Contents: At a Glance

Taj Hargey Striving to Bring The Muslim Faith into the 21st Century

The Creeping Change of Cultural Norms

Exposing the real fountainhead of Fake News

Terrorist Allert !!

Is the Social Media the Opium of the Masses?

VAR and The Detection of Unfair Play

The Coexistence of Cultural Marxism and Communitarianism

Coping With An Ashkenazi World Part 2

Coping in an Ashkenazi World Part 1

Refusal to Give Facebook Permissions that I do not Agree with, has blocked me from my account. Time to Find Alternative

Atheistic Zionism

Walking Quietly With A Big Stick

Running Around The Runaround

Dredging Up The Memory of Karl Marx

The Disparaging of the Visionary Insight of Enoch Powell

Andrew Ashdown Tells of his experiences On The Ground in Syria

Perpetual War on Syria Continued by Israel

The Efficacy of the OPCW Needs To Be investigated as cause for Russian Veto of UN Resolutions to Check Gas Attacks In Syria

Evidence of False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria

A Watershed of component Parts

Brexit Without The Exit. Jelly For Brains

All Sides Being Played By All

Craig Murray: “Of a Type Developed by Liars”

Ignoring Internationally agreed Due Process

The Curiosity of the Re Emergence of Smolensk at a Non Anniversary Time

A Proposal for a Solution to the Irish Border problem re Brexit Negotiations

Do What We Say, Not What We Do

Locking Horns Over Brexit

Events of Three Years Ago are Still Influencing Present Political Decisions

The EU Deception and Deceit

Diversification or War EU Threat to the Member States

Money and the Conspiracy of Evil

Trying to Trip up Trump

The Evolving Pattern of Man Made Conflict

Vanessa Beeley exposing the narrative of MSM

Opinion:  Macron wants his cake and eat it over defense

A comment on Video: JFK Truth

Thoughts on Trump’s Tweet

Changing of the Guard or Change Agents?

Extrication from a Supranational Vice

Behind the Balfour Declaration, Britain’s Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild.

Comment on the 100th Anniversary of both the Bolshevik and the Balfour Declaration.

The release of JFK Assassination Files

The Brexit Song

Mutating Flu Virus

Words to a potential Brexit song

So Here’s The Deal

Ukrainian MP seeks probe of Ukraine-Clinton ties

An Opening Word