The Modern Invasion from Gallic Shores

It has been known for a long time that the French Navy are actively escorting illegal immigrants across the English Channel half way, and in some cases independent witnesses have watched them, from the cliff tops, do so all the way to our shores.

There are various issues here:

The French government is being paid by the UK to help prevent the flow of illegal migrants. This proves that they cannot be trusted to keep to an agreement, which in turn means they are committing fraud and at the same time are actively in collusion with assisting criminal gangs.

On top of this the French government is assisting an invasion of a sovereign territory which by definition is an act of war.

So what a complete nonsense it is that previous governments, notably New Labour under Tony Blair as well as the 2010 Coalition under David Cameron, but others too, to a lesser extent, had actively stripped out our Defence capability and even at this time the destruction continues through the prosecution of Veterans who had been obediently carrying out the duties they were tasked with during previous conflicts. The conspiracy of silence to conceal the march towards Military Union pervaded all governments and persists to this day.

Another thing that is not being talked about is that all of this is taking place at a time when the whole World are battling against Covid 19 which means that all of the rules of social distancing and other precautions to help stem the spread of the virus are being blatantly disregarded at a time when it is again on the rise in France. This compounds the notion of an act of war.

It is ironic that we are struggling to put together enough vessels to effectively patrol our shores, a situation which is a remnant from a time during the recent past when an agreement was made with the French to act as Coast Guard for the UK as we had decimated our own capability in preparation for Military Union with the EU.

This current situation warrants a complete withdrawal from Military Union and the re establishment of an independently viable defence force. The proof is staring us in the face in that we can only rely on ourselves for National security at time when the chips are down.

During the early years of WW2 when all of Europe had been overrun by the might of Nazism, Britain was to become the last refuge in which a recovery could eventually be made for the staging for the final fightback. It was the strength of the Royal Navy at the time which deterred a sea invasion which meant the reliance on the Luftwaffe to destroy the Royal Air Force to pave the way for an invasion by air. Hitler then turned towards an invasion of Russia, but they too had originally been in collusion with Hitler via the Soviet Nazi Pact to divide the spoils of war between them. Hitler and Stalin were equally devious and deserved each other.
The EU has since been successful in pulling our our teeth. You be the judge of why this could be so.