A Special Experience

Shortly after discovering how to accept Peter’s comment I had an interesting experience that I have never had before.
It was a very quick image of something that moved from right to left but it wasn’t that which was important but the thought that it left behind or rather generated. It was so momentary and it left the thought that humans are the interface between this World and God. Thinking about it, that is the reality and we have seen this with the prophets of the Old Testament, in particular, and now in recent times, in terms of the last hundred years, the writings of James E Padgett through the communication of Jesus and the Celestial Spirits.

Of all of the spiritual experienced that I have had, they occur only once and are never to be repeated. They are always of a different form and content. I was almost not going to say anything about this one because it is difficult to formulate a description but it falls into a similar category of one that I had for a whole day towards the end of 1981. We know that when we think, it comes from within our mind, but in this case tonight it was carried on that momentary flash and had to use my mind to catch it and understand what it was.

Referring back to the experience that I had back in 1981, I was out in one of the suburbs of New York selling a product and it is usually difficult work with much rejection especially in offices and commercial areas but that day I had united in principle with the person who had dropped me off in the area and somehow everything transformed and I experienced where the thought from the mind was overruled by direction which came from the region of the heart. I was conscious of this happening time and time again throughout the day. My mind would say go to a particular place and the heart felt feeling would take me somewhere else within the area and people would be falling over themselves to buy. This was something that had never happened before and because it was so good I made a special request to return the following day. However that day was back to normal and it was so difficult it was a total waste of time and effort but I learned something from that too which was that I was given a special experience the day before that was not to be taken for granted.

Just to say a big hello to Smiley.

I just logged on to test this site which said ‘ No activity yet’ but which included a symbol which represents a nice big smile. This really did make me smile, and with this it is hopeful that deep truths can be conveyed which ultimately can lead to happiness but we are not talking about religious dogma but the essence of life which was bestowed upon mankind from the beginning.

The root word Religios means to bind back to God. The Bible also says that we must worship God in spirit and in truth and also one particular paragraph which really jumped off of the page at me in 1977 was that ‘When the Spirit of Truth comes He will lead you into all understanding’.

So with this in mind it is important to be open hearted as well as open minded and as Jesus said: New wine has to be put into new wine skins.

The truth which Jesus brought over 2000 years ago was intended for the whole of mankind but what was to become Christianity was born out of necessity together with the promise of a Second Coming and this is where we are at now, 100 years in.

So these basic truths are again intended for the whole of mankind, on Earth and in the Spirit World and in a sense are not wholly dependent on what one’s current faith may be but act to clarify the path to spiritual growth and oneness with God the Creator.

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