An Unexpected Experience

This is an experience that I had during the afternoon, and while relaxing listening to the radio during the early evening, a flood of content came to mind, strongly competing against what I had been trying to listen to. therefore I made the effort to write it down to share which is something that usually only happens in the morning on awaking:

Something interesting happened this afternoon while on my return from a walk to the post office to pay a bill and redirect a letter to a colleague who had returned to Poland more than four years ago.

A Jehovah Witness has been going door to door giving out invitations for a big meeting at Cardiff Arena and in no time it was in my hand. On discussing the matter I realised the location and said that I would not be going so she should give the leaflet to somebody else. When meeting Jehovah Witnesses I always tell them about the website as a result of some research that I had done several years ago about the time period between the publication of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell (1758) and the writings of the messages received from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits through the mediumship of automatic writing by James Padgett beginning in 1914. She replied that she had heard of the website but I know from experience that it is not possible to discuss anything with them unless it is in line with their own beliefs so could not be sure if she really had. However she was quick to give the parting information that she had been a Jehovah Witness for 48 years.
While continuing the walk back a I tried to remember the name of the group who had formed during what seemed to be midway point between Swedenborg and Padgett as they had made a prediction of what they expected to be the physical return of Jesus. They had got it wrong but because of the timing I felt that there may be some significance in it so wrote them into a piece that I had written in response at that time. On arrival home today I had to research again because it had become a vague memory and it was only because of a comment made to the existence of the Millerites (1833) who were the forerunner of Jehovah Witnesses that I knew where to begin looking again.

Quite surprisingly I came across an article which I did not see before which states that the Jehovah Witnesses had predicted the return of Jesus in 1914 but because they did not see him in physical form then changed it not realising that they had in fact been correct but it was a return in spirit only as the writings of the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus attests, Also to being the Second Coming and as Jesus in the messages states that once a person dies and the silver cord is broken it is impossible to ever return in the flesh again to the physical World.

Much of the Jehovah Witnesses beliefs are drastically incorrect and they would benefit much from reading these messages which began to be received from 1914 through to 1923 through James Padgett and were then continued until the early 1960’s through Dr Samuels.

The article found this afternoon:
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Second Coming of Christ
By:The John Ankerberg Show
By: Lorri MacGregor; ©October 2001

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Second Coming of Christ

From another article:

[Quote]The Witnesses reject the notion of the Trinity, as did some early Adventists, though the latter movement finally remained orthodox in this regard. Still, the remarkable Watchtower notion that Jesus is also the archangel Michael is actually known from Adventist thinking as well.

So Jesus failed to show up in 1844 as Miller had predicted? Don’t worry, the calculation was correct, but it turns out this was actually the year Jesus entered the “heavenly sanctuary” and started an investigative judgment in preparation for his eventual return to earth. So the Kingdom of God did not establish its global rule in 1914 the way Russell had predicted? Don’t worry, the calculcation was correct, but it turns out that this was the year the Kingdom was invisibly established in heaven! (Never mind that Russell originally claimed that it was invisibly established way back in 1874, a year that eventually lost all significance in Witness doctrine.) [unquote]

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