The continuity of life after death

Came across this message today by Francis Bacon who explains that the physical World that we live in and the spirit World where we go to after we die is made of the same material, and in modern terms it is explained that it exists at a higher vibration so is invisible to our physical senses.

There is also reference to electricity and its use in telegraphy, pertaining to radio waves which are also invisible but we have become aware of them because of their affects which can be observed but before we obtained this awareness we did not know that they existed.

This is interesting because these things were not known about when Francis Bacon was alive on Earth and even though at the time of the messages quantum physics was in its infancy, no such terminology is used but instead [Quote] ” The world in which men live is composed of the material, and the world in which I live is also composed of the material, of the same nature, but of different consistencies and objective qualities. The material of the universe is always material, whether or not it be cognizable by man and subject to his thoughts and inventions and uses; and as man progresses in the study of the same – I mean the practical and experimental – he will discover that there are things of the material in nature which to him are being developed and made known, and which a few years before he had no conception of their existence. Such is the discovery and use of electricity, and the workings of the laws of nature which enables him to make possible the effects of wireless telegraphy…….[unquote] (Continue to the end of the actual paragraph in the message). .

In other messages by others it is stated that the spirit world has much to give us in terms of inventions, some pertaining to energy but they will not share them with us at the moment given the present mind and the potential for misuse the technology just as we have with nuclear physics.

Just for clarity, It is the spirit of an individual which dwells in the physical body and it is the spiritual aspect of the mind which motivates the physical mind and without the influence of this spiritual aspect the brain would be just a lump of flesh. It is this same spirit mind which carries on complete with all of its faculties after death and as you were in life so you will be in spirit

[Quote] The mind is an entity indivisible and united, and is not separable into the subjective and objective as men frequently teach, except in this: that in its workings, that part of the mind which controls the brain in the ordinary affairs of life may be called the objective, and that part which is suited for and used in controlling the material after it has been transformed into the purely invisible may be called the subjective. But it is all one mind and exists in man while on earth, just as it will and does when he becomes a spirit. [unquote]

It is quite interesting that James Padgett had been told that this kind of message is of the type not normally needed or allowed but it is of a kind that I appreciate because it could be touching on the principles of quantum physics, although the terminology is not used because it had not yet been invented at the time of the messages.

Also within this message are references to spirits being able to communicate with mortals on Earth, namely Spiritualists who demonstrate proof of continuing existence after death by receiving messages and also being able to feel in their own organs the discomfort and cause leading to death and communicating this information to the recipient who would have this knowledge in the case of a loved one.

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