Redirecting The Activism of The Younger Generation in Order to Protect Their Furure

That the current ”climate change” protests have now gone into overdrive at this particular time of year when Parliament is in recess, but when the rest of society has to be able to move around in order to make a living in order to be able to feed their families or to attend hospital appointments, is quite curious. It is also interesting that the rest of Europe believe that Parliament should continue in order to sort out the Brexit debacle now that there is a further extension to Article 50.

It would be reasonable to think that perhaps this ”rebellion” was already pre scheduled for this time, whereas the extension became an unexpected addition to this timeline so perhaps it’s best to stay clear. Just a thought.

So where are we going with this? Well In the last week or so we saw the introduction of ULEZ, the ultra low emissions zone in which petrol vehicles of a particular age or diesel vehicles and their Nox emissions are being charged an additional fee on top of the Congestion Charge for entering Central London. It looks like there is an obvious push towards battery powered vehicles or hybrids.

If you remember several years ago we were being told that there would not be enough electricity to keep the lights on and there were also moves at the time to have nuclear powers stations built by foreign companies who subsequently backed out of these projects.

This was followed by announcements that there would be many charging points available around the Country for electrically powered vehicles. A change also came about with how road tax was charged so that those with batteries or hybrids could benefit from extremely low road tax levies despite my observation that there were many very chunky 4×4 type vehicles in which their massive size and weight were unlikely to be able to defy the laws of physics in respect to fuel efficiency especially with the additional weight of a battery, and this came to light with the revelation of VW’s cheating software which came into action whenever it detected that an emissions test was being conducted.

It has recently been revealed that those who drove fleet vehicles with hybrid capability never ever charged their batteries so what this means is that these vehicles are having to consume more fuel than would otherwise be used in order to move that additional dead weight. Additionally these vehicles have greater load capacity able to carry bigger loads than their smaller counterparts.

My vehicle for instance is a 16 year old Toyota and every MOT records CO2 emissions of zero. How this can be I do not know but that is the MOT test result. Additionally this car spends more time in the driveway than on the road so again there would be far less emissions from my vehicle compared with those fleet vehicles which can do tens of thousands of miles on the motorway. Despite this I have to pay £230 road tax each year against something like £30 or zero for those vehicles that claim to be more fuel efficient.

In order to be fair there needs to be a way of working out road tax that represents genuine total emissions during the year according to real world use.

Britain contributes just 1% of the total World CO2 emissions and is around 52nd in the world league of so called polluters, that is the way they choose to define it, and we have reduced our CO2 levels by the greatest amount compared to other countries. We are generally always in the lead in doing things properly just as we were about adhering to EU rules while other member States get away with flouting them thus putting us at a disadvantage competitively. Even with payments to NATO the UK contributes its full 2% while Germany habitually pays just 1%.

Extinction Rebellion would be a very appropriate name for this protest group if only they would divert their protests towards an effort to stop the mass roll out of 5G. It has been reported by independent scientists that these military grade millimetre waves at potentially high power have the ability to wipe out all life on the planet, including insects but this information is being kept secret and those scientists who dare to tell the truth are being removed. Additionally it has been estimated that humans will become totally infertile within 5 generations.

Another point which connects directly to the principles of defeating Climate Change or what had originally been called Global Warming, is that of encouraging the planting of trees in order to help absorb CO2 but the introduction of 5G will necessitate cutting down existing trees which stand in the line of sight of the transmitters because they absorb the very short millimetre waves. Perhaps we will see more lines of mature trees being cut down ”by mistake” or for other convenient reasons.

So these young people, especially the school children who are being co opted into the climate change protests have the power of influence in their hands to stop this move, especially because they have been weaned into action for other political purposes. To refuse the purchase of any item manufactured for the Internet of All Things. Also to revert back to the use of hard wiring from the router to computer with Ethernet cables, especially in schools.

In fact 5G is one of the most important ingredients for guiding driverless cars and of course these cars will be battery powered. It appears that they may be reliant on the smaller transmitters which are to be installed in street light housings and if one happens to be positioned right outside of your bedroom window there is nothing you can do about it and laws have been put in place to protect those who may be responsible for harm.

The whole industry needs to be investigated and investors must take a second look into what they hope to make a profit from.

Batteries need to be charged so of course this power is generated at power stations so there is no emission free power available except that which may be contributed to the National Grid via green energy. Also the manufacture of the batteries themselves have their associated pollutants during their manufacture as well as the mining of raw materials for them and additionally batteries have a limited use life so therefore these will have enduring toxic waste attached to them as well as a mass problem of storing them, especially if they cannot be recycled.

The absolute cleanest solution is said to be hydrogen powered vehicles where the only waste will be water and it has been said that the current pipe work at oil refineries can be adapted for the manufacture of hydrogen. This principle has been known for decades.

So it would be a neat trick if the energies of young people can be redirected to help preserve their own future and that of their descendants. What better motivation can there be than that.


The Use of an old Parliamentary Precedent to finally block Brexit

Since yesterday afternoon,Monday 18th March, an additional situation has emerged to block any possibility of leaving the political machinations of the EU on March 29th, and it was once again put forward by John Bercow, this time enforcing Parliamentary precedent going back to 1604 stating that the same content cannot be voted on more than once in the same session, but Teresa May’s deal has already been voted on twice and it is for the third attempt that is being blocked for the reasons to be explained.

The problem of being able to leave by the 29th has the convolution of twists and turns on all sides together with the abrupt change of motivations also revealed by Jacob Rees- Mogg yesterday morning on LBC Radio.

The simplest and most clear cut way of exiting from the European Union was always by leaving on WTO article 24 rules but this route had gone through various stages of being blocked by parliament, and finally given the added caveat of ” Under all circumstances”. This left the only option of accepting Teresa May’s totally unsavoury entrapment deal or to face an extension which would also cost us very dearly, and so the one hope was that a single ally within the 27 member states might block the proposed extension, to use the EU’s own rules to block the possibility of an extension so that we leave on time under the law set out by article 50. However it has been stated that this would unlikely be a possibility because member states have their own needs for negotiations and so would not wish to sour the relationship with other EU member States towards themselves.

So yesterday it was revealed that the ERG toyed with the possibility of accepting May’s unsavoury deal in order to secure the legal status of having left the EU, otherwise it was feared that any delay or revocation of Article 50 could possibly result in not leaving EU at all, especially if it was eventually be deemed to be a better choice to remain in order to keep what we already have as the opportunity to depart would never be given again.

It is strongly suspected that John Bercow himself is a remainer but in his position of House Speaker he is required to take a position of impartiality. However we have witnessed that he is willing to take a position which breaks with tradition and alter previous precedents, as it suits, and will explain this away as being one of introducing progress, but could be regarded by observers as pandering to his personal designs. So now it seems that the precedent of 1604 suits the purpose of blocking an actual legal leave outcome, no matter how distasteful the intention may be, but it appears to be just upholding a lawful precedent.

So presently, the current convolutional change on both leave and remain, is firstly that the Leave MP’s who had previously rejected May’s deal twice have changed there mind and decided to go with it in order to secure a legal Brexit leave outcome. Remain MP’s who had also previously voted against May’s deal did also because it is recognised as a bad deal but additionally their motive was to seek a so called people’s vote on something that had never been delivered, in the hope that it would at best stop Brexit or result in a call for a General Election in which case if Labour won they would overturn the result of the Referendum.

So it now looks like it was John Bercow who single handedly held the power to stall the intentions of the leave diehards who now wished to accept the deal in order to establish the status of having legally departed from the EU no matter how distasteful and hazardous the potential outcome may be.

The tactic of using the banning of previously rejected votes which was introduced back in 1604 was conveyed by others previously and as John Bercow likes to demonstrate and show boat his astuteness of mind during Parliamentary sessions, then it can quite confidently be accepted that he fully understood the result of upholding this long-standing principle.

It had previously been a complete stalemate with nowhere else to go through the rejection of May’s so called deal together with the blocking of leaving under WTO Article 24 rules by the amendment in Parliament to ban leaving on what Remainers chose to coin ”No Deal” under all circumstances.

John Redwood has always pointed out that by leaving on a free trade agreement under WTO rules would enable the UK to continue trading without the imposition of trade tariffs on each other for two years and even ten if needed in order to continue trading normally while future trading arrangements are being negotiated.

Global Warming Fraud Evidence

Today it had been reported that just the same as the UK had supported a children’s so called strike from school in protest of ”Climate Change” the same has been taking place this week in other counties around the World. So this stimulated the the question of who may be funding this activity in young children and in the process of looking came across the climatechangefacts/info website which is very informative and on remembering the climate Gate of November 2009 about the hacking of IPCC emails which revealed the the manipulation of data to support the theory of Global Warming, I clicked of the link expecting to see the same information but instead was presented with what is shown in the screen shot. Subsequent attempts presented an almost blank page with a statement about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU.

This fits in nicely with the video about Climate Fraud with its introduction about what a Gate Keeper is, which is basically to maintain uniformity of a lie through differing connected sources. However it is the independent data from temperature readings from satellites which tell the truth.

Besides the fraud that was revealed in 2009, there is also ClimateGate 2which occurred in 2015, so the barefaced deception continues despite being caught out the first time around.

Same page but GDPR presentation:

Climate Fraud – NOAA’s Global Temperature Dataset


[Quote] Falsification of Data. With the advent of ClimateGate (hacked emails among key IPCC modelers and data gurus), this is a new point of contention. What many suspected for a long time when they couldn’t replicate IPCC results, and could not access the IPCC-used data, seems to be true, at least to them. The fallout could be immense.[unquote]

Climategate II, NOAA Whistleblower, Exclusive Background

ISIL in Afghanistan. Raising the next Generation of Jihad fighters

ISIL in Afghanistan. Raising the next Generation of Jihad fighters

ISIL and the Taliban | Featured Documentary
Al Jazeera English

Published on Nov 1, 2015 @23: 46 ” They were really abusing the local people, including killing children and the elderly” ”ISIL is recruiting children and trains them and is using them for suicide missions” @ 30:43 The Taliban are aware that ISIL fighters are foreigners, identified as being from Pakistan, some with military identity. JULY 30, 2008 / 12:07 PM / 11 YEARS AGO

[Quote] Afghanistan believes foreign funding for the Taliban is channelled through Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency, Azimi said.

Money for the insurgency comes through donors in Gulf countries and a tax on Afghanistan’s booming drug trade, security analysts say.

Afghan security forces have launched a series of operations along the main highway that loops around the south of Afghanistan, killing around 100 militants in the last two weeks, Azimi said.

Meanwhile, Afghan and international troops have killed 20 senior militant leaders, including one from al Qaeda, in the last month and captured another seven, he said.

Western troops in Afghanistan have concentrated on targeting the Taliban leadership in an effort to degrade the insurgent fighting ability.[unquote]

Ok, here is the logic: It is said that when the Taliban was in control drug production was at it’s lowest level and that when the American’s returned it increased. So who is taxing the drugs which provides the funds to attack the Taliban, who identify ISIS foreign fighters as being from Pakistan? First it was Taliban, then al Qaeda and finally ISIS.

Question: Could the funding if ISIS fighters sourced from Pakistan be a covert way of eradicating Tribalism in in Afghanistan, a situation that has proven to be a problem for invaders for centuries.

Trump cuts off aid to Pakistan.

If there is one consensus among Afghan leaders and their American counterparts, it is that dealing with Pakistan is both vital and difficult.

American and Afghan officials accuse Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence service of maintaining influence with the Taliban and the group’s most ascendant faction, the Haqqani network, which is behind many of the large-scale attacks on Afghan cities. Through those links, Pakistan has the ability to control at least some of the tempo of the fighting in Afghanistan — and it has done little to constrain it over the past two years, the officials say.

At the same time, Pakistan enjoys leverage over the American military response to that militant violence: The United States mission has always relied on Pakistani air and ground routes for supplies to the troops in Afghanistan.

( Interesting that Taliban fighters recognise ISIS as being foreign fighters from Pakistan, according to the video ISIL and the Taliban. Also the fact, that if it is true, Bin Laden was safely hidden in a compound quite close to a military establishment within Pakistan. The Pakistani fighter’s motive for fighting for ISIS is money so who has been paying them?)

Creeping Fundamental Extremism

We have an example of war crimes tribunal after WW2. The evidence now remains in Syria and surrounding countries together with surviving witnesses. The obvious thing to do is for the international community to fund the infrastructure to bring justice to the ”Citizens of the Caliphate” and to let the Kurds manage them from international funding. If ISIS had succeed they would still be out there imposing death and destruction towards the rest of the World.

The problem of returning Jihadists who themselves had been radicalised:

Belgium: Joining the Jihad | European Journal


This video is set in Aceh, one of the areas destroyed by the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 where the world took pity on the survivors of this huge devastation and who had donated funds towards the reconstruction of the whole affected area. It has been said that the local fisherman who inhabited the beach line were never to return but instead money was lavished on luxury hotels in the vicinity. A Muslim civil war had also raged but was brought to an end by this tragic occurrence and as part of negotiations the rebels were given Aceh to practice their Sharia Law as they felt fit. The fact that the Mosque was the only standing building to survive was taken as a sign from their God but in reality it would remain standing because it was a very substantial building, unlike those in the surrounding area, and also it can be seen that the windows gave out under the pressure of water which then was able to flow freely inside the building through what now appear to be a building built on stilts. Instead of feeling sorry for those who lost their lives or their worldly good it has been interpreted as a judgment on the people which then serves as a justification for the imposing of Sharia Law.

Towards the end of the video it can be seen that there is a developing sympathy the the type of cruel extremism which has been well documented in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

An example of creeping extremism in Indonesia published one year ago:

This Is What Life Is Like Under Sharia Law | VICE on HBO

Should The Queen Dissolve Parliament?

As the present impasse over Brexit persists and there is now a prospect of Article 50 being extended then there will be enough time for the Queen to dissolve this Parliament to pave the way for a General Election. That would sort out Teresa May’s continued intransigence because she made a deal with her Cabinet to remain as PM on the promise that she would not fight the next General Election. This would also be a good opportunity to install a new Speaker in the House of Commons.

‘My way or the highway’ May has had ample time to honour the true spirit of the UK’s mandate to separate its political entanglement with the Supranational organisation that is the EU, and any self respecting Prime Minister would also come clean and truthful to separate from Military integration where France would take control of our Nuclear deterrent and by proxy hand it over to Germany. It does not make any sense to hand this over lock stock and barrel when the UK will be held over a barrel when it comes to negotiations as declared by French President Macron over fishing rights and other issues like Spain’s desire to grab hold of Gibraltar when it finally comes to actual trade negotiations.

Prospective candidates to stand for election could be those who have shown to honour the will of the people, as displayed over December 2018 and the New Year 2019.

Trade should be a natural and organic process as required by need and not be tied down by political constraints which is what we now have under the control of the EU.

The Long Term Plan to Establish Military Union Within The EU

Evidence of the long term plan to establish what is commonly called the EU Army but which should more correctly be called Military Union.

The speaker in the video mentions the ”EU Army” which should be given its correct name which is EU Military Union. This is not new and has already taken place under wraps in secret and the testimony to this is the fact that people are only mentioning it openly now and think that it is a new idea. It preceded Brexit and is in no way linked to negotiations as it is already a done deal.

This document was issued in November 2008 which means that Northwood had already been assigned the task of being an EU Operational Headquarters under New Labour and it would be interesting to know how much of it was overseen by Tony Blair before Gordon Brown stepped into his shoes as an unellected Prime Minister.

Document dated November 2008

[Quote] This operation, which is the first EU maritime operation, will be conducted in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). ……….

Structures and plans

Rear admiral Phillip Jones is appointed EU Operation Commander and the EU Operational Headquarters is located at Northwood, United Kingdom

Under the responsibility of the Council, the Political and Security Committee will exercise the political control and strategic direction of the EU military operation.

The operation is planned for a period of 12 months.

The estimated financial reference amount for the common costs of the operation is EUR 8,3 millions. [unquote] (operation Atlanta from 2008 and extended from 28th November 2016 to December 2018. (PDF can be downloaded)

Even though the Franco-British Council was established before we became accepted as a member of the EEC, a condition of joining was to agree to give over our National fishing grounds in such an unequal and unfair way. This is the continuing spirit of the EU towards the British.

[Quote]The Franco-British Council is an independent organisation based in Paris and London. Our mission is to reflect the wide relationships between the two nations and promote constructive dialogue for enhanced future collaboration.

The Council was founded in 1972 on the joint initiative of President Georges Pompidou and Prime Minister Edward Heath, in a context of a developing Europe and of an increasingly globalised community. Since then, it has dedicated itself to the promotion of a better mutual understanding and the development of joint action through bringing together leading representatives of the worlds of culture, politics, defense, science, education and business. [unquote]

[ Quote] A European Operational Headquarters

The EU’s operational footprint is only likely to increase as Europe is called upon to respond to more crises in its neighbourhood. Yet, the EU still lacks crucial capacity to do contingency planning, as well as the appropriate command-and-control framework to plan and run operations, relying instead on ad hoc or NATO structures.

With 16 ongoing missions and operations, time has come to establish Operational Headquarters (OHQ) in Brussels to ensure effective planning, command and control of operations, in particular when a joint civil/military response is required. Based on the current EU Operations Centre, OHQ should be established with the full capacity of planning and running operations. It would cooperate extensively and develop synergies with current situation and command-and-control centres such as Northwood, which has been used for Operation Atalanta.[unquote] (15th June 2015 )


Here are screenshots of Naval vessels available for service to support Operation Atalanta per Country. The overall strength of the Royal Navy is roughly on par with that of France, Germany and Italy but as a sea faring Island it is evident that it has been run  down, some say deliberately to ease the process of integrating with the French. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious a situation, and it is treasonous of our political leaders to allow such a situation to occur, that a traditional maritime Nation has to rely on foreign powers to ensure our own defence, which in itself is questionable.   

Please Click on the link for a more clear picture.



Taj Hargey Striving to Bring The Muslim Faith into the 21st Century

There was a very good episode of Hard Talk on BBC radio 4 early this morning, Friday 17th August, and it was focused on Dr. Taj Hargey. He is a Muslim who wants to bring the faith into the 21st Century and shed the old man made ideologies which have been added to the pure faith over the centuries. He refuses to call himself an Imam because of the negative connotations connected to it and would rather be called a scholar of Islam. There is no place for Sharia, Wahhabiism etc and regards the Burka as tribal rags. In my opinion he is really spot on with many things that he has to say. The interviewer was really challenging him on the things that he said which was really followed by a heart felt worked up response and it was almost difficult to discern if the interviewer was just playing devils advocate or whether he was really defending the status quo which was really disheartening.

The video of Taj Hargey on Hard Talk was a gem to find because there are no other videos of him that are available and it was only with persistence that this one was found of the actual interview mentioned above.

This topic would normally be posted in the Religious Blog but it has become an issue of political contention.

BBC HARDtalk 16/08/2018 Taj Hargey

BBC HARDtalk 16/08/2018 Taj Hargey

The Creeping Change of Cultural Norms

It is quite curious how there is a furor about Boris Johnson’s ‘letterbox’ comment.

I must say that the fist time that I saw the full covering walking down the street, on the opposite side of the road and in the opposite direction I felt offended and could only assume that it was an old woman.

The second time that I saw such a sight a pram was being pushed and wondered if it could be a grand child.

On the third and last time, so far, the black mass was coming towards me and as it approached closer I could see a pair of black glasses peering out and on getting even closer it looked like a young person and had to laugh because she was walking ahead and at the same time looking at the screen of her mobile phone.

A representative for Muslims called for some punitive punishment for Boris Johnson for being brave enough voice his own feelings on the matter which happens to be contrary to present time political correctness, and this should serve as a timely warning of what may happen to the indigenous population should it one day find itself to be a minority in their own country where they may be forced to wear such garb against their cultural norms and human rights.

When people visit Muslim Countries they have to abide by their cultural rules with dire consequences if they fail to do so or even unknowingly make a mistake. Likewise if people from Moslem countries chose to come to the UK and settle in order to benefit from our perceived freedoms then they should be prepared to integrate and adopt out cultural norms and not try to change them.

Pillaging the Wealth of Nations

A timely warning for Britain in respect to Fracking. We have already seen the looting of National assets through privatisation.

In Britain communities were told that they may be paid if they allow Fracking. Then they were told that there wont be much money in it. Then laws were changed to allow fracking companies to be able to frack under private properties without the need to ask permission of the owners. Then protests were made illegal and demonstrators branded as Domestic Terrorists.

Albania was accepted as being one of the poorest countries in the former Soviet Block during the Cold War yet there were rich pickings when the ‘Total Greed Capitalists’ moved in, all at the expense of the already impoverished population which at least was self sufficient.

Will a Jihadi White Helmet be moving into a town near you?

***External Links:

Listen to every word spoken in this video.

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UK to allow fracking drilling under people’s land without their consent

Anti-fracking campaigners labelled ‘extremists’ in efforts to stop would-be terrorists


Anti-frackers branded ‘domestic extremists’ like jihadists & Neo-Nazis in Prevent program