Dying For a Profit

This began as a comment elswhere but it became much bigger than originally intended:

Sixty years ago at school we were taught that the area that is now the Sahara Desert was once wooded and that cutting trees down for domestic use changed the climate because trees attract rain and that without them there can be no rain. Even quite recently towards the end of the last century it had been reported that one fossilised tree remained standing in the Sahara which had been used as a landmark and that it had been lamented that even that one had finally disappeared. It has often been pointed out that land that has been completely denuded of trees end up as scrubland and never recover, at least naturally. This has been the suspected reason for the abandonment of Easter Island.

With this in mind, desertification could possibly, one day, take place in Brazil where the Rainforest, regarded as the lung of the World, is being stripped away to grow Palm oil and other cash rich crops.

Another area of concern is where viable trees are being felled in Canada to supply ‘’renewable’’ Biomass to feed British power stations. Forests don’t grow as fast as it takes to burn them, and though the claim is that it is only waste wood being used for this purpose it has been proved that logging is taking place to maintain the supply. Surely there must be a real world investigation to weigh up the combined effect of the loss of woodland in such large quantities, together with the amount fuel used to cut them down, load them and transport them over both land and sea against locally dug fossilised vegetation, namely Black Coal. The Climate change lackeys in Britain ignore the fact that Australia has been mining coal to export to Europe, and Germany has also been using its own Brown Coal in its power stations as well, which has a reputation for burning with much toxicity.

In Africa where desertification had been observed taking place in other regions it was though that the problem was caused by Elephants eating the vegetation, until it was eventually realised that this was not the cause, a realisation which resulted in regret being felt for the culling of so many animals. It was discovered that desertification could be halted and vegetation returned in abundance by the practice of artificially creating herding conditions where the animals are corralled together in an area to feed, defecate, and trample it into the ground until being led into another pen so that eventually the whole area has been naturally fertilised. Again the climate change lackeys are making a mistake by demanding that we stop eating meat and instead turn to insects and artificially grown meat, all supra processed food which will give long term health problems, as proven by the present habitual consumption of other types of highly processed food.

ULEZ Exemption, Euro 4 &6 Versus Vehicle Excise Duty

If anybody owns a vehicle which is taxed according to the theoretical Co2 emissions as published,re the make and model for the year, but the MOT emissions test proves that the vehicle you own is within the ULEZ charge exemption parameters, which means that it complies with the Euro 4 specification for petrol, (or Euro 6 for Diesel), then why is that vehicle not taxed at the real world CO2 emissions level instead of the theoretical figure.

A garage owner who does MOT tests told me that too often vehicles that are given low VED charge are absolutely filthy. It has probably been about 6 years ago now that the MOT certificate began to be issued minus the second page which gave the results of the emissions test, though when I recently enquired about this to the garage owner he said that it should still be included (with the MOT paperwork).

Just prior to the visible tax disk displayed on window screens being abolished in 2014, I tried to make sense of the VED (Road Tax) for each type of vehicle, and it did not make sense to me within the normal size of vehicle, and it made even less sense that a huge 4X4, SUV, Chelsea Tractor could have relatively low VED when the law of physics cannot be defeated by the inclusion of a huge battery which in reality increases the overall weight of the vehicle so reducing efficiency, and especially if it is loaded to capacity with people and luggage on top of that because of their huge carrying capacity.

We are being taken for mugs. On deciding to research the amount of CO2 generated at the power station per Kwh the American statistics showed up first so decided to use that because technology is probably similar plus I did not want to spend time looking for British statistics which may prove to be elusive.

For each Kilowatt hour of electricity generated in the US from gas 0.97 lbs of CO2 is generated. That works out at just short of 440 grams of CO2 per Kwh.

If we take the Mercedes EQS SUV fully electric vehicle it will use 110 Kwh of charge to give a range of 362 to 365 miles which is 426.475 Kilometres. (Be aware that this is to use the given statistics from the manufacturer to give the best outcome. However real world results over the years have often shown that published results for any make of vehicle prove to be over optimistic in real world terms.)

So, a full charge from 0 to 100% charges at a rate of 11 KW for 10 hours giving a consumption of 110 Kwh. From this a range of up to 365 miles is given which when converted to kilometres gives

426.475 Km.

When these figures are set out to be calculated then we have 110 x 440 grams of CO2 which equals

48,400 grams divided by the distance of 426.475 kilometres which gives a total of 113.49 grams of CO2 per Kilometre driven.( best case).

Since the UK is being banned from opening up its own natural gas fields then America is happy to sell LPG gas to us, something which requires energy to produce it into a containable format, plus the energy to put it onto container ships, plus shipping it thousands of miles across the Atlantic using shipping fuel which is the dirtiest allowable.

Shouldn’t these facts be taken into account when determining the exemption from the ULEZ charge or even the Congestion Charge in Central London, plus should there not be a level playing field for petrol and Diesel vehicles that do meet the Euro 4 or 6 no matter what year they were registered? Some petrol vehicles which will be charged £365 VED this year will none the less meet the Euro 4 Specification.

Specification for the exemption of the ULEZ charge:

Euro 4 (EC2005)

Implementation date (new approvals): 1 January 2005

Implementation date (all new registrations): 1 January 2006

Euro 4 emissions standards (petrol)

CO: 1.0g/km

THC: 0.10g/km

NOx: 0.08g/km

Euro 3 (EC2000)

Implementation date (new approvals): 1 January 2000

Implementation date (all new registrations): 1 January 2001

Euro 3 split the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide limits for petrol and diesel engines, as well as

adding a separate nitrogen oxide limit for diesel vehicles. The warm-up period was removed from

the test procedure.

Euro 3 emissions standards (petrol)

CO: 2.3g/km

THC: 0.20g/km

NOx: 0.15g/km



The Emergence of Corresponding Occurrences

It is very curious that a few days ago it was announced on the radio that an arrest warrant had been issued by the International Criminal Court against Putin for war crimes in Ukraine for the abduction of children. This in fact had been issued on the 17th of March.

This almost coincides with the media reporting that the 20th of March 2023 is the 20th anniversary of the illegal war imposed on Iraq, spearheaded by both America and the UK. It just so happened too that Nationwide protests against the war were ignored and that as a result there was a plea by the populace to pursue indictments for war crimes for those responsible. Hans Blix had called for more time as well as a delay of action until the physical evidence of weapons of mass destruction could be proven to exist, which of course many had already suspected no longer did.

The rush to war was made and no WMD was found.

Another correspondence of events separated by time but which also seemingly comes together at this time is that it was only yesterday that an announcement had been been made that British Challenger tanks to be supplied to the Ukraine will also be using depleted uranium ammunition. Putin has responded by stating that this is equivalent to nuclear war.

Depleted Uranium ammunition had also been used during that illegal war against Iraq, and 20 years have since passed in which the long lasting devastating effects on the population can be clearly seen for all to know. This is the true inhumanity to man, and it is going to be used again without concern or conscience. This is the emanation of true evil. The visual evidence is too upsetting to to supply the hyperlink to websites that show the gross deformities of new born babies, who are the truly innocent.


Paying For Our Own Demise

Paying For Our Own Demise

Just this morning 22nd February 2023, Johnny Mercer was interviewed on LBC, when towards the end he said that Britain is the second biggest contributor to NATO. So obviously America is the largest contributor, so why is Britain paying more than any of the EU countries when the war in Ukraine is on the European mainland and the EU has stitched us up over Brexit. We have suffered under austerity since 2008 where key workers have seen an effective drop in their wages of 26%, and that is before this present raft of inflation, which in reality is equal to that amount in just one year.

This is my take on what I believe has been and still is taking place in Ukraine. It was written in longhand in one sitting just over four months after the invasion by Russia and was the result of the many strands of thought, at that time, which I eventually felt strongly to sit down and write them out.

Sometime last year I expressed on my Facebook page that I would not be posting any political views anymore, at least that was my feeling at the time, and although we always continue to absorb impressions, I have found myself not wishing to spend the time to express those thoughts, with the same vigour that I once had in the past to share them.

There were reports about the West failing to keep to the Minsk Agreements, of which there were two officially signed. Also alongside this were numerous Russian diplomatic complaints drawing attention to this fact, all of which seemed to draw no interest or comment when I posted them.

Since that time it has more recently, been revealed by the media that there has been an admittance that the Minsk agreements were nothing more than a ruse which meant that America,UK and the EU had come together to sign those documents in a cynical misuse of trust to buy time, time in order to prepare for war against Russia. There may have been a sincere intent by individuals but what may not have been taken into account is the concept of compartmentalisation. The first seeds of this concept were first germinated during David Cameron’s decision making during the Coalition which brought about the question about who has given him the authority for such actions, but had not been developed, it was just an observation at that time. I am more convinced now that we should not be thinking in terms of the often derided conspiracy theory, but rather towards the process of controlled Compartmentalisation which means that only those that need to know are made aware. You could say that this is a similar process to the manufacture of top secret components far and wide where nobody is aware of what they are really making except the designers and those who finally assemble them.

Comments within brackets were added at the time of typing out the  written content on 25th January 2023 

Written by hand 30th June 2022.

This is not to condone the invasion of Ukraine, much the same as it was a sad day when NATO voted for war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The most surprising thing is the measure of tolerance that Russia’s ruling party had displayed during the eight years that ethnic Russians have endured persecution in the Ukraine since the putsch of 2014, as well as the military attacks by the Azov Battalions on the civilians in the villages of the Donbas, totally ignoring both Minsk Agreements.

The motto of NATO which we are constantly reminded of by the media is: ”An attack on one is an attack on all”. Why shouldn’t this apply equally to Russia? It has basically become a World War by proxy against Russia, at the moment confined within Ukraine.

I believe that the present situation in the Ukraine is the result of entrapment and the actions of agents provocateurs going back prior to 2014 to create the environment for ‘revolution’ similar to Colour Revolutions beginning in 2011. Syria can be included in this.

The ”Seven Countries in Five Years” as testified by Wesley Clark indicates this.

What is happening now, instead of negotiating for peace, something that Zelensky has been urged not to do by the UK, is that military resources are being sent to the Ukraine from other NATO Countries only to be quickly destroyed along with the lives of the most capable.

Although Finland was neutral it has a large standing army and is well equipped, but is being coaxed into joining NATO which will result in yet another country from the alliance sitting on Russia’s border. This of course is like a red rag to a Bull.

I believe that the tactic has been, all along, to destroy the balance of power in the World, and Russia has been seen to be the greatest obstacle to this plan.

Britain along with America have been co instigators in all of this. This is to do with the leadership who obey direction from a compartmentalised source.1

(1)(Recent thoughts about this concept is that we can move aside from the idea of conspiracy theory and think more towards the idea of compartmentalisation where others who are contributing to the overall plan only know what their instruction is and nothing about what others are doing. This concept can also work between countries who themselves may be being used in a similar way. Russia and China for example, against the West, and finally China against Russia. However we cannot really know in advance the road that will ultimately lead to a Totalitarian World. 25th Jan 2023).

Such an example would be Liz Trus who when asked about supplying weapons to Taiwan was tongue tied because she hadn’t received her script. That is why,I believe the Johnson administration seems to be surrounded by duffers.

Returning to the first train of thought, India already has a natural trading relationship with Russia, and it had become evident that America attempted to bully India into breaking those ties which they refused to do. (much the same as they did with the German trading relationship with Russia during the very first round of sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the Novochock incident in Salisbury, the same Novichock that a minister had advised the public could be safely wiped clean with Baby Wipes.) . I must say that for years, news from India was always the place to go to for a balanced view along with RT which has now been taken off of the air.

Finland has been goaded into joining NATO believing that Russia has expansionist aims, and to reinforce this view, 1937 and Hitler is brought into prominence. However what is taking place in the Ukraine is reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War.

I am of the opinion that Russia’s sole aim in the Ukraine was to go to the aid of Russians in the Donbas who have been constantly under attack for eight years, and that finally Russia stepped in to help, something that is no different from what NATO proclaims its purpose is for.

Finland had been doing the correct thing by remaining neutral, but building up its own military forces solely for its own defense should it ever become required. In a sense it is also an independent Country which has the potential to stand against the tyranny of the globalists, so instead of attacking it directly, it becomes invited to NATO where it will lose its own decision making, and at the same time help towards fighting the globalist’s main obstacle to power as well as diminish its own resources in manpower, munitions and machinery. Two birds with one stone.

Britain has been an instigator, along with the US but at the same time has become militarily debilitated, and even now there are no plans to militarily restock. This seems to be following the pattern, citing ”The Peace Dividend” which began with the fall of Communism followed from John Major, through to Tony Blair, David Cameron and now Boris Johnson.

All of those mentioned, except Boris Johnson, were pro EU, though Johnson wrote two papers, one for and another against being a member of the EU. My feeling about this is that he wanted to cover all bases so that no matter what the outcome of the EU Referendum he would still be in control of this part of the plan.

(2), ( We must remember that when Boris Johnson was Foreign Secretary under Teresa May, he was keen to support the friendly terrorists in Syria, along with the White Helmets whom many regard as the fake first responder who only seemed to be interested in treating ISIS casualties, and always seemed to be readily at hand to stretcher away execution victims. Remember that prior to this time he stepped back from being in the running to be voted PM by his party when Teresa May stepped in. but when he eventually became Prime Minister he gave full support to Ukraine despite the already known reputation of the Azov Battalions as previously reported by the BBC, and even now that he has been deposed as Prime Minister he still goes out of his way to continue his influence there instead of focusing on his constituency at home.)

The only explanation that I can find for diminishing the UK’s military capability,as well as its independent industrial capability as dictated by the EU plan for Regions, is to prevent Britain from ever being capable of stepping in once more to stand against tyranny as it did during the First and Second World Wars.

Very cleverly, Britain does not have an armed population, as does a Country like Switzerland, and even sporting guns were made unavailable to the general population after the Dunblain Massacre, an event still shrouded in many unanswered political questions. (Now at this time Illegal guns are finding their way into the UK via illegal immigrants. They are housed at great expense through long ten year contracts awarded to a variety of providers).

Paying for our own demise has been a concept which has been in mind for many years. This means using tax payers money for the purpose of funding projects designed to ensure the collapse of the Country as well as its ability to resist tyranny, ( locally as well as World wide nowadays.) There are many things that can be said about this category related to the practices imposed on the Nation during Covid 19 lock downs, contrasted by Party Gate plus the diverse indoctrination of children.

(3), (Now it is evidenced that the powers that be in the UK are slowly constructing the component parts to enable that same tyranny. We saw elements of it’s practice over the World wide conflation of rules during the Covid 19 period.)

(4), (It is no surprise that our own politicians in the UK religiously complied with every EU diktat even if the result was against the National Interest. They would comply more closely than any of the Continental based EU members ever did, who have a more pragmatic outlook in favour of their own interests. Also most, if not all, of our essential and strategic services are foreign owned. Curious how a foreign power can own these important assets but not our own government, which in turn would belong to the people. During the New Labour years, interestingly enough, there were constant (first hand) reports of aero industry mechanics being made redundant, people who had been fully trained in our own specially fitted out Technical Colleges. Many Polytechnics have been turned into Universities, as well as apprenticeships being relegated to cheap labour by­ unscrupulous employers. Sajid Javid studied in what was once Filton Technical college that served Roll Royce Aero Engines and the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton to train their apprentices.)

On Ditching Brexit

RGH: There have been reports this morning of a secret meeting recently held at Ditchley Park to discuss the future of Brexit. Perhaps a new verb has been created because maybe they wish to ditch Brexit gently by stealth. The theme was how to improve relations with the EU rather than combating their retaliations against us for daring to leave. Wonder if they also discussed 15 minute zones that are underway in Oxford?

Q: We must resist all attempts to rejoin the EU

RGH: Everything was fine until the Maastrict Treaty when the EEC was transformed into a Political entity. However it has been said that had always been the intention, well known by Europeans but kept secret from us which means that the population had been deceived into it. Mrs Thatcher didn’t want it, that is why the Conservative Party got rid of her.

Q: Has Brexit benefited Great Britain?

RGH: Brexit has never been executed properly and the UK accepts all of the tariffs and red tape imposed upon us by the EU which Britain does not impose in return. This means that the difficulties that we are experiencing are due to a deliberate construct. Also those who are happy to accept this situation in government have also introduced policies which are against the interests of existing businesses as well as being unfavourable to investment from abroad and even expansion of already existing companies here.

It seems that the powers that be deem that it is time to pass the batten from the Conservatives to Labour where the Blairites are still imposing their influence and where Keir Starmer has recently declared his preference to the World Economic Forum over Parliament.
No matter who we choose to vote for out of Conservative or Labour, in this two party system, we are doomed either way.
I have been a natural Conservative all my life, but for several years now I have chosen to vote for the Reform Party, when on the ballot sheet, and will continue to do so until the time that they may allow themselves to be influenced by the Friends of Israel who are already embedded within both Labour and the Conservatives.

An example of poor government policy brought to our attention by UK Column News in a piece which begins at 55;48

Screenshot From UK Column News 15th February 2023


Politico Admin Comment: The result of the vote for Brexit was a surprise for the British establishment, the EU and Cameron himself. They believed that the British people were apathetic and would not vote in its favour. The turn out for the vote was even better than for a General Election. The result should been implemented immediately without any faffing around similar to a Parliamentary election. But they started to postpone it to find a way to “ditch it stealthily”.

Many controversies surrounded voting in Parliament as well as Judicial Reviews by those who were not happy with the Brexit result.

Labour had once been an efficient opposing voice, which is a sign of a healthy democracy, but this seemed to have changed since Tony Blair became the leader of what was to become known as New Labour. Spin was to become its most talked about hallmark.

Tony Blair’s landslide victory in 1997 was even supported by Rupert Murdoch, a staunch globalist, who had always previously been an opponent of Labour. This endorsement could be an indicator of where true allegiances lay. Now in the present time it had been clear for all to see that Labour’s commitment to Brexit was ambiguous so could not be trusted.

Unravelling Truths and Untruths

This morning Weds 14th December around 6.25 I heard Steve Allen on LBC state that Anne Frank had been sent to Belsen concentration camp where she was murdered. I had only just turned on the radio and stepped into the hallway so did not hear the full details except that he repeated the same statement again at 06.37 in relation to a brand of frankfurter or something, still no wiser because the bulk of content must have been said before turning the radio on.

It is a fact that what Steve Allen said is not true because Anne Frank died from typhus not long after being interned in Belson Concentration camp, the result of having her hiding place revealed to the Nazi’s by a neighbour. Another thing that comes to mind is that at the site of this concentration camp there is a head stone, and I am not sure if it is a commemoration head stone or whether it is claimed that it is the grave of Anne Frank. If it is the latter then once again it is a case of convenient misrepresentation because Anne frank was at that time unknown, and as an inmate, died along with the many other victims who likewise perished and were buried in mass graves, unidentified. It was only after the war that the diary was made public and subsequently published.

Belsen, it has been claimed, served as a transit camp for Jews who were wealthy enough to engage in the scheme, set up between Hitler and the Zionist movement, to pay for unhindered passage to Palestine.

Hitler thought that the arrangement was a good one because not only did it earn Germany income but it removed Jews from Europe into the bargain. It is likely that the thinking of the Zionists was that wealthy Jews were the best of the best which would be a good asset towards populating their new homeland in Palestine, something that had been taking place even before 1948 (since 1881), before the defeat of this totalitarian regime. As for the rest who continued to languish as slaves in concentration camps, there are written inferences that the Zionists had no care at all, except that their persecution would further the advance of their cause towards establishing an official homeland, something that Britain facilitated but had no right to give away another Country really.

Also this popular misrepresentation prompted me to now share the details of a conversation with Major Henry F Reeves that had taken place one Thursday 17th March 2016. I had known him for quite a number of years through his attendance, along with his wife, to a fine arts class. Each year he would ask me where I planned to go for holidays and always I would tell him Hannover to which he would reply ‘’Don’t forget to visit Celle, it’s a very beautiful place’’.

From these casual conversations over the years I had gained an insight into Henry’s military background and the reason he was so fond of Celle. Henry was around 94 years old by this time, and now and again he would miss a class or two because of his frailty or illness.

I had struck up the conversation immediately before the class had settled because I was curious to know if Henry had met Major Leonard Bernice who had recently died and as a result the news was full of the claim that he was first into Belsen. Henry had told me several years before that he was on point duty and was surprised to discover Belsen because it wasn’t on the map but you could smell it before getting there. At that time he mentioned that the smell was so bad that he could not sleep for weeks.

Question to Major Henry F Reeves:

RH Did you ever know Major Leonard Bernice at Bergen Belsen? He died last Wednesday week and I was expecting to see you on the Thursday but the hall was double booked.

HFR No I did not know him, he came after me.

RH You were there for two weeks weren’t you, documenting the event?.

HFR I was there for three weeks and I never saw so many Sergeants in one place – Medical Corps.

RH You were first in!

HFR Yes. I was on point duty and you could smell the place before we got there. I had to stop people going in because of the disease. People were dying all the time.

RH I know that you mentioned before that all of the guards had scarpered but Leonard Bernice said that the Commandant had remained behind to prevent prisoners from escaping and spreading typhus into the general population.

HFR That is not true, everybody had left. There are so many reports that are not true and it makes me so angry – Even during the recent visit of the Queen.

There are so many things that they don’t want you to know about, especially the BBC reports.

We had to burn the place down and used flame throwers to do it. They were all lined up and a Jewish soldier knocked the flame thrower that it hit a group of Jewish women that were lined up.

RH Was that accidental or deliberate?

HFR It was deliberate.

HFR We made the population dig up the graves. The smell was so bad that I could not sleep for two weeks. ]Unquote.

Henry had spent time in Celle doing administration work in relation to Belsen. On a previous occasion I asked him how many Jews were at the camp to which he replied: ‘’There were more others than Jews.’’

The archive footage of Belsen shows the torching of the wooden huts, but also noticeable is the varied condition of the inmates, from the taught skin frames of the dead, to those in an intermediate stage of deterioration to others who are contrasted by their appearance of being fully fleshed and well to such an extent that if they were separated out you might never know that they had ever been at the camp. Perhaps historic records and posing correct questions may explain this situation, though it is possible to make a guess based on the prevailing conditions brought about by the failing infrastructure of defeated tyranny.

Thursday 15th December 2022:

Further more, on the question of Anne Frank’s memorial stone, more information needed to be gained related to my previous statement. Obviously there needs to be tests made to verify the following claim, especially the comparison of DNA with a living relative.

From the Metro:

Anne Frank’s grave may have finally been found

Monday 13 Apr 2015 2:52 pm

The final resting place of Anne Frank may have been uncovered.

The body of the iconic teenager, who died in a concentration camp in 1945, was thought to have been thrown in an unmarked mass grave.

 thoughtBut now the grandson of a person she may have been buried with claims to have found her in Bergen-Belsen, Germany, which was home to one of the dreaded camps.

‘One of them gave me a map on which he marked where my grandfather was buried,’ said Paul Verschure, whose grandfather was Dutch resistance fighter Jan Verschure.

He’d met with several Holocaust survivors who gave him the alleged burial spot of the 15-year-old diarist, who became famous after writing a journal about her time hiding from Nazis.

Mr Verschure was able to find the location (now a field), with the help of Dutch researchers.

There’s no way of verifying the claim though as Jewish law doesn’t allow graves to be dug up.

From a Polish article :


Exhumation in Judaism: Theory and Practice

…..in the August 10, 1946, protocol addressing the exhumation of Jewish corpses from the village of Rzezawa (county of Bochnia), we read: “the total of 15 bodies was exhumed, including 7 women, four men and 4 children.” They had been murdered in September 1942. Some were identified by witnesses. Three members of the County Jewish Committee in Brzesk participated in the process. They initiated the exhumation and prompted the writing of the protocol. “The bodies were buried at the Jewish cemetery in Brzesko.” The victims, thus, were not only exhumed but also moved from the mass grave in Rzezawa to proper burial grounds in Brzesko.

Similarly, on August 18, 1949, in Łomazy, representatives of the Jewish community from Wrocław undertook an exhumation and removal of about 1,800 of Jewish victims shot by the Germans in a mass execution. Historian Gabriel Finder provides more examples of similar exhumations.

Very interesting perhaps this is all  we need to know. Notice the month of the death of Anne Frank’s last living relative  and that of the article claiming to have found her actual grave.

Anne Frank’s Last Living Relative Dies at 89


MARCH 23, 2015
Here is another article with a slightly different perspective:

On the Beseige of the Planet Earth

Why humans die? Why should they die? This is a question  of the ordinary man, the philosopher and also the scientist.

There are reasons for man death, for example, attack by other living things such as beasts, or poisonous animals, and also very small or even microscopic and ultra microscopic creatures such as viruses.

Man also might be perished by the forces of nature, such as drowning or thunder, or exposure to extreme coldness or heat or earthquakes and so on.

If man survives all these he gradually becomes old and feeble and his body will not regenerate anymore and becomes degenerated and succumbs to death. The big question is here. Science knows why one stops growing in adolescence. There is a piece of information in genes that stops all creature to eat and grow larger in terms of their height. You can modify it and make a bigger hedgehog – as big as a sheep.

But there is no similar gene to tell, in particular, to humans to stop regeneration and thus to become old. There are theories that explains degeneracy of living things. I am interested to begin my discourse from that point.

First agent of aging is believed to be the cosmic rays. These are particles accelerated with high energies inside the furnace of stars in such enormous amounts that they pass the width of our galaxy in few seconds (in their own time frame). These particles have ionising effect; that is, they destroy chemical bounds and prevent creation of more complex molecules from bounding of simpler molecules. In other words they can destroy life, as the life is creation of drastically complex molecules.

Our earth has a shield against accelerating particles, otherwise, the solar winds never would allow any life to be created on the earth. In spite of this shielding, the cosmic rays can penetrate even deep inside the  mines on the earth. So they are one source of ionising and degenerating the living stuffs.

There is another important source of ionisation. All in the crust of our planet we have natural radioactive minerals scattered everywhere. They were second most important agent of aging until twenty century, perhaps even more effective than cosmic rays.

Pre-industrial societies had a role in destruction of earth by burning vast areas of natural forests and erosion of fertile lands which had an indirect effect on longevity of living things on the earth. Also confining men in cities and travel and trade helped proliferation of many disease among the humans.

Despite this and some limited but notable bad effects of industrialisation, up to the second world war we can deduce that these man made destructions always could be nullified with the healing forces imposed by nature as a counter-balance against the human mischiefs. Until second world war man could not overpower nature towards complete annihilation.

In the last month of the second world war, men exploded three nuclear bombs. This is different with all wars that human has done. A country in recent history could go and bomb another country. Devastation is limited to the point that bomb hits the target. That is all in terms of material and life.

When you bomb another country with nuclear explosives, you and your own citizen also get a portion of that devastation. US, first, tested that weapon on her own soil. Immediately all around the place became poisoned forever.

In an attempt to keep the deterrence of nuclear devices, some places in the US are more radioactive than the places in Japan they targeted with those atomic bombs. As if the US has bombed its own country many times with a nuke device.

The first five nations that developed this weapon ahead of other countries, for almost two decades tested them in open atmosphere or under the ocean water. They also built facilities to process the necessary radioactive material for the weapon or for the power stations running on a controlled nuclear reaction, with the same concept. In all of these operation large amounts of water is used for washing and cooling; also sooner or later everything becomes exposed to the fresh air from the atmosphere and pollutes the atmosphere.

As much I tried, I could not find certain estimates for the amount of pollution caused during the last sixty – seventy years after emergence of this weapon and invention of nuclear reactors.

They say everything is under control. This means prevention of falling these materials in the hands of undesirable people or in the hands of their enemies. Otherwise, nothing is under control. Pollution of the earth relentlessly is continuing.

If you shut down a coal power station, after three years vegetation grows everywhere and rust and mould  and other elements return the place back to the nature that we had twelve thousand years ago. Shutting it down reverses our actions in matter of years. In contrast, nature needs hundreds thousand years to clean the radioactive pollution and man cannot reverse it.

This is the first irreversible destruction we have done to ourselves and to our nature.

Hanford plutonium finishing plant July 2016

Population Reduction

When the events of Covid 19 began to be reported early in 2020 I was reminded that many years before I happened to turn on the TV one afternoon just in time to catch the tail end of an interview where the person being interviewed said that the intention was to reduce the population of England to 20 million. When asked how this would be achieved the reply was ‘With planning.’ I obviously took this as a warning to be concerned about because family planning has never succeeded in reducing populations so I hastily scrawled the information on a scrap of paper that was at hand.

With the passing of time the details related to this event along with the time period of the broadcast was out of mind so could not be sure how many years before this event had taken place. However, due to the prospect of having to move house and having to sort through boxes stored in the loft, I rediscovered that scrap of paper with the information scrawled on it. Realising that I could mislay it again, I decided to photograph it with my mobile phone, and am glad that I did because it has gone again. This was in October 2020.

The name of Simon Ross was written on the note, along with the date 2011 plus the population figure of 57 million at the time of the interview. I could not be sure if the date of 2011 was the year that the interview had taken place. I had subsequently made many attempts to find information about Simon Ross without success to the extent that I even began to wonder if he was a fictional character.

There were many other things that served as a warning to be wary of the Covid 19 vaccine as well. Though I had made a decision for myself, there were many contradictory reports which meant that we could not be sure if the vaccine was good for people after all. This meant that it would not be right to put out an opinion which would prevent people taking something that could be good for them. This meant that by the time of the vaccine role out it was only three months since rediscovering that scrap of paper.

Time passed by and it was only in November 2021 that I decided to read the print on the back of the remnant of paper to see what it said, so by reflecting the photograph on the phone on the bathroom mirror could read the date of 2014 which meant that it could not have been earlier than that date. It was the reverse of a note from a colleague at work for payment of hours that I had covered for him.

Come the last week in December 2021 I mentioned this information to a millennial who instantly did a search on the millennials favourite phone and instantly the identity of simon Ross was found. Two days later, with this information I came across an article published in the Yorkshire Post written by Simon Ross about population reduction. Of course there was no mention of the planned reduction of population to 20 million.


The None Dom Conundrum

The None Dom status is a remnant from the Slave Trade. This ‘’tax efficient’’ vehicle was created by William Pit the Younger in 1799 specifically for the benefit of slave owners. Therefore given the recent outcry against such people as Edward Colston, who incidentally used his accumulated wealth for the benefit of the poor for their education and such, but who none the less has had his memory cancelled, then in the same light, isn’t it about time that the None Dom tax status was also removed from use and expunged from the historical memory.

Also will those who specialise in radicalising Britain’s past slavery issue now turn their focus towards the removal of this None Dom status which is currently in the news, especially due to the fact that black people are constantly raising the issue of Britain’s past involvement in slavery, an issue which they won’t let rest.

It will therefore be interesting to see if they will now group together in order to protest to push for the removal of this repugnant historical relic which in contrast to Edward Colston’s philanthropic charity work deprives social services from the funds needed to help the present poor.

Also, if these protests should take place it would be equally interesting to observe the response of the Police this time around, whether they will just look on as an observer as they did during the criminal damage to public property when the statue of Edward Colston was toppled from its plinth and rolled into the harbour of the City of Bristol, or whether batons will be drawn.

Zelensky Finally Misjudged His Target Audience

Zelensky’s attempt to invoke historical events tailored specifically towards his chosen audience in order to evoke the desired emotional response may not have been lost on the Israelis, specifically because it was the same style of behaviour that was evidenced from the person charged with influencing prominent Politicians towards pushing for the signing of the Balfour Declaration towards the end of the First World War. Each person was told what he thought they would like to hear in order to influence their cooperation, therefore the reason given differed between each person that had been approached.

Another mistake that Zelensky made was to make mention of Nazis and the Holocaust because Nazism was especially strong in the Ukraine during WW2 and has never really been cleared up since, despite Zelensky’s promise to do so prior to his election. It has been said that they control him and also claimed that the Azov Battalions had been attacking Russians across the border in the Donbas region for the past eight years, something that the regular military had avoided, and it is for this reason that Putin decided to invade in order to eradicate them from the Ukraine, a country where Ukrainians and Russians had at one time lived along side each other as neighbours, as presently testified by a female refugee.

Sure people should be disgusted about the Holocaust, but there is another sensitive issue that historians may be aware of, and that is the fact that wealthy Jews could buy safe transit to Israel, an arrangement made by suggestion of the Zionists and accepted by Hitler because he regarded it as Nationalism, something that he was totally in favour of and could also benefit from financially by this arrangement.

As for the rest who could not afford to pay, their demise was simply regarded as a way to bring influence on Public opinion for the furtherance of the Jewish State. The one thing that struck me in later years about Palestine was that at one time Jews and Palestinians lived along side each other as neighbours.



Published:MARCH 20, 2022 21:36

‘’Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s virtual tour of Western parliaments has gone off mostly without a hitch. He referenced Winston Churchill to Westminster and Martin Luther King Jr. to Capitol Hill. The Ukrainian-to-English translator in Brussels broke down in tears translating his plea for help.
Zelensky continued his practice of customizing his speeches to suit his audience when he addressed the Knesset over Zoom, taking the comparisons he had already made between his country’s situation and World War II to the next level and dedicating the lion’s share of his speech to the Holocaust.
That comparison did not have the effect Zelensky apparently had hoped for.’’