A Comment Added To Aid Clarification

Here is another message come across at random this morning while travelling by bus.

Elias comments on the lack of knowledge by the preacher of the truths of spiritualism.

April 1st, 1917

Received by James Padgett.


The following passage quoted from the message is one that I felt at the time of reading needs some explanation to aid clarity in order to make sense to people unfamiliar with the writings.

[Quote]The preacher is still in the dark as to the conditions of spirits and their destiny, and as to the means provided to attain to the heavens, and become released from the hells, by the Father’s love. To merely live is not the end of men or spirits, and the fact of living as a spirit of today instead as a mortal of yesterday does not demonstrate immortality; and the consoling thought that the preacher expressed from the fact of continued existence after death, are merely the wishes of desire based on such existence.


The quote above is an encapsulation of the result of not knowing the truths as they are explained in the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, which are said to be the same truths that Jesus taught when on Earth but which had been lost as a result of not being fully understood at the time and also due to his untimely death and the fact that much content of the scriptures had been altered either by being removed or added to by scribes due to either political expediency or the need to convince or influence hearers by adding beliefs connected with their own pagan beliefs, many examples of which are also explained in the writings.

So even today the essential understanding is not there in the established churches and couldn’t be until arrival of these clarifications by Jesus and the Celestial Spirits through the mediumship of automatic writing through James Padgett and later Dr Samuels. It has also been said that the churches will be the last to accept these truths.

Where it states that ”To merely live is not the end of men or spirits”, would most likely mean that it is not the be all and end all but that there is much more, such as the path of continued spiritual growth and development that will lead eventually to the Celestial Heavens, and it is only here that immortality, or continued existence is guaranteed. Jesus states that at some time in the future, entrance to the Celestial Heavens will be closed but all will be given the opportunity to progress and although it is not known when this will happen, when it does the hells will be dissolved into the elements to spare the inhabitants their suffering. This is one point that I find very sad, but it will be as a result of man’s own refusal but on the other hand much damage had been done through the actions of history and the flawed teachings which have been handed down generation after generation and in a sense doesn’t seem to be fair.

Comment on Spiritual Truths


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Holy Spirit

September 15th, 1914

Yes, I am your grandmother (Ann Rollins).

[Quote] Jesus is the teacher. The Holy Spirit is God’s Messenger, or Instrument, that carries into the soul, the Divine Love that is bestowed on the Truly penitent human. Jesus is the saviour of humans by his teachings, and his example. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter that carries into the soul the Divine Love. Jesus is still teaching and influencing humans to turn to God.[unquote]

It should be reflected upon that these messages were communicated to Humankind over a Century ago yet there is little of this content, if any, being conveyed by the established Churches to their congregations.

Also for myself, when I listen to Church Services on the radio or even attend a live Church service, when the occasion arises, there in nothing that resonates with me as was always the case in my early teens and even when I attended Confirmation Lessons with the local Parish Priest it just seemed to go over my head.

I tend to remember more the morning assemblies at Primary School where the Headmistress would convey the aspects of love though the readings and not focus on doctrine and it is this feeling of fondness that remains with me. However there was one occasion when this same Headmistress stood in to take a Religious Education lesson in the classroom for an absent teacher, when I was around eight years old, and she was sat on a chair with the class sat on the floor in front of her while she read from the Bible. I myself was sat at a desk with my back to them reading a book of fairy tales and I clearly remember thinking to myself that ‘At least I know that I am reading fairy stories’.

So there was something there beyond my own understanding which was conveying ideas which were not normally Commonly questioned, and there are other examples going right into adult hood, though with a break from 14 to 26 years old but the ball began to roll 2years earlier that was not religious or Christian in particular but for some reason I was out of the blue moved to make a prayer to Jesus and it wasn’t out of the commonly act of desperation, it was just that I felt moved to. Even then I was not in any particular religious bent but out of the blue I had a very deep and moving experience concerning Jesus while waiting on ‘machine breakdown’ at Rolls Royce Engine Division. Even then I continued my life as normal until I was guided to the UC, and I can now understand how this was intentional as the various activities would provide the stepping stones for the personal experiences which were outside of its own teachings but which provided the validation of the Padgett messages, once discovered many years later.

So this leads into another message which I came across on my tablet during the morning while travelling to a venue by bus yesterday(11th February) and I had wanted to open the pdf of volume 2 but it refused to do so and this had happened on a previous occasion and thought that there may be a problem with the tablet or some bug on the pdf reader. However volume 3 opened, though I had difficulty in moving the pages via the blue tab also, and when I tried to move it down the pages would move gradually up which was not what I wanted. Eventually the pages did start freely sliding by and decided to just let them go and see where they came to rest. They stopped on page 209 and felt that it was very appropriate and could make a comment on them. In fact they happen to fit together very nicely with what I have just said of Dave Kenny’s post as the writer of this message is always trying to influence her son to what she has since learned during her time in the spirit world and this was something which I had also often suspected of my own ancestors towards myself. I felt that they were in a position to understand these things because where else could it come from, I thought, and having since learned of some family history during a visit to Berlin in 1986 it suggests that this could be the case.

Page 209 Volume 3 http://divine-love.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/TrueGospel3.pdf

Spirit Mother Of A Material Preacher Writes About Her Spiritual Finding And New Beliefs And Would Like Her Son To Know And Believe As She Does.

One important point which was the reason for writing in the first place is to point out that it is the content of the messages from Jesus and the Celestial Spirits which provide the clarity of spiritual understanding, much of which had been altered by the constant recopying by scribes and also the adding to or removing the original texts of the Holy Scriptures.

The continuity of life after death

Came across this message today by Francis Bacon who explains that the physical World that we live in and the spirit World where we go to after we die is made of the same material, and in modern terms it is explained that it exists at a higher vibration so is invisible to our physical senses.

There is also reference to electricity and its use in telegraphy, pertaining to radio waves which are also invisible but we have become aware of them because of their affects which can be observed but before we obtained this awareness we did not know that they existed.

This is interesting because these things were not known about when Francis Bacon was alive on Earth and even though at the time of the messages quantum physics was in its infancy, no such terminology is used but instead [Quote] ” The world in which men live is composed of the material, and the world in which I live is also composed of the material, of the same nature, but of different consistencies and objective qualities. The material of the universe is always material, whether or not it be cognizable by man and subject to his thoughts and inventions and uses; and as man progresses in the study of the same – I mean the practical and experimental – he will discover that there are things of the material in nature which to him are being developed and made known, and which a few years before he had no conception of their existence. Such is the discovery and use of electricity, and the workings of the laws of nature which enables him to make possible the effects of wireless telegraphy…….[unquote] (Continue to the end of the actual paragraph in the message). .

In other messages by others it is stated that the spirit world has much to give us in terms of inventions, some pertaining to energy but they will not share them with us at the moment given the present mind and the potential for misuse the technology just as we have with nuclear physics.

Just for clarity, It is the spirit of an individual which dwells in the physical body and it is the spiritual aspect of the mind which motivates the physical mind and without the influence of this spiritual aspect the brain would be just a lump of flesh. It is this same spirit mind which carries on complete with all of its faculties after death and as you were in life so you will be in spirit

[Quote] The mind is an entity indivisible and united, and is not separable into the subjective and objective as men frequently teach, except in this: that in its workings, that part of the mind which controls the brain in the ordinary affairs of life may be called the objective, and that part which is suited for and used in controlling the material after it has been transformed into the purely invisible may be called the subjective. But it is all one mind and exists in man while on earth, just as it will and does when he becomes a spirit. [unquote]

It is quite interesting that James Padgett had been told that this kind of message is of the type not normally needed or allowed but it is of a kind that I appreciate because it could be touching on the principles of quantum physics, although the terminology is not used because it had not yet been invented at the time of the messages.

Also within this message are references to spirits being able to communicate with mortals on Earth, namely Spiritualists who demonstrate proof of continuing existence after death by receiving messages and also being able to feel in their own organs the discomfort and cause leading to death and communicating this information to the recipient who would have this knowledge in the case of a loved one.