An Unexpected Inspiration

Yourself God and Jesus.

On the morning of13th October 2015 a basic tune came to mind followed by a line of words while I was sat at my computer in the living room. Knowing from experience that if an idea is not written down immediately, only the concept remains which has to be put down in our own words, while wondering exactly how the original was phrased because it was the best expression.

So it was the same here and I was careful to add the date too because these things become lost in time and forgotten until revisited, not knowing when they were created. This was written down in longhand and because of the basic tune that accompanied it, it also needed to be recorded at each stage.

The words began coming in groups of two liners as it progressed. After a while I began to think that it would perhaps be suitable to make a hymn so contacted Elizabeth who is now responsible for the Foundation Church of The New Birth, a church without walls, which acts as caretaker for the messages received by James E Padgett through the mediumship of automatic writing from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits, now almost 105 years ago.

A copy of the mp3was sent to Elizabeth by email and on hearing it she asked for a print out of the words and permission to publish it in the newsletter as a poem and I agreed. From her mention of it being a poem I took another look and sure enough it read like a poem which I hadn’t noticed because it wasn’t by my own effort to make it so. The two line verses could be arranged in groups of four lines each but that leaves one verse that has only two lines and because they were receive in groups of two it was difficult to decide how they should be grouped without changing the order in which they were received, so I did eventually settle on a decision. Also at each stage I was not to know what verses were to follow, one after another but it is interesting that they make complete sense in a chronological layout of the basic purpose of the messages received by James Padgett.

The concept of the opening words, Yourself, God and Jesus, was envisioned to be circular, in an anticlockwise direction, with Man at the base and God above as in a direct relationship, but with three in the circle. Jesus also intersects between God and Man because He stands in the position of Messiah or mediator between Man and God to show the way. (Why it was an anticlockwise representation I do not know and even less so with the passing of time).

The direct relationship between man and God was the first intended but was lost after the Fall of Man. Jesus is is at pains to express concern at misconceptions and wants them to be corrected to the correct relationship in the minds of mankind.

Yesterday I had felt pushed to redo the video because I was never happy with the end result, having no illusions about being able to sing, and as such had previously attempted to present it as a spoken poem but that ended up too forthright in presentation and was not happy with it. previous attempts at singing it was also unsatisfactory but this version seems to have turned out more acceptable.



”Incidentally it was while searching my computer one Monday evening in December 2015 for files related to a situation of being unfairly treated and dismissed at a Community Centre where I had worked diligently for thirteen and a half years as ‘as and when’ cover in the office during functions which may be during the day or in the evenings, particularly at weekends.

I had put together the evidence because I understood what had began taking place some months earlier but despite having this evidence, I felt it was distasteful to seek any retribution so let it go. However It had been on my mind to continue working there for a further five years, but as it turned out it was the best thing that they did and I ended up being better off financially minus that hassle of driving there in what was to become ever greater traffic congestion and especially that I used to juggle it between two jobs at their convenience to accommodate them other wise I was quite content to travel to work to my main Job by bus when I wasn’t required to cover. The most up to date situation is that the Charity Commission had been called to investigate certain irregularities and there was a local call for a new committee to be formed as the place had become so expensive to use that nobody wanted to use it and the Local Council was in the process of proceeding to close it but locals had clubbed together to save it which was good because it was a building built especially to replace a WW1 and 2 Memorial Hall which had been demolished to make way for a dual Carriageway.

So, I was totally surprised that I rediscovered the song because I had totally forgotten all about it for two months and finding it again by chance was like a revelation to myself. This is why I thought that I must contact Elizabeth straight away via email. When the simple melody and the first words to the lyric came to mind, my first reaction was to record it immediately in order not to forget it. It progressed from there one lyric or two at a time, written down, added and recorded. They are in the same order and construction as they came to mind until the whole was complete. The time stamp shows that the process took 72 minutes and after that a couple of practice attempts until the final recording. 

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