Taj Hargey Striving to Bring The Muslim Faith into the 21st Century

There was a very good episode of Hard Talk on BBC radio 4 early this morning, Friday 17th August, and it was focused on Dr. Taj Hargey. He is a Muslim who wants to bring the faith into the 21st Century and shed the old man made ideologies which have been added to the pure faith over the centuries. He refuses to call himself an Imam because of the negative connotations connected to it and would rather be called a scholar of Islam. There is no place for Sharia, Wahhabiism etc and regards the Burka as tribal rags. In my opinion he is really spot on with many things that he has to say. The interviewer was really challenging him on the things that he said which was really followed by a heart felt worked up response and it was almost difficult to discern if the interviewer was just playing devils advocate or whether he was really defending the status quo which was really disheartening.

The video of Taj Hargey on Hard Talk was a gem to find because there are no other videos of him that are available and it was only with persistence that this one was found of the actual interview mentioned above.

This topic would normally be posted in the Religious Blog but it has become an issue of political contention.

BBC HARDtalk 16/08/2018 Taj Hargey

BBC HARDtalk 16/08/2018 Taj Hargey

The Creeping Change of Cultural Norms

It is quite curious how there is a furor about Boris Johnson’s ‘letterbox’ comment.

I must say that the fist time that I saw the full covering walking down the street, on the opposite side of the road and in the opposite direction I felt offended and could only assume that it was an old woman.

The second time that I saw such a sight a pram was being pushed and wondered if it could be a grand child.

On the third and last time, so far, the black mass was coming towards me and as it approached closer I could see a pair of black glasses peering out and on getting even closer it looked like a young person and had to laugh because she was walking ahead and at the same time looking at the screen of her mobile phone.

A representative for Muslims called for some punitive punishment for Boris Johnson for being brave enough voice his own feelings on the matter which happens to be contrary to present time political correctness, and this should serve as a timely warning of what may happen to the indigenous population should it one day find itself to be a minority in their own country where they may be forced to wear such garb against their cultural norms and human rights.

When people visit Muslim Countries they have to abide by their cultural rules with dire consequences if they fail to do so or even unknowingly make a mistake. Likewise if people from Moslem countries chose to come to the UK and settle in order to benefit from our perceived freedoms then they should be prepared to integrate and adopt out cultural norms and not try to change them.

Pillaging the Wealth of Nations

A timely warning for Britain in respect to Fracking. We have already seen the looting of National assets through privatisation.

In Britain communities were told that they may be paid if they allow Fracking. Then they were told that there wont be much money in it. Then laws were changed to allow fracking companies to be able to frack under private properties without the need to ask permission of the owners. Then protests were made illegal and demonstrators branded as Domestic Terrorists.

Albania was accepted as being one of the poorest countries in the former Soviet Block during the Cold War yet there were rich pickings when the ‘Total Greed Capitalists’ moved in, all at the expense of the already impoverished population which at least was self sufficient.

Will a Jihadi White Helmet be moving into a town near you?

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