Exposing the real fountainhead of Fake News

With such emphasis from the MSM on Sunday morning of highlighting so called Fake News and emphasising that it is from the alternative media of the ‘Truthers’, as they like to be known, then I cast my mind back to the time when David Cameron was actively pushing for the speedy enrolment of Turkey into the EU when British Diplomats had already expressed that Turkey was not ready or suitable to join, followed by Cameron’s denial.

FAKE NEWS CAMERON PUSHING TURKEY TO JOIN EU: David Cameron suggests defence minister is lying over Turkey joining EU (Sun 22 May 2016 12.53 BST)

Here we have David Cameron suggesting that lies about Turkey Joining the EU but he himself was responsible for trying to fast track Turkey when Diplomats expressed there was no hope of them joining at the present time.

David Cameron wants TURKEY IN the EU ( In his own Words)

It is the awareness of David Cameron’s influence that inspired this search in the wake of MSM proclaiming that it is Social Media and Alternative media promoting ”Fake News”.

David Cameron EU Question Time: PM attacks ‘untrue’ Leave claims (19 June 2016)

Here is another example on BBC News: Here is another piece of deception because it was well known that David Cameron had signed Britain into a 50 year military pact with France just months after taking office as part of the Coalition Government in 2010 with the signing of the British Franco Council in which we would be locked in to the EU Military. Not only that, but while the obfuscation of the reality was being maintained, EU command centres were created and ready to be commissioned in the UK.
Britain was never going to ”block it” because it was already part of it. On this matter we have seen the constant reduction of our military forces from Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now David Cameron, through the Coalition, which was brokered by Peter Mandelson. So we can see an obvious continuity of policy and of course the Lib Dems are pro EU at all costs.

Reality Check: Will the UK end up joining an EU army? (25 May 2016)

In the present climate, who in their right mind would trust the EU to watch Britain’s back during a military conflict, especially that even despite Britain’s contribution to EU GPS system, Galileo, both monetarily and intellectually we have been threatened with being locked out. I believe that this is something that Blair, Brown and Cameron would privately approve of given the break up of Nimrod, Navy support vessels and the destruction of the traditional Naval Base in Plymouth.
If the cost of Galileo is divided equally between the 18 members of the EU then each would contribute 3.57% yet Britain has been contributing 12%. As usual Britain continues to punch above it’s weight I almost all areas.

Space, the new Brexit frontier: EU is threatening to kick Britain out of their multi-billion pound Galileo satellite project

Only the UK Column presents the true facts on EU military union:

EU Military Unification

Finally, today’s broadcast of the UK Column News Monday 30th July 2018

Terrorist Allert !!

Terrorist Alert!!

The latest news this morning is that the White Helmets have been ”rescued” as part of a ”humanitarian” initiative and will be given ”asylum” in Britain, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.

The following article covers the official narrative as presented by the BBC this morning
Members of White Helmets evacuated from Syria

This is the reality:
UK Organized & Funded White Helmets Evacuating to Canada via Israeli Logistics

White Helmets to be given asylum in Britain, Germany, and Canada but the Netherlands has been mentioned as well.

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS
The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

(2017) This Aleppo Video Proves White Helmets Work for ISIS (NEVER BEFORE SEEN) (Go straight to 7:08 mins for footage which shows proof)
(2017) This Aleppo Video Proves White Helmets Work for ISIS (NEVER BEFORE SEEN)

The Netherlands has also been mentioned as a Country offering ”asylum”:
Dutch former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria.

Dutch former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria.

In light of this development I feel concerned because of what we observe about our own police forces at home.
Most people must be aware that sections of the police have become militarised on the back of what are suspected to be false flag terrorist attacks in the UK. False flag means that these events did not occur solely through the efforts, facilitation and planning of the accused but by possible covert help by agents provocateurs.

Also it will be observed that local police stations have been closed and officers amalgamated to one specially built premises. Also noticeable is the rampant rise in crime, both robberies and murders so in effect so in effect it would seem that the population is being left out on a limb to deal with whatever may come themselves while it could be speculated that the armed branch of the police are there primarily to protect those who are allowing this disintegration of law and order.

So while everyone’s attention was being directed to protest against Trump’s visit to the UK, under the surface there have been moves bring into the country a very substantial threat.

Is the Social Media the Opium of the Masses?

One friend who left the comment earlier in one of our blogs described the social media as the opium of the masses hinting to what is quoted from Marx or Engels. I found the description somehow correct. However I have some humble ideas to add.

Supposedly, the original quote says that the religion is the opium of the masses. Therefore one strong objective of a Marxist activist is to vehemently fight with the religious beliefs of the masses as one of the main endeavours of his activism.

Marxist position has an additional reason or perhaps the reason behind its proposition regarding the religion. They believe that they are scientific thinkers and their ideas are based on science and in science there is no place for the religion. One can find cause of any phenomenon in nature without need to attribute it to an unseen omnipotent nonphysical entity. For that, they also called themselves scientific socialists.

The historical dialectic of Marxism interpretes religion as a hindrance to the uprising of the masses. They believe that the poverty in religions is described as the result of the destiny of the individual, disobedience to god, a way of testing the faith of the believer. Also, according to the understanding of them of the religions, wealth is something that god has given to the owner of wealth (i.e., capital).

We have to leave these things now. However, it still remains some juice in this catch phrase. Surprisingly, I can generalise the same preposition to other things. For instance (and this is already has been said by some), the Marxism is the opium of masses. Religion and Marxism, and as my friend says, the very brand new Social Media, at the end of the day would fall in the hands of power and the authority and will be used against the ordinary people in a way to opiate them.

Mao believed that he had found a way to prevent such a phenomenon to happen by constant revolution and he created some excitement in the population of his followers, as one might interprete, to opiate them in the religious belief in his red book.

Robert Michels’s Iron Law of Oligarchy and Vilfredo Pareto – Gaetano Mosca’s Theory of Ruling Elites hinting to other rules governing aggregate of humans. According to Pareto and Mosca any conceiveable way of government  will end up to the rule of lions by force, that is, the direct and ruthless governance or the rule of foxes by stealth and cunning and manipulative democracies both resulting frustration and inability of man to create a just and fair system

I differentiate just versus fair as I say. Just means that you stay on your agreement. For example, if you agree to pay ten pounds for a hand woven ‘broderie anglaise’ to a young weaver on the assumption to sell it in your shop for £12 then paying him the promised fee has fulfilled the criteria of you bing just towards him. When you pay justice has been done, full stop. Now assume someone comes to you and falls for the item and pays £20. It is “fair” that you give that extra £8 to the creator. All right, you had a role here, then give extra £6 by all fairness to the creator.

It is difficult. Isn’t it? Religion asks you to be fair and get reward in some other unseen world. Non-religious ideas, such as Marxism, say that you will be rewarded by a medal or by remembrance from the future generations. In both cases you will be deprived of 400% increase in benefit.

As usual I fell far from my goal title of the post. Social Media created from the beginning of the 21st century, became the most used mass media in the history of man and could break all the boundaries that already existed among humans. When we come from our daily toils back home and while we are having dinner with our families then at the same time we can talk and gossip about everything with any intention as if we are gathered in the village pub or coffee shop. We do not read evening newspaper (if they still publish) or watch TV. Everything is available on the Internet. Above all things on the we like the social media.

We like the chatting and banter and warmth of the environment that we have created for ourselves. We become addicted to it. We are addicted but not opiated. If you exercise every day you become addicted but by no means you are opiated.

When Marxism investigates history, it does not say that early Christians, before Emperor Constantine, were opiated; in contrast, it believes they have been revolutionary and in favour of the movement of history to higher tiers of civilisation.

What happened then? And happens to any future strives of man to establish a just, lawful, and fair and balanced society.  The authority and power come and find their way into it and at the top of it. Then they will use it against you and to opiate you.

(to be continued)

VAR and The Detection of Unfair Play

VAR has the opportunity to come into its own in exposing the deliberate intent to damage opposition players in order to put them at a disadvantage for the rest of the game by incapacitating them. We saw this very much in evident with some of the South American teams during the play off’s of this year’s FIFA World Cup while others were clean but now that France is through to the final then I would like to draw attention to a game between France and Portugal in the 2016 Euro final.

So as France is now through to the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, I would like to draw attention to the focused attack on Ronaldo evident during the 2016 Euro final, and it can be seen early in the following video when number 8 clashes into Ronaldo.

During the live performance on TV one of the cameras caught a close up of the reverse viewpoint which clearly showed the knee being rammed into Ronaldo’s left leg with the aggressor prancing off quite naturally as if nothing had happened. After the match I took particular interest to find this particular viewpoint on YouTube but without success.

Now that such important games have the facility of VAR then it is quite reasonable to be looking out out for such incidents and to make it known to players on both sides that if this unfair tactic is detected then the penalty will be an instant red card in order to help nullify this

Cristiano Ronaldo vs France HD 1080i (EURO 2016 FINAL)
Cristiano Ronaldo vs France HD 1080i (EURO 2016 FINAL)

The title of this videois quite interesting because I had decided to follow England, Russia and Portugal but had jokingly mentioned that I will be supporting England, Russia and Ronaldo.

The Coexistence of Cultural Marxism and Communitarianism

This collection of information came about on seeing William Hains’ post on Cultural Marxism, and I desired to point out that Communitarianism is also working in parallel but there was no relationship between them to be found on the internet.

When the Soviet Union came to an end with the so called coming down of the Berlin Wall, officials who should have been punished for crimes against humanity were allowed to integrate into society just like many Nazis were allowed to after their defeat in WW2.

It is no surprise then to be able to observe the so called Free World taking on the subversion and invasion, under the guise of promoting "democracy," that was once the preserve of the USSR and their proxies. This went into overdrive after 911 and the so called War on Terror.

Aspects of both ideologies can be observed to be in action in society and they progress seamlessly no matter which political party is in power.

In a nutshell , the following video explains concisely the nature of Cultural Marxism and is followed by an even shorter video of Comments by Putin on the very values that Cultural Marxism seeks to destroy. The final video goes much deeper and you will recognise certain attitudes replicated in the EU, particularly regionalisation.

What is Cultural Marxism?
What is Cultural Marxism?

Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Practice Has Shown That Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters!
Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Practice Has Shown That Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters!

Putin Criticizes ABC Journo on Trump – Russia Connection
Putin Criticizes ABC Journo on Trump – Russia Connection

Putin Replies to Questions Related to ”The new Cold War”
Putin Crushes BBC Smartass INCLUDING BBC propagandist’s question

Here, Putin is battling against a barrage of questions that are constantly being fired against him before he has a chance to fully answer those previously asked. This is a technique that is very common and well practised on chat shows, political discussions either on TV or Radio,where it is predicted that a full answer would reveal information or trains of thought that is intended to be kept from the public. This annoys me so much that it becomes so intolerable that many times I have turned off a program in disgust on the third distraction. I admire those that are able to steam through to make their point in full and not be diverted away.

Vladimir Putin CRUSHES George Soros for all western “leaders” to see
Vladimir Putin CRUSHES George Soros for all western “leaders” to see

Communitarianism is also known as The Third Way or The Big Society as promoted by David Cameron when British Prime Minister. During the time of the so called Coalition the implementation of Big Society was introduced and we observed the dismantling of perfectly functional charities involved with social aspects of society by the withdrawal of government funds. The idea was that the public would volunteer to run libraries or child care groups etc. Of course this was also couched in "Austerity" to legitimise the process.

Large Corporations have been given permission to take water from aquifers with favourable financial conditions in areas of the US even if they have had sustained drought. Words spoken from the mouth of the CEO is "Water is not a human right". So this is real.

We are paying for our own demise by funding government and NGO’s through taxation.

The colonization of America was encouraged by big business and Bankers and was introduced on Communist principles but was found not to work so the model of free enterprise by offering pockets of land to be worked for own benefit and it worked. The one problem that stood in the way was the indigenous population ie the Native Indian Tribes who naturally sought to protect their ancestral home, but of course they were not part of the plan so were slaughtered wholesale and the deliberate slaughter of the Buffalo was part of this plan by starving them and making it easier to move them into reservations which was a very unnatural way of life for them. So it seems that this pattern of National behaviour has been repeated ever since around the World.

Corbett Report on Communitarianism Agenda 2021 with Rosa Koire. COLLECTIVISM
Corbett Report on Communitarianism Agenda 2021 with Rosa Koire. COLLECTIVISM

Rosa Koir. Open Mind Conference 2013e: Agenda 21

Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

There is nowhere to go to escape and as for those countries which have determined to opt out of the plan, they could be facing the prospect of invasion just like Russia is being constantly intimidated. Quite interestingly it had been reported that there is a unprecedented number millionaires emigrating to to Australia, citing lower taxation rates, but it is my opinion that they know what is coming re Europe and Russia and think that they would be out of the way of it Just a thought.