The release of JFK Assassination Files

The recent news to break is that Trump has released thousands JFK files, and blocked others under pressure. It is understandable why the FBI and CIA have exerted pressure on Trump to withhold for further scrutiny, redact further or even seal.

On the morning of 26th October BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview with Clint Hill who is the Secret Agent who who can be seen jumping on the back of the Limousine the moment after the shots rang out. He maintains the official narrative that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin and debunks the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Now the interesting point here is that he would have been in a prime position to be able to hear the direction of the shots which the majority of bystanders heard coming from the grassy knoll and who responded by ducking down whilst looking in the direction of the picket fence.

The interviewer asked ‘how did you know for sure that Kennedy was dead at that time’ and the response was words to the effect that ‘ Kennedy was slumped over and I could see that there was a large hole in the skull and that there was no brain matter left. Remember that the biggest hole is always from the exit wound and that the Agent was observing from behind and thoughts at that time during the interview was the possible use of dum dum bullets.

Now this is a personal experience of mine going back to 1985 while staying in a shared house on Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville Tennessee which had been used by students belonging to CARP and who had recently moved out.

Now here the bookshelf was full of political books which was something in keeping with the building’s use and one day I pulled out five books from the shelves in what would seem to be a random manner but I was soon to discover that each one was relevant in its own particular way. One of the books, which was also the largest, was an autobiography by Henry Kissinger called simply Kissinger with a black and white photograph of his face dominant on the front cover. I had no intention of reading this book from cover to cover because of its size but instead browsed through its pages. One particular passage jumped out at me which said words to the effect of ‘When a policy is being made, the best time to change it is before it goes through. Of course I understood this in the context of moulding policy to the will of such like the Trilateral Commission for example, but at the same time that sentence acted as a catalyst of thought that suggested to me that there was a thread or connection that made a link between the events of the Bay of Pigs, the assassination of J F Kennedy and Watergate.

I never ever stopped searching for more insights into both politics and religion for my inner self always told me that there was more to know than we are aware of. So I always took the opportunity to search and brows and while in Jackson Mississippi in particular focused on reading Watergate books to see what could be gleaned of relevance but found nothing in particular that would support my tri event theory.

As far as understanding where Kissinger was coming from, politically, I had already discovered a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen during the tail end of 1980 in San Francisco while browsing a bookshop there. After an initial look around, I had decided it was time to leave but it seemed as if there was a hand on my shoulder keeping me there so I understood that I was to continue looking. Eventually on a white plastic wire carousel of paperbacks I picked out a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy and as I browsed its contents realised that this was what I was supposed to find and that it was important that people should know about it. However, after buying it and having time to begin reading it through properly I began to wonder if this was just the product of the author’s fanciful imagination. I became separated from this book before completing it due to an unexpected trip to to New York for a three week seminar and expected to return but did not. I should have known better. (

That first stint in America lasted 14 months after which I unexpectedly returned to England but it was during the second trip which began 1984 thereabouts that one of the five volumes chosen was NDC but I had not recognised it at first until proceeding to read it and gradually I recognised the content and this time was convinced that what was written inside was true.

When the so called ‘Berlin Wall came down’, I could not help but be suspicious that a plan was underway for the infiltration of Europe but eventually put it aside and moved on and with regards to the content of None Dare Call it Conspiracy I put that aside as well because those whom I spoke to about it did not believe and regarded it as an inside joke.

It was during browsing on the internet in 2007 that the answer came regarding the link between the events of the Bay of Pigs, JFk assassination and Watergate and it came in the form of the death bed confession of E Howard Hunt to his son named St. John. It seemed that St John had already had suspicions of his father’s whereabouts on the day of the assassination and recognised the similarity of his father to one of those masquerading as tramps seen behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, and that he also had his hand in both the Bay of Pigs and Watergate. (

In this context it also comes to mind a question surrounding the observation of the extent of President Kennedy’s fatal wound.

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