Questions Evoked Due to the abnormal inflation of Natural Gas prices

There is something going on causing the inflation of Natural Gas prices that isn’t normal, so it would be good to attempt to fathom out what is going on.

The first port of call was to take a look at the historical price of natural gas in the Chinese economy where the majority of manufactured goods for the Western World takes place. From the graph it can be seen that the current price in China is not too far off from its historic low.


A 5 year record of the price of Natural Gas in China which is now at its longest sustained low


This 1 year record of the price of Natural Gas in China shows fluctuations in greater detail which can be compared with the corresponding increases and decreases in the European Market
Here is the 5 year chart for price fluctuations for the Western World. It can be seen that we have currently come out of a trough and the present level is lower than last winter, and is similar to the fall and rise of 2015/16


So here is shown the one year chart showing that price levels one year ago were slightly higher than now yet we did not see massive price rises during that period.
This shows the record of price increases in Europe and UK which is most likely due to speculators on the Stock Market. The graph that showed the same trend has been lost.

On the other hand, when we look at the current price for natural gas in the western hemisphere there has been what appears to be a rise, but what it really means is that it is a climb out of the trough of manufacturing inactivity caused during the so called pandemic, but magically as we have been released there has been a string of additional problems to help destabilise businesses of ordinary folk. This current rise brings us back to a lower position than the price point that existed before the pandemic i.e. November 2019.

(( What this looks like to me is that the Corporate World is protecting their profits in their major manufacturing enclave, namely China,  named such because it seems to be protected from the downsides that these same entities may launch on the rest of the world caused by their money manipulation on World markets. This is something that a certain political entity would delight in because it means that their adversary pays for their own demise while they themselves profit. This is what it looks like to me.))

Another interesting thing is that David Ike, right from the beginning when the world wasn’t quite sure what was going on regarding pandemic, suggested that the whole purpose was to create lock downs which would result in companies going to the wall and then being bought up for ‘’cents on the dollar’’. He at the same time pointed out medical reasons why the conduct within the pandemic looked like a scam.

As we were gradually becoming free there came into existence the so called pingdemic which also had the effect of wounding businesses. When we eased our way out of that we then began to feel the chaos caused by absence of multiple thousands of heavy goods vehicle drivers, apparently this has been revealed to be the same situation in countries across the World,which just like the pandemic is equally World wide.

The curious thing is that this driver shortage was already reported to the government many months before, and warnings had also been given of impending problems 5 years ago,yet until this very time everything seemed to be running as normal until now.

At the same time we have witnessed the chaotic disruption to life caused by the Global Warming activists who are intent on causing pain upon pain on society, as we are coming out of continuous lock downs, justifying it by spouting superior platitudes while calmly telling us that we don’t understand the situation, which is the cherry on the top. The latest news is that the EU is demanding an increase in deliveries of coal to fire up their power stations because of the now proven inadequacy of wind and solar. Countries in Africa flare off gas into the atmosphere from their oil wells and there are hundreds of active volcanoes around the World. Britain of course has to undergo what is known as ‘disruptive technology’ to change the way that we heat our homes. Any changes as a result of new technology should take place organically gradually and not throw out what is perfectly serviceable. Germany still sells items which we in Britain have been eager to jettison according to diktat, forgetting completely about the resultant waste that ends up in landfill. 

These disruptive organisations of Extinction Rebellion and its offshoot Insulate Britain are funded from abroad as was Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose which was spawned in America and funded by Deutsche Bank. Common Purpose has been responsible for the ‘’re framing’’ the minds of our once recognisable police Force. Part of this ongoing process began during the New Labour years when Gordon Brown actively began reducing the Police Force, and I recognised, at the time, and also made comment that the purpose was to remove properly trained old school policemen to be replaced by new recruits who would be more malleable to accepting new roles and attitudes.
Teresa May when Home Secretary cut the police Force by 21000 which directly resulted in the police being incapable of the basic role of protecting the public, the very reason that Robert Peel founded the Force in the first place. Now it is a service, literally so, evidenced by a police officer asking a person illegally obstructing the Queen’s Highway if there was anything she could do to help (make them comfortable)
We have been witnessing the ruination of Great Britain, facilitated from within, by our own politicians and it matters not whether it is the Conservatives or Labour at the helm, the result is the continuation of this agenda.

Our political leaders, be they Labour or Conservative, have been facilitating the ruination of this nation for the sake of Globalism. This Globalism, which should in fact be known by another name, wouldn’t mind conflict with China or Russia because it serves the purpose of allowing the free world the opportunity to pay for their own demise. This is the master plan and this is how  you need to view geopolitics. 

It looks to me that the City of London, The Square Mile, is like a parasite upon the Nation, like a Cuckoo in the nest, except that it has always been there. Even our Queen is subservient to the Lord Mayor and she is required ask permission to enter and has to walk behind him. That enclave which is the financial engine is totally independent having been given special conditions that had been granted to it since the Norman Conquest because they recognised that it would be useful in the future. They eventually brought money lenders who were prominent in France at that time but not present in England until after 1066.

It had been evident that Britain had been the second largest contributor into the EU, and this was most likely due to the result of the profits gained from financial speculation from within the Square Mile. Our manufacturing capacity has been sold off to foreign Countries as well as utilities being in foreign hands where profits go abroad.  Also at the same time Britain has more areas recognised as being poverty stricken than any other Northern European country. 



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