Comment on the 100th Anniversary of both the Bolshevik and the Balfour Declaration.

That October 2017 happens to be the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution is timely, because it also throws into focus the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration which also took place in 1917. In fact it would seem not to be out of place to suggest that it could have been by design that these two events almost run in parallel from beginning to end. Not only that but could the instigation of the October Revolution be an event which was to function in much the same way that we see when an event in modern times is stated to be a good time to bury bad news, media wise.

The first Russian Revolution took place more organically in February of 1917 and a second Revolution which was to become a violent revolution in October of the same year was to set the mould of what was to become the ideology/methodology of brutal Communism at home in Russia and throughout conquered parts of the World.

This was the opening paragraph that I had written this morning in an effort to express my thoughts about this particular time regarding seeming parallels of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Balfour Declaration. This thought had been seeded in my mind a week or two ago and which has now been especially kicked into relevance with the breaking news that Prity Patel had held secret meetings in Israel without the knowledge of the Foreign Office. Could this in fact be a second parallel or even homage to the events of 100 years ago?

Looking at the timeline from various sources there was much detail of the ramifications of the running conflict between the Bolsheviks and Menshevik’s plus the other permutations in between, Kerensky and coalition government but there was no mention about the journey of Lenin to Russia, who was trapped in Switzerland because of raging WW1 in surrounding Countries, in a sealed train, with the agreement of the German government and $10 million in gold provided by German Banker Max Warburg. (Given a mention in None Dare Call it Conspiracy).

An excerpt from a book The Sealed Train states:
”In London that Week, Lenin’s proposed journey was brought to the notice of Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary. On April 5, in fact, two telegrams that had reached the Foreign Office were causing anxiety. From Berne, British Ambassador Sir Horace Rumbold reported that negotiations were in progress with the German government to obtain “safe conducts through Germany to Russia of Russian socialists and anarchists resident in Switzerland.” Since they were in favor of immediate peace with Germany, they would be commissioned to “make violent propaganda among the working classes in Russia and among troops at the front.”…..
The other telegram that arrived in London that day was received at the Admiralty. Six socialists had been removed by British naval authorities from the SS Christiania Fiord, which had called in at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on her way to Russia from New York. It had been reported that one of them, Trotsky, was “the leader of a movement to start a revolution against the present Russian Government, the funds being subscribed by socialists and Germans.”

Here is an excellent expose’:
Written by Vladimir Moss

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