For The Sake of Preserving Written Content Which Could Otherwise Disappear On Social Media (On a Spiritual Experience).

Here is something which I had previously posted to Facebook back in 4th of April 2018. I had been thinking about relocating the article because I had recently come across the transparency of the single yellow flower in a field near my home and had devised a way of reproducing it together with the date stamp on the mount. The photograph represents some proof of what I wrote is true and am keen to submit any evidence available to the truth of my experiences as they do seem to be out of the ordinary as far as discovering reports of similar experiences by others.

The following testimony has since been removed from Facebook and am happy to post it here on the religious blog of Polemical which was set up by Peter Jones precisely for the purpose of preserving my writing submissions realising also from his own experience that often they are temporal when posted on social media as they can disappear into the Ether as described by Peter. Here is the Facebook Link

Robert Hole It is true what you say and had recently come across a writing that said words to the effect that people are expecting God and Jesus to miraculously make an ideal World but that this will never occur as it is men themselves who need to change their hearts. The interconnections that I was referring to was of events related to my experiences. One such experience which has never been mentioned before is about following a public footpath after stepping over a stile near my home, and in a field there was a single yellow flower and I was so taken aback that I took a photograph of it and making sure to show its location. There was a symbolism that wasn’t lost on me for some reason and during my cycling trips into the countryside I would take photographs of fields full of yellow flowers, mostly dandelions. Eventually when I ended up on a farm which held spiritual workshops in the summer of 1977 I ventured out to follow the track which ran along an abandoned railway line or site of. Eventually I began to feel that I should turn back but something urged me to keep going and eventually I could see some buildings in the distance which I felt was a reason that I should not go further. However I continued a little more and eventually there was an entrance to a small field on my right and my inner voice said to go into the field and and walk to the middle which I did. When the inner voice said to stop, it then said look down and there in front of me was a single yellow flower. I knew then that I had had an experience. When I made my way back there were people gathered together in a happy mood waiting to go out baling so I joined them and we walked together to the tractor and its trailer and everybody jumped on. I chose to stand at the back of the trailer holding onto what is called the gate which helps to keep the bales of hay from falling off the back. We travelled a short distance to the exit just before the road to pick up a few more people and while travelling I saw in my minds eye an image of the gate breaking away and myself falling face first into the road. My instant reaction was to change places and move to the front of the trailer and holding on there. So then extra people joined and came on board and one of them was an Italian named Carlo Z and as he positioned himself to sit down at the back of the trailer he held onto the gate to steady himself and the gate came away free and he was sat there with the gate held in the air in his hands. Having arrived in the field the trailer was loaded up quite high and some people decided to ride back on top but I knew it was going to collapse. I tried to tell them that this would happen but nobody took any notice so I myself just left them to it. As the trailer reached the exit of the the field for the return journey the front collapsed and the people on top scrambled back. Who would ever have known that the symbolism of the yellow flowers would come together like that but the explanation was the whole sequence of events for that afternoon. The area that the first yellow flower had been photographed has been developed into a retail park but I have an old OS map somewhere which If I ever find it again will show the position of the public footpath.

Written Midnight 4th April 2018

This copy was made with a camera that has a pixel setting  of 3M which gave a megabyte count of just 1.48 MB but the resultant image has been reduced to 68 kb after uploading unfortunately.

Single flower 1975
A picture of myself in September 1974