Zelensky Finally Misjudged His Target Audience

Zelensky’s attempt to invoke historical events tailored specifically towards his chosen audience in order to evoke the desired emotional response may not have been lost on the Israelis, specifically because it was the same style of behaviour that was evidenced from the person charged with influencing prominent Politicians towards pushing for the signing of the Balfour Declaration towards the end of the First World War. Each person was told what he thought they would like to hear in order to influence their cooperation, therefore the reason given differed between each person that had been approached.

Another mistake that Zelensky made was to make mention of Nazis and the Holocaust because Nazism was especially strong in the Ukraine during WW2 and has never really been cleared up since, despite Zelensky’s promise to do so prior to his election. It has been said that they control him and also claimed that the Azov Battalions had been attacking Russians across the border in the Donbas region for the past eight years, something that the regular military had avoided, and it is for this reason that Putin decided to invade in order to eradicate them from the Ukraine, a country where Ukrainians and Russians had at one time lived along side each other as neighbours, as presently testified by a female refugee.

Sure people should be disgusted about the Holocaust, but there is another sensitive issue that historians may be aware of, and that is the fact that wealthy Jews could buy safe transit to Israel, an arrangement made by suggestion of the Zionists and accepted by Hitler because he regarded it as Nationalism, something that he was totally in favour of and could also benefit from financially by this arrangement.

As for the rest who could not afford to pay, their demise was simply regarded as a way to bring influence on Public opinion for the furtherance of the Jewish State. The one thing that struck me in later years about Palestine was that at one time Jews and Palestinians lived along side each other as neighbours.



Published:MARCH 20, 2022 21:36

‘’Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s virtual tour of Western parliaments has gone off mostly without a hitch. He referenced Winston Churchill to Westminster and Martin Luther King Jr. to Capitol Hill. The Ukrainian-to-English translator in Brussels broke down in tears translating his plea for help.
Zelensky continued his practice of customizing his speeches to suit his audience when he addressed the Knesset over Zoom, taking the comparisons he had already made between his country’s situation and World War II to the next level and dedicating the lion’s share of his speech to the Holocaust.
That comparison did not have the effect Zelensky apparently had hoped for.’’

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