A Comment Added To Aid Clarification

Here is another message come across at random this morning while travelling by bus.

Elias comments on the lack of knowledge by the preacher of the truths of spiritualism.

April 1st, 1917

Received by James Padgett.


The following passage quoted from the message is one that I felt at the time of reading needs some explanation to aid clarity in order to make sense to people unfamiliar with the writings.

[Quote]The preacher is still in the dark as to the conditions of spirits and their destiny, and as to the means provided to attain to the heavens, and become released from the hells, by the Father’s love. To merely live is not the end of men or spirits, and the fact of living as a spirit of today instead as a mortal of yesterday does not demonstrate immortality; and the consoling thought that the preacher expressed from the fact of continued existence after death, are merely the wishes of desire based on such existence.


The quote above is an encapsulation of the result of not knowing the truths as they are explained in the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, which are said to be the same truths that Jesus taught when on Earth but which had been lost as a result of not being fully understood at the time and also due to his untimely death and the fact that much content of the scriptures had been altered either by being removed or added to by scribes due to either political expediency or the need to convince or influence hearers by adding beliefs connected with their own pagan beliefs, many examples of which are also explained in the writings.

So even today the essential understanding is not there in the established churches and couldn’t be until arrival of these clarifications by Jesus and the Celestial Spirits through the mediumship of automatic writing through James Padgett and later Dr Samuels. It has also been said that the churches will be the last to accept these truths.

Where it states that ”To merely live is not the end of men or spirits”, would most likely mean that it is not the be all and end all but that there is much more, such as the path of continued spiritual growth and development that will lead eventually to the Celestial Heavens, and it is only here that immortality, or continued existence is guaranteed. Jesus states that at some time in the future, entrance to the Celestial Heavens will be closed but all will be given the opportunity to progress and although it is not known when this will happen, when it does the hells will be dissolved into the elements to spare the inhabitants their suffering. This is one point that I find very sad, but it will be as a result of man’s own refusal but on the other hand much damage had been done through the actions of history and the flawed teachings which have been handed down generation after generation and in a sense doesn’t seem to be fair.

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