Dying For a Profit

This began as a comment elswhere but it became much bigger than originally intended:

Sixty years ago at school we were taught that the area that is now the Sahara Desert was once wooded and that cutting trees down for domestic use changed the climate because trees attract rain and that without them there can be no rain. Even quite recently towards the end of the last century it had been reported that one fossilised tree remained standing in the Sahara which had been used as a landmark and that it had been lamented that even that one had finally disappeared. It has often been pointed out that land that has been completely denuded of trees end up as scrubland and never recover, at least naturally. This has been the suspected reason for the abandonment of Easter Island.

With this in mind, desertification could possibly, one day, take place in Brazil where the Rainforest, regarded as the lung of the World, is being stripped away to grow Palm oil and other cash rich crops.

Another area of concern is where viable trees are being felled in Canada to supply ‘’renewable’’ Biomass to feed British power stations. Forests don’t grow as fast as it takes to burn them, and though the claim is that it is only waste wood being used for this purpose it has been proved that logging is taking place to maintain the supply. Surely there must be a real world investigation to weigh up the combined effect of the loss of woodland in such large quantities, together with the amount fuel used to cut them down, load them and transport them over both land and sea against locally dug fossilised vegetation, namely Black Coal. The Climate change lackeys in Britain ignore the fact that Australia has been mining coal to export to Europe, and Germany has also been using its own Brown Coal in its power stations as well, which has a reputation for burning with much toxicity.

In Africa where desertification had been observed taking place in other regions it was though that the problem was caused by Elephants eating the vegetation, until it was eventually realised that this was not the cause, a realisation which resulted in regret being felt for the culling of so many animals. It was discovered that desertification could be halted and vegetation returned in abundance by the practice of artificially creating herding conditions where the animals are corralled together in an area to feed, defecate, and trample it into the ground until being led into another pen so that eventually the whole area has been naturally fertilised. Again the climate change lackeys are making a mistake by demanding that we stop eating meat and instead turn to insects and artificially grown meat, all supra processed food which will give long term health problems, as proven by the present habitual consumption of other types of highly processed food.

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