The Emergence of Corresponding Occurrences

It is very curious that a few days ago it was announced on the radio that an arrest warrant had been issued by the International Criminal Court against Putin for war crimes in Ukraine for the abduction of children. This in fact had been issued on the 17th of March.

This almost coincides with the media reporting that the 20th of March 2023 is the 20th anniversary of the illegal war imposed on Iraq, spearheaded by both America and the UK. It just so happened too that Nationwide protests against the war were ignored and that as a result there was a plea by the populace to pursue indictments for war crimes for those responsible. Hans Blix had called for more time as well as a delay of action until the physical evidence of weapons of mass destruction could be proven to exist, which of course many had already suspected no longer did.

The rush to war was made and no WMD was found.

Another correspondence of events separated by time but which also seemingly comes together at this time is that it was only yesterday that an announcement had been been made that British Challenger tanks to be supplied to the Ukraine will also be using depleted uranium ammunition. Putin has responded by stating that this is equivalent to nuclear war.

Depleted Uranium ammunition had also been used during that illegal war against Iraq, and 20 years have since passed in which the long lasting devastating effects on the population can be clearly seen for all to know. This is the true inhumanity to man, and it is going to be used again without concern or conscience. This is the emanation of true evil. The visual evidence is too upsetting to to supply the hyperlink to websites that show the gross deformities of new born babies, who are the truly innocent.


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