The None Dom Conundrum

The None Dom status is a remnant from the Slave Trade. This ‘’tax efficient’’ vehicle was created by William Pit the Younger in 1799 specifically for the benefit of slave owners. Therefore given the recent outcry against such people as Edward Colston, who incidentally used his accumulated wealth for the benefit of the poor for their education and such, but who none the less has had his memory cancelled, then in the same light, isn’t it about time that the None Dom tax status was also removed from use and expunged from the historical memory.

Also will those who specialise in radicalising Britain’s past slavery issue now turn their focus towards the removal of this None Dom status which is currently in the news, especially due to the fact that black people are constantly raising the issue of Britain’s past involvement in slavery, an issue which they won’t let rest.

It will therefore be interesting to see if they will now group together in order to protest to push for the removal of this repugnant historical relic which in contrast to Edward Colston’s philanthropic charity work deprives social services from the funds needed to help the present poor.

Also, if these protests should take place it would be equally interesting to observe the response of the Police this time around, whether they will just look on as an observer as they did during the criminal damage to public property when the statue of Edward Colston was toppled from its plinth and rolled into the harbour of the City of Bristol, or whether batons will be drawn.

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