We now live in an America where mob rule crushes all dissent

‘’We now live in an America where mob rule crushes all dissent’’

That is the title of an article in the Washington Times which prompted the following response.

I got more from seeing the title in an instant than reading the article itself, though the concepts are familiar. Normally the term Dissent is used to describe the dissatisfaction of parts of a population who have a grievance against the government and express it in words, for what ever reason, but here we have mob rule opposing the will of the people themselves with the authorities in the middle almost sympathising with them instead of enforcing the law. Police bending the knee or police being soft on the antics of Extinction Rebellion when normal law abiding citizens would receive draconian treatment for making a traffic violation by mistake. So members of the public who criticise these and other types of situations will be regarded as dissidents and receive more punishment than those committing the criminal acts.

Such a situation is more likely to propagate racist feelings than to heal them, and who knows if this is the agenda in terms of adding more fuel to the fire. We were to see reported a situation where a Policeman in the UK had also used the knee as a method of restraining a Black person and another case in America where an unarmed person was shot at least seven times in the back at close range despite the furore and protests over the original cause of protests because of the death of George Floyd. This type of behaviour will create the prolongation of rioting by those who feel that they have no recourse to justice and so express their dissatisfaction and hopelessness in the only way that they can.

In the UK there seems to be a cooperation between local authorities and the housing of illegal migrants who use the services of criminals to arrive here in rubber boats, and the authorities keep it secret from the population, There was also a case during the New Labour years where the office for National Statistics recorded more people coming into the UK from Africa than the combined number from India, Pakistan as well as all of what is called A8 countries of which Poland is a part of yet the media were constantly banging on about how Poland alone was the problem for mass immigration at a time when 350 thousand per year was normal. Polish people were a breath of fresh air for the country and a benefit but there is also little control over the criminals who arrive at our shores.

The question is whether this is deliberate policy or not, and I cant avoid remembering how the Cameron government as well as those from other European Countries and America were comfortable with funding the friendly terrorists in Syria who had connections with ISIS who in turn existed on an economy based on murder and then stealing the property of their victims, and this attitude extended to looting the country and stealing assets that were then received by Turkey and no doubt others by mutual cooperation. This situation would have continued had not the Russians finally decided to get involved to make a serious effort to eradicate ISIS.

We are seeing our culture being swamped by violent crimes with our police service, or should it be Police Force, cut to the bone so that previous normal investigations do not take place at all and the population has to put up with being a victim without Justice.


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