Changing of the Guard or Change Agents?

This should have been posted yesterday but wrote out a draft in longhand but afterwards felt a little reluctant.

Today, Monday the 27th November 2017 is the first day ever that the Royal Navy has participated in the Changing of the Guard.

The impetus for writing this really began on Saturday night when I wanted to know what was on two memory sticks. While looking through I came across a copy of a post that I made in July 2011 to a particular forum which unexpectedly closed down without warning or explanation while I was on holiday in Germany and only found out when I decided to visit an internet cafe just a couple of days before returning back to the UK to find out how things were progressing.

It was on a different subject, amongst other posters, that things were beginning to heat up politically and was beginning to get exiting with the addition of much trolling, which I suspected was from the Civil Service, but was never able to find out the truth in the end because of the closure. However the forum did become available again at a much later date but only as an archive because a new replacement had been made, but I was never to join this new forum because of the in-courteous way that it was closed without explanation or apology. What was intended to remain as an archive was eventually deleted altogether.

My motive for much posting had been altruistic but felt that it had been violated.

My particular post in question was called Who Will Deliver Us and it centred on the general persecution of Christians around the World and it was responded to with contributions from Sovereign, another avid poster. Because the forum had closed I sought to locate this post in a cache on the web and luckily found it. It had become the one important post that I wanted to save out of 848 proper posts with content made over a 15 month period, at a rate that I will never do again, but I had been ‘In the mode’ at that time.

It so happened that this post had almost become lost again and luckily found it on the desktop of an old drive, which I had decided to recheck just before deciding to reformat it for re use, something that I have often done as a take no prisoners solution to getting rid of suspected nasties on the computer.

So of course I read through it all again Saturday night and on the Sunday morning while awaking began to reflect on certain points and One thing in particular that came to mind was that in 2012 the Royal Navy had officially recognised Satanism as a religion aboard ship, thinking that it was just one year on from my post. However I subsequently discovered that this may be incorrect because later in the day I could find nothing related to that year whatsoever on the internet.

Any way, while still in bed contemplating my thoughts it came to mind that a ship at sea is virtually its own domain and can escape the influences of the land locked World. Whether this is exactly true I do not know but this was the image in my mind. Thoughts that followed reflected how Russian sailors played a key role in the Bolshevik Revolution. So of course one thought led to another and to my great surprise, on the 09:00 news on Radio 4 it was announced that the Royal Navy would be performing the role of Changing the Guard and this news got me quickly out of bed to put pen to paper for which I did write down content and later researched the web but then became reluctant to sort it out.

The news related to a Satanist and Satanism being officially recognised aboard ship by the Royal Navy dates back to 2004. The interesting thing about this is that the person who was written about had since been promoted and later head hunted by the MOD for a post in London. So there you are, I will leave that with you.

This is what I wrote in longhand and how it was expressed. There was much more content in mind, in a convoluted way and just wanted to relax so gave it a miss because because it is also time consuming.

1). Sunday 26th November 2017

This is something which I felt compelled to write while it is fresh in my mind.

Yesterday evening while looking for some files on two particular memory sticks, I came across a copy of something which I had written to a forum in 2011. It was entitled ‘Who Will Deliver Us’ and its main theme was about the inherent on Christianity at home as well as World wide. This is the only one of 800 + which I had felt was important to rescue from the forum that year.

2). Sunday 26th November 2017

This morning in particular, as I lay in contemplation of this article (content), it came to mind that the following year (2012) of writing the article, Satanism was introduced into the Royal Navy as an official religion.

So on reflecting on this point this morning and that, the fact that a vessel at sea is in effect its own kingdom, separated from the influences of those on land. That anyway was the concept (and image) that came to mind.

Quite interestingly the 9:00 news on Radio 4 had a short item announcing that the Royal Navy will be performing the Changing of the Guard for the first time and that training had been given over a period of time.

What also came to mind too, as a natural train of thought was how Naval Seamen played an important part in the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

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