From Afghanistan to The Ukraine

Friday 25th February 2022
Question this morning– If the invasion of Ukraine escalated into a World War who would Russia’s Allies be?

Very soon afterwards news came that the Afghan Taliban urged negotiations. This somehow put things into context because we all know the moral standards of the Taliban and how it has behaved.

Today as it turned out, around mid day, it was announced that American military had begun moving into the Baltic States six months ago which puts it exactly at the time of the evacuation from Afghanistan.

The context being considered is that the evacuation of Afghanistan was rushed and not complete, though the French made sure that they got everyone out in good time. Our own Defence Minister was happy to remain on holiday during the crisis period while many interpreters and others who had helped the occupiers, people who would have inside knowledge within the administration at many levels stood to be eliminated if left behind. The main context was that America had left behind all of the equipment required to supply an army to the Taliban. Normal military practice requires the destruction of any machinery to prevent it falling into enemy hands. This is what struck me at the time, the intention to leave behind the means for further chaos in the region, seemingly as a proxy.

Also as the retreat from Afghanistan was in process I was all too aware of the notion that when America leaves a theatre of war it is making preparations for another elsewhere. Much was made of the fact that the plan to leave Afghanistan was initiated by Donald Trump before the 2020 presidential election but Biden did not have to carry it out. However the choice of advisors that Trump engaged was a surprise since they were from the old school cold war era. Also of consideration was the fact that I had personally felt that if Hillary Clinton or even Jeb Bush had won the 2016 Presidential election instead of Donald Trump then new wars would have already been underway soon afterwards Along with this consideration are the reports of suspicious activity regarding election fraud to install a person who had previously constantly failed to win presidential office while in his prime.

During this withdrawal period my line of research was centred on the fact that 20 years earlier the Americans made it clear to the British that there would be no rebuilding contracts offered to them, even though Britain was a partner participant in the war against the Taliban, and that everything would be awarded to American companies. My research bore this out and when I made an attempt to find evidence of British participation and all that I could find was from the present time where a small article about a member of the Taliban was demanding aid from Britain.

What struck me about this fact it that the so called special relationship with America was no different from that of the EU of being sucked dry for no benefit. Additionally this was the case even as a military partner, and the same should be said about the British involvement with the EU Army, something that had been constantly concealed from the British public and not discussed in parliament. This arrangement despite Macron making trade difficult as well as life in general together with a vow to punish us. Agreements of cooperation had been made with the French by both Tony Blair and David Cameron. With Sarkosy it was a personal pledge to destroy the British.

While doing research sat at the computer back in August 2021 I experienced what I can only describe as a dark blanket draped suspended in the top upper right hand corner of the front of what I perceived to be my mind via my mind’s eye. This is the only way that it can be described.
This blanket represented conflict but did not specify the nature of what it was about, mainly because it could take any convoluted form, all dependant upon the way that the ‘’political manipulators’’ wished to take it. I was very conscious of this point. Therefore it was left open for myself to perceive.

What came to mind was an example of Russia and China working together to attack the West as a result of the influences of the political manipulators. This was not taken as a premonition but merely as an example of what could take place because the continuing theme moved on so that should Russia and China prevail then the next stage could be China and Russia in conflict with each other. In effect all participants become victims of the political manipulators. We do not know what is taking place in reality. Could it be that the side that is portrayed as the aggressor is in fact only preparing to defend itself due to a perceived threat due to the actions of these political manipulators.

So if it be that Russia and China fight each other to become supreme, in reality neither will be because the victor is simply a tool for those who believe that it is their God given right to rule over all others as prophesied.

It does seem very ridiculous that Britain is playing the tough guy when its leaders over the years since the ousting of Margaret Thatcher have been constantly reducing Britain’s military capability to such an extent that it now believes that the next big military capability will be cyber wars. Both Russia and China have developed hypersonic missiles that pack an incredible punch. They have also concentrated on increasing their capability of conventional warfare for donkeys years maximising value for money capability.

Most of he above content was written written in longhand on the 14th of February before watching these videos yesterday evening so was in no way influenced by them.