A Message which Evokes A Memory

Yesterday morning I had quite a few things on my mind to do but couldn’t decide what to do first so would start one thing and then jump to another and then onto another all at the same time and was getting nowhere so decided to just sit down and spend a little time reading volume two of True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. So I decided to pick up the volume and open it up at random and where it opened at there I would read. I had consciously decided to open up in the area of the last third but that was all that I knew and saw that it was a message by Solomon and that the topic was of Mr James Padgett’s selection by Jesus. That was all that I saw before jumping up to do something else quickly so put a marker between the pages for when I return. On returning the marker fell out onto the carpet so then had to look through the table of contents to try to find it again and while looking through there were so many other topics that tempted my interest but I decided to keep the original intention. Eventually I found it to be on page 286 and on reading it found it to be about the qualities of James Padgett against that of Emanuel Swedenborg who was the first person to have been chosen who also had the ability to visit the Spirit World and to report his findings. A link is given to the full message and it was a case of trawling through the website because dates received had not been included in the original printed volumes and in fact ten pages later there is a very interesting message from Jesus titled How The Divine Love Enters Into The Soul Of Man. It is another message that is not dated and also does not not in the same year so will have to search for it.

[Quote] Some years ago, as you say, a selection was made of a man to declare these truths, and to him much power and spiritual knowledge were given, and even that power of leaving the body and visiting the world of spirits that he might see for himself the actual condition of things as they there existed, and to declare to mankind the results of his observations. And he did observe and declare many truths, but the difficulty in the way of his realizing the pure truth and interpreting the things which he saw, was that his mind was too much biased by what he had read and believed from the writings as contained in the Bible. And hence, his efforts failed to accomplish the great purpose intended by the mission given him. I am here referring to Swedenborg, the seer, as he was called.

This was a great disappointment to these Celestial Spirits who had projected such a plan for revealing the truths to mankind. At the head of these Celestial Spirits was Jesus, as he is now. Since that time, the time has never been propitious for a plan of this kind to be attempted again until now.


This was the first time that I have ever seen this particular passage, although I did know about Swedenborg’s anguish about not being able to receive the the truths accurately of which he had admitted to in messages conveyed to James Padgett from himself. I had written about this aspect before from deduction, so am particularly happy with the understanding that is conveyed here in the message.

So this now crystallized the realisation in relationship of my having come across the Swedenborg Society at their address in Central London in early 1978, while on Andy Johnson’s MFT and although I had never heard about them before and also their offices on an upper floor were closed, for some reason I was drawn to find out more about them and also to buy a copy of Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell.

So also yesterday, 17th January 2019, this focussed my mind on the fact that this was one of many experiences for the affirmation of the validity of the writings and my mind cast back to to 1976 when I had a profound feeling, and visual experience in my mind’s eye, that conveyed that the Soldiers coming to take Jesus away to murder him on the cross was a contradiction to why he had come two thousand years ago, as he had come to show mankind the right way to live, as I understood it then. This experience occurred while on Machine Breakdown on the shop floor of Roll Royce Engine Division while waiting for the milling machine I had been allotted to work on repaired.

But in fact it was to be 27.5 years after that experience to learn that Jesus had originally come to show the way how to obtain God’s Divine Love.

And further to that I remember very vividly the roll out of events that would guide me to meet the Unification Church on Monday 20th June1977, and also the experience in relationship to the single yellow flower in July 1977 at South Farm and the connection with the photograph of the solitary single flower taken in a field in my home town in 1975 and later the realisation that it could be a circular representation of a destiny.

Of course I can testify that as these events happen we do not realise the significance of what is taking place, and it is only in looking back with hindsight with an overview of events, and that I now realise that the activities of the UC provided the stepping stones for the ”’experiences” to take place, but that realisation only came about on being shown the existence of the writings in November 2003 because when I emerged out of the back end of the UC and no longer an active member it had me wondering what it was all about as I knew that I had definitely been guided to meet them.

There is however a lot more detail of events which preceded meeting the UC which goes back to the age of eight years, and also many years later after what has been explained here.


Solomon writes of Mr. Padgett’s selection by Jesus.

October 1st, 1915.


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