Redirecting The Activism of The Younger Generation in Order to Protect Their Furure

That the current ”climate change” protests have now gone into overdrive at this particular time of year when Parliament is in recess, but when the rest of society has to be able to move around in order to make a living in order to be able to feed their families or to attend hospital appointments, is quite curious. It is also interesting that the rest of Europe believe that Parliament should continue in order to sort out the Brexit debacle now that there is a further extension to Article 50.

It would be reasonable to think that perhaps this ”rebellion” was already pre scheduled for this time, whereas the extension became an unexpected addition to this timeline so perhaps it’s best to stay clear. Just a thought.

So where are we going with this? Well In the last week or so we saw the introduction of ULEZ, the ultra low emissions zone in which petrol vehicles of a particular age or diesel vehicles and their Nox emissions are being charged an additional fee on top of the Congestion Charge for entering Central London. It looks like there is an obvious push towards battery powered vehicles or hybrids.

If you remember several years ago we were being told that there would not be enough electricity to keep the lights on and there were also moves at the time to have nuclear powers stations built by foreign companies who subsequently backed out of these projects.

This was followed by announcements that there would be many charging points available around the Country for electrically powered vehicles. A change also came about with how road tax was charged so that those with batteries or hybrids could benefit from extremely low road tax levies despite my observation that there were many very chunky 4×4 type vehicles in which their massive size and weight were unlikely to be able to defy the laws of physics in respect to fuel efficiency especially with the additional weight of a battery, and this came to light with the revelation of VW’s cheating software which came into action whenever it detected that an emissions test was being conducted.

It has recently been revealed that those who drove fleet vehicles with hybrid capability never ever charged their batteries so what this means is that these vehicles are having to consume more fuel than would otherwise be used in order to move that additional dead weight. Additionally these vehicles have greater load capacity able to carry bigger loads than their smaller counterparts.

My vehicle for instance is a 16 year old Toyota and every MOT records CO2 emissions of zero. How this can be I do not know but that is the MOT test result. Additionally this car spends more time in the driveway than on the road so again there would be far less emissions from my vehicle compared with those fleet vehicles which can do tens of thousands of miles on the motorway. Despite this I have to pay £230 road tax each year against something like £30 or zero for those vehicles that claim to be more fuel efficient.

In order to be fair there needs to be a way of working out road tax that represents genuine total emissions during the year according to real world use.

Britain contributes just 1% of the total World CO2 emissions and is around 52nd in the world league of so called polluters, that is the way they choose to define it, and we have reduced our CO2 levels by the greatest amount compared to other countries. We are generally always in the lead in doing things properly just as we were about adhering to EU rules while other member States get away with flouting them thus putting us at a disadvantage competitively. Even with payments to NATO the UK contributes its full 2% while Germany habitually pays just 1%.

Extinction Rebellion would be a very appropriate name for this protest group if only they would divert their protests towards an effort to stop the mass roll out of 5G. It has been reported by independent scientists that these military grade millimetre waves at potentially high power have the ability to wipe out all life on the planet, including insects but this information is being kept secret and those scientists who dare to tell the truth are being removed. Additionally it has been estimated that humans will become totally infertile within 5 generations.

Another point which connects directly to the principles of defeating Climate Change or what had originally been called Global Warming, is that of encouraging the planting of trees in order to help absorb CO2 but the introduction of 5G will necessitate cutting down existing trees which stand in the line of sight of the transmitters because they absorb the very short millimetre waves. Perhaps we will see more lines of mature trees being cut down ”by mistake” or for other convenient reasons.

So these young people, especially the school children who are being co opted into the climate change protests have the power of influence in their hands to stop this move, especially because they have been weaned into action for other political purposes. To refuse the purchase of any item manufactured for the Internet of All Things. Also to revert back to the use of hard wiring from the router to computer with Ethernet cables, especially in schools.

In fact 5G is one of the most important ingredients for guiding driverless cars and of course these cars will be battery powered. It appears that they may be reliant on the smaller transmitters which are to be installed in street light housings and if one happens to be positioned right outside of your bedroom window there is nothing you can do about it and laws have been put in place to protect those who may be responsible for harm.

The whole industry needs to be investigated and investors must take a second look into what they hope to make a profit from.

Batteries need to be charged so of course this power is generated at power stations so there is no emission free power available except that which may be contributed to the National Grid via green energy. Also the manufacture of the batteries themselves have their associated pollutants during their manufacture as well as the mining of raw materials for them and additionally batteries have a limited use life so therefore these will have enduring toxic waste attached to them as well as a mass problem of storing them, especially if they cannot be recycled.

The absolute cleanest solution is said to be hydrogen powered vehicles where the only waste will be water and it has been said that the current pipe work at oil refineries can be adapted for the manufacture of hydrogen. This principle has been known for decades.

So it would be a neat trick if the energies of young people can be redirected to help preserve their own future and that of their descendants. What better motivation can there be than that.


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