A Timely Reminder

The following was originally posted two years ago and has returned as a timely reminder:

Robert Hole

This morning was the first time that I could not stomach turning on the radio or TV to listen to the news which is something that I have always loved and looked forward to. I have often turned it off in disgust at the twisted representation of events, in all of their varied and subtle ways, but this morning I just didn’t want to be assaulted. So today is the first day that I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the World, in the case of new events, but we have an idea of what is on going in general terms.
The sorry fact is that the World is going to do what it intends to do regardless and the problems that we have, and the reasons for them, have been seen before and will be repeated by future generations because that is the state of mankind’s mind, not everybody, and even though we are all affected by the actions of those at the top who wield the power, we can also observe those that would take advantage of others to their harm and loss at the lower levels right down to the underclass. And again not everybody.
Those people who are using their power to subvert others, whether individuals or whole countries are also harming themselves in the long run and would not do it if they realised this fact.

The span of life on Earth is so short compared to eternity yet they are laying their own foundation for an existence in the lower realms, of which it is said that there are the most number of levels because there are so many diverse types of sin whereas the progression of spiritual growth and further happiness is more straight forward but it is all governed by spiritual law that nobody can escape from.
So because of the absolute falsity and criminality that is ongoing in many governments around the World and which many people are observing,exposing and commenting on and have it covered in an amazingly competent and clever way, I feel more useful in making comment in terms of the inner truths that have been made available to us through James Padgett and supported, in large extent, by Emanuel Swedenborg before him.
The principles within the messages are as important and relevant for our time, going forward, as they ever were, going right back to the time when Jesus walked the Earth gathering his disciples together from wherever he could find those pure of heart who were able to respond when in fact the whole nation had been especially prepared to receive the Messiah but they could not recognise him and are still waiting in faith and expectation to this very day.
When Jesus walked the Earth there was no such thing as Christianity and the teachings that he brought were for the whole of mankind regardless of faith, religion or none because he was showing the way to obtain a restored relationship with God before the Fall of Man and before Jesus this could never happen. Jesus laid the foundation and opened the way and is still working to accomplish this goal.
The words of the poem, it is a song really but did not want to embarrass myself, is, it turns out, to be an encapsulation of what the True Gospel Revealed Anew is all about, in a nutshell. It is easy to imagine a person who has no spiritual inclination to read a part of the messages and think so what, what has this got to do with me. However what it illustrates is that there is an end goal and that is for an individuals highest happiness which is obtained through the obtaining of God’s Divine Love.


What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do to bring about the Great Millennium

There had been an expectation that the new millennium in the year 2000 would bring about a new age and this desire had been sustained for countless previous generations and with this knowledge in mind I waited for the minutes to pass by with the video camera pointed at the TV screen to record the event.

When the moment finally arrived at 12 midnight my reaction was to state that nothing will change, it will remain the same. Sadly I was wrong about that sentiment because things were due to become much worse in the World, mostly from 911 onward, the self inflicted event used as an excuse for endless wars in the Middle East, mostly in one of the cradles of civilisation and the support for those who’s main goal is to murder Christians and an attempt to turn multifaith Syria into a sectarian hell. The instigators of this now want to start a conflict with Russia, and their Cultural Marxism or third way, Communitarianism, Big Society and Political correctness are steadily destroying the fabric of society every where around the World and this morning, Monday 17th of December I read in a newspaper that Primary School children are to be taught that boys have periods too in a so called victory for transgender campaigners. The outright manipulation of Brexit is also a symptom of the sad state of affairs, with total entrapment with no way to get out except to be firm and just leave plain and simple.

The UK Column for 17th December is a real eye opener and after watching David Ike’s presentation on child abuse focused on Elm Guest House I decided to read some of the messages in the True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus with a mind for some relevancy and on flicking rapidly through the pdf’s it landed on the following but flicked back to the one before to read that but the message from Luke is very appropriate. (The order of messages is different in my pdf copy and only found this website for the first time today, and it seems to be ideal for quickly browsing for the messages available by the date received order).

Luke: What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do to bring about the Great Millennium, etc.