In the middle of the show Stacy goes into the labour pain. This is important: They move Stacy to the stage of the nativity where the decorations have been arranged like a stable. Stacy delivers, gives birth to her child and everybody leaves the stage. Those who remain are standing on the auditorium watching the stage where Stacy is resting on the arms of Joseph the carpenter (sorry, I mean Martin) while she has her head leaned on his shoulder and both looking down to the new born boy in her arms.

Well “they” gave the message clear enough. The Child (with the capital C) is a bastard, the result of a sinful disloyalty of one night stand and the deceived, but kind, Martin without knowing the truth is there, looking to marry Stacy and is over the moon for having his son earlier than he expects.

But they do not stop. They do not stop until that everybody even with lowest attention and “intelligence” swaps the “truth” of the show deep inside his mind, his conscious and subconscious with what he already might have got from the Story of Jesus Christ. How?

Stacy returns with the new born and his soul mate Martin to their home. But her bipolar madness flares and she relapses. She starts to believe that her child has enemies. She is inflicted with postnatal depression. Nurses, doctors, neighbours, Martin all believe that she needs to be cured.

She becomes confused and believes that his brother (/sister) is Satan and chases them to kill her son. Her brother cannot convince her that he is harmless.

Her sanity becomes more deteriorated with the passing of the days. She does not allow anybody to touch her son whom she is named Arthur. Nobody can convince her that the Son is not in danger. In the whirlwind of the drama Stacy takes Arthur to the roof at the top of the Queen Vic Pub. Thunder is roaring and lighting is bolting. Rain is whipping and gale is shaking them.

She has climbed aloft to be closer to God to offer Arthur and to pray that Arthur remains clean of the sin that she has committed. She says and cross her heart that Arthur is the son of god and he is clean.

Doctors and mental health agents come and promise her that if she complies with treatment then she and her son will remain clean.

If you are too dumb to swallow the reality then Shabnam comes to help you to face it. She comes to help poor Stacy. She tells Stacy that she has been informed of the affairs of her husband with Stacy. She adds that Stacy should know that as she feels guilty of disloyalty to her husband – Martin – and deceiving and lying and cheating to her best friend, that is, to Shabnam, as the result of these deep guilt, Stacy denies the reality and has become delusional believing that her new born is a sacred entity and the son of god.

The story plot and its message is clear: Only a lunatic who succumbs to her impulsive desire calls the child conceived so, son of the god. People should learn that the real truth behind the nativity is this.

However, there is a puzzle, behind the scene that only an inquisitive mind can understand: What is the role of Shabnam in helping to deliver the child and delivering the message of producers of this sequence of the soap opera just before the Christmas.

In next article I try to crack that. This story continues until denial of the Easter and repeats in other forms in the following years.