Coping With An Ashkenazi World Part 2

Coping in an Ashkenazi World Part 2

It had been on my mind to write about the Ashkenazim influences in the World, especially after witnessing their attitudes to the willingness to kill women and children during the protests at the time of the 70 years anniversary in Jerusalem. I believe that they have been identified by these attitudes which are also evident in the willingness to destroy the seat of civilization in the various countries in the Middle East. They have no emotional attachment to this and I believe that this is also a prime identifier.

The Ashkenazi Jews will argue that they are from the tribe of Dan who became the idol worshipers and in a sense it is interesting that they link this historical Godless attitude to themselves, so there is apparently no embarrassment to convey this explanation but I believe that this is their created cover story and false. The Khasars had adopted the Jewish faith while they were living in the area that is now Georgia and it has been said that they had sought an alternative place to live which were several geographical locations but not Palestine, originally.

I believe that what we are currently observing in the quest for the so called New World Order is just an extension of this adopted philosophy which has proved successful in taking over Palestine and as such there are no qualms about the fomenting of wars to bring this about, especially deposing strong independent leaders who would prove to be a block to this process. We have witnessed the blatant lies regarding the Skripals poisoning in Salisbury by our own government and those lies regarding gas attacks in Syria which have been used as an excuse to further attack Assad with absolutely no proof whatsoever at a time when there was victory over ISIS.

We have Ashkenazi attitudes in this country which is active in breaking down the fabric of society. Such attitudes of using privatised companies like Atos to deprive sick and disabled people of essential benefits which has resulted in many deaths is also an identifier. David Cameron apparently has Ashkenazi roots, as well as pledging his loyalty to Israel which he said is unbreakable and is also the link to George 111, as does Boris Johnson,( I had personal contact with two people from different families who are from the bastard line of George 3rd and apparently is of knowledge to the Police as this knowledge had been verified by them), and has continued and progressed the  policies begun by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The Communists were famous for using people for their political ends which they referred to as ”useful idiots”. There is no reason why this strategy should not continue to be practiced in the political arena.

You will observe that people who are in positions of power in government or earmarked to be often go to America to work for the big banks there or other organisations to be groomed in their modus operandi which has also proven to be successful over time.

Many people write about these things for many years already but my awaking was all centred around attitude which is the prime identifier.

Quite recently Sajid David became Home Secretary and the media often has often inserted into conversations that he may take the reigns of Prime Minister. They like to promote his backstory of being a son of an immigrant and worked his way up.
There are some interesting observable points about this and the first is that he attended a Technical College just a short distance from where I grew up as a teenager and know it as a proper technical college which served the apprentices of aviation industry before the continuous tranche of redundancies of technicians at BAC and other parts of the aircraft industry. He became enthusiastically active in the Conservative Party and eventually found himself working in New York City at Chase Manhattan Bank, eventually becoming Vice Chairman. Later on returning to England he joined Deutsche Bank, the same bank which funded Julia Middleton to bring Common Purpose to the UK after her training in the US. Motto in her own words: ”Leading beyond authority” which essentially means sidestepping the democratic process and installing Common Purpose approved graduates into positions of responsibility.

It is quite interesting that David Cameron has the role of promoting Common Purpose in India and it is also significant that the East India Company has been said to be the forerunner of today’s Multinational Corporations. So there were many branches of the East India Company such as the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company for example and the Rothschild and other families all operating under the same rules for each country involved. One thing that I recognised before finding this information is that David Cameron seemed to be acting as a facilitator for big business.

They like to promote Javid David’s Muslim credentials but having an open ear I recently heard a comment on a daily news program from a caller that claimed that he had been openly atheist while his parents were Christian. Now of course he is presented as a Muslim and it would seem that this fits the fluidity of identity.

The conflict between the Christian and Muslim, I believe, is a situation that has currently been artificially created, especially at the time of 911 and it had been documented that Israelis were seen dancing on a roof in jubilation at the site of the World Trade Centre and who were arrested and subsequently released. However this conflict has been historical over centuries but now utilised for the purpose of usurping the World and in this sense Muslims are also victims as it suits the agenda for continuous conflict especially as it can be activated by mercenaries, people of criminal mind who identify as Muslims and also any unjust treatment of Muslims which can have the effect of adding fuel to the fire and acting as a recruiting sergeant.  Also given the history of Turkey it is consistent that they have been colluding with ISIS which had been proven to be a creation of America and Israel is known to have received them for medical treatment for their wounds so here we have a consistent picture all round. This is just one currently observable example.

The House of Rothschild

Particularly take a look at the Committee of 300 and you will identify those in key positions making important decisions which will decide the direction our country will make. The symphony of Brexit negotiations.

Also notice that Donald Trump is not there and this and the idea that he is not an insider was indicated by the reaction of the media as well as political figures with their derogatory remarks and schemes to disparage him. I did make comment on one of my posts that it is unlikely that he has ever attended the meetings at Bohemian Grove. However he does have to rely on advisers and people to run the various branches of his administration and as such leaves himself open to being ‘played’.

Adam Weishaupt

[Quote] It is believed that, as a result of Voltaire’s writings, Weishaupt formulated his ideas concerning the destruction of the Church. In 1775, when summoned by the House of Rothschild, he immediately defected and, at the behest of Meyer, began to organize the Illuminati. The 1st chapter of the order started in his home town of Ingolstadt

Weishaupt soon infiltrates the Continental Order of Freemasons with this Illuminati doctrine and establishes lodges of the Grand Orient to be their secret headquarters. This was all under the orders and finance of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the concept has spread and is followed within Masonic Lodges worldwide to the present day.

Weishaupt also recruits 2,000 paid followers including the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, science, finance,and industry. They were instructed to follow the following methods in order to control people.

1) Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places, in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and fiscal harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families.

2) The faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special training in internationalism, or rather the notion that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by the Illuminati.

3) All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists. This was so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long-run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.

4) To obtain absolute-control of the press, at that time the only mass-communications media which distributed information to the public, so that all news and information could be slanted in order to make the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.[unquote]

Perhaps this is the origin of the power of the whip, used to force a Parliamentary vote to go in a particular direction.

Coping in an Ashkenazi World Part 1

Coping in an Ashkenazi World (June 1st 2018)

How The Ashkenazi Jews Conquered The West

Originally the title of this piece was going to be called Living in an Ashkenazi World but a better reality is one of coping for most people rather than living because the odds are constantly being stacked against them, and as will be indicated, at many levels in society and World politics.

The defining moment of realisation that we are living in an Askenazi World was on the 70th Anniversary of the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland and the emotive gesture of US President Trump of moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem on the very same day signified by a ceremony to mark the fact.

So the said defining moment was how the Israeli Defence Force responded to Palestinian protests at zone of restriction, called so because there cannot be a border within Palestinian territory itself. The shooting of women and children at long range by snipers is an act that would not in any way be carried out by those who profess to be adherents to Gods laws given in the Old Testament to Moses and it seems that these laws are followed by those of the Christian faith. And even beyond this is the normal desire to do no harm to others as a matter of decent conduct and conscience.

What we witnessed is the character trait of barbarism which seems to be the mark of the Ashkenazi.

It is said that during the 11th Century there was only 3% of Ashkenazi Jews amongst all of the Jews in Europe but that this grew to around 75% by the 18th century. By 1931 Askenasi Jews made up 92% World wide.

This is an explosive growth and the question must be asked why there was not a proportional rate of growth from all other types of Jew since the 11th Century which would have maintained a similar ratio. Also it has been said that the percentage of Jews living in Palestine before partition was also 3% but now of course Israel runs a policy of limitless IVF treatment for its citizens, hence the desire for expansion into other areas, as a forward planning ambition. Included with this is the power of the ”Jews” in America and this power was recognised by the first Chancellor of Germany and one of the founding fathers of the EU, Konrad Adenauer. The World must take notice of how the Palestinians have been treated in their own land and take it as a warning for their own and their children’s sake
It is very likely that this is the prime motivation for the advancement of the New World Order and the various agendas to reduce populations either through wars or health destroying activities which have been thoroughly covered by others.

Could it also be that the Jews murdered by the Nazi’s were genuine Jews and that the ones which were exchanged for money were of the Ashkenazi lineage. If so then this would be an explanation to the most perplexing question that I have had because it did not make sense that the Wall street Banking fraternity would finance the destruction of their own kind. However this is a subject open for discussion as nothing makes logical sense.

Now since the fall of Communism we have seen a continuation of military power to subjugate Nations by the US and their so called quest for ”democracy” and it now makes sense why it appears that the baton or the boot has been transferred to America with the cooperation of the EU and UK. Putin has reformed Russia to participate in the World economic community but has a plan to do so without the usual institutions like the IMF and such like so has made himself an enemy of the so called Globalists. The Communist Party in Russia has been reduced to a small minority of no significance.
This lady is on the ball with the following presentation:
The Rothchild’s Creation: Ashkenazi Jews
The Rothchild’s Creation: Ashkenazi Jews

( The following video is one found today and presents a definitive representation of the subject according to previous research. It covers many of the bases regarding relevant facts. In fact this subject matter, although mainly political was going to be put in the Rhetoric Blog because facts and ideas had to be checked but this video comes across as pretty confident and presents information that would have to have been sorted and presented a headache resulting in procrastination on my part. Also it represents the true religious aspect as well as the fraud but in this case the focus is on the political misdeeds.)
Jews or Khazars Exposing the Serpent’s Seed:
Jews or Khazars? Exposing the Serpent’s Seed!

(This pdf was actually the first piece of information that I came across and which contains historical attitudes of the Khazars/Ashkenaziism mental attitude and practices from the 18th century onwards which are recognisable in today’s political arena and was a clincher for proceeding with this content )
The Secret World Govenment

Also of historical interest especially related to present trends also:

The House of Rothschild