A Watershed of component Parts

The news on Monday 26th March 2018 seemed to be a watershed of component parts, of issues which may take the World in a direction not wanted by general population but by those who have access to the reigns of power Internationally.

There is a relentless attack against Donald Trump despite the fact that during the Inaugural Dinner he basically forgave Hillary Clinton for her security breach of running her own email server used for government matters and putting National Security in danger. He could have pursued her with the weight of his office behind him but did not. This attitude has not been reciprocated the other way from those who are peeved about losing the election to him as well as deep state manipulators who no doubt regard Trump as an outsider.

When Jesus said Let those without sin cast the first stone to those who were about to stone to death a woman accused of adultery, this reflected a truth that persists to this day and the saying that when a finger is pointed towards others there are three pointing back.

The question that comes to mind is, has Donald Trump ever attended the goings on at Bohemian Grove or been a participant of Skull and Bones rituals. Probably not.

In a similar way we are witnessing an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, in this case via the Jewish Leadership Council. There have been calls for an organisation like the American Anti Defamation League in Britain but during the 1980s criticism was made of it, by those who were critical of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, of the nature of their activities. You can take a look at how the ADL presents itself on its own web site and compare it to this article made in 2013:


Question: what is the definition of an anti-Semite? Would it be enough to simply question the unjust and cruel treatment of Palestinians in their own, confiscated, national homeland by the Jewish state?

Like Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, as the leader of the Labour Party, has been relentlessly attacked from the beginning of his leadership. Had it not been for the Alternative Vote, a system of voting rejected in a referendum by the population as an answer to the ‘first pass the post’ system used in General Elections, then the recognised favourite David Milliband would most likely have not been beaten by his brother Ed. In a sense it was a fortunate outcome and although David would have been the most capable in the role of leadership of NewLabour, his allegiances are made clear by the associations connected to his job in America in much the same way as that of Tony Blair. All would have been hunky dory.

So the similarities between Trump and Corbyn have not been lost on the media, resulting in the mode of constant disparaging. Fortunately we did not get a Blairite in the Labour Party and Hillary Clinton’s reputation as a potential warmonger, and the possibility that Jeb Bush may have also filled that position was no doubt recognised as undesirable by the general population and could quite possibly have been a large contributory factor in their defeat (Jeb Bush saw the writing on the wall and backed out. He was the Governor of Florida during the 2000 Presidential election that saw Al Gore, who was convinced that he had won, defeated as a result of multiple recounts which resulted in Jeb’s brother George W taking office and Kicking off the so called War on Terror. Perhaps what we know now it should be renamed the war by terror, beginning with 911.).

To continue on a theme, it looks like the World is headed in an enforced confrontation with Russia as a result of an issue that has not been conclusively proven that Russia was the culprit. It is only by the association with circumstantial evidence from the past, which can be used to incriminate those who may be completely innocent and it does not bode well that International due process has been disregarded let alone the principles on which the British legal system has been based on for centuries, with the beginnings going back as far as 10th century Saxon England but which Teresa May felt fit to cast aside and demand that Russia provide proof that it did not commit the crime in Salisbury with consequential repercussions within 24 hours if it declined to do so. This is quite an insult to a sovereign nation. In traditional UK law there is an assumption of innocence until proven guilty but this is reversed in European, Napoleon code law, exactly as Teresa May has used. Her sincerity of moving away from the control of the Supranational block of the EU must be put into question.

To be continued. Possibly.

Here is the continuation of the promised continuation, most of which was writen down in longhand while travelling on the bus while I was in the ”Mode”. Refinement and proofs had to be added today and had to make the effort to do so which is difficult to get back into once stopped:

Continuation of A Watershed of Component parts

Of course the relationship between the EU and Putin was very different in 2010, being based on a deal signed towards the end of 2010, eight months after the Smolensk air crash which decimated the complete polish government who had opposed such an agreement.

Donald Tusk was happy to maintain the investigation at arms length from the Polish people by allowing Russia exclusive control over the evidence pertaining to the investigation and is also on record of insisting that it was pilot error which was the cause of the crash.

During this honeymoon period Bill Clinton had expressed, in a communication to Tony Blair, that Putin is an intelligent and trustworthy partner and that they could work with him. This is what Bill Clinton had to say about Putin in 2014.

From Politico [Quote] However, Clinton, citing his own dealings with Putin, said the Russian president was never misleading.

The one thing I will say about him is he was always pretty transparent. He never pretended to be what he wasn’t and I found in dealing with him—and by the way, with most other leaders with whom I had differences—that it was best to be brutal with him in private and be honest because they respected you if you were, and then as long as you could, to avoid embarrassing them in public,” Clinton said.

You can normally work with someone like that and I just hope and pray this thing is not going to spin out of hand,” he said.

Bill Clinton once told Tony Blair that Vladimir Putin had ‘enormous potential’

Eventually this relationship was soon to sour because Putin also had independent ambitions for the the betterment of Russia.

There was the convolution of Russia’s intent to create a trading block in Eurasia, separate from the EU initially and America’s intent to prevent it. Notice the date of 6th May 2012. Putin also had the intent of moving away from the US dollar for dealing in oil, and then the later development of BRICKS.

Continental unification project of European and Eurasian unions

I remember reading about Angela Merkel being very enthusiastic in doing business with Russia about this time, possibly 2011, even at the expense of the EU, this was suspected but of course all of this changed with the annexation of the Crimea and the American driven sanctions over the matter and of course there was the shooting down of the airliner with a BUK missile of which there was dispute over which side actually fired it, the Ukrainians or Russia.

Russia also entered the Syrian conflict as the only country legally permitted to do so, after years of looking on in 2015 but the question is when was the decision made to separate from the West’s shenanigans in the Middle East? The Arab Spring began in 2011 but plans were already in place to invade Syria in 2010, a year before the induced riots and protests there in 2011 and Assad is the only one able to resist over time which was something that I had felt he would do and expressed it in a roundabout way ending with ‘If ever’ .

It was my immediate opinion, at the time of the annexation of Crimea, that this pattern of modus operandi was too clear to see and when the coup de tate in the Ukraine to oust an elected leader took place, then it was too close to home, and for geostrategic reasons it was essential to regain possession of the Crimea.

The Crimea was successfully taken back into the Russian field of influence, obviously for strategic reasons, and this was achieved with the consent of the population by a referendum and given the approval of the population, although MSM reports would have us believe a different scenario.

The Case for Crimea’s Unification with the Russian Federation

Also mentioned on the news of 26th Match was the election in Egypt with comments couched in disparaging language towards ??? Sisi. This small but significant mention in the style that it was, was also something that I had been anticipating since the time when everything cooled down in Egypt so when Sisi arrived in London in 2015 and shook hands with David Cameron, the prime question then was how long would it be when Sisi begins to receive the Sadam Hussain, Mohamar Gadhaffi and Assad treatment? Just like Putin they had their own plans for their country, they were also strong men when required and as necessary, and this is proved by the chaotic state of those countries as a result of their planned removal.

One important element of the Egyptian revolution is that the Army took a stance to protect the population from Hosni mubarack’s military police who had responded with over the top aggressiveness towards militant protestors but of course the general population got caught up in it as well because they were encouraged to participate, quite rightly so, to air their grievances, though in a peaceful manner. Employment was sparse for educated people in much the same way here in the UK but which seems to be accepted as part of austerity. The devaluation of Egyptian currency and other aspects which are accepted as part and parcel of our own economy were presented by msm with emotive language against Sisi. As it is said, when there is a finger pointing with accusation there are three pointing back and this is where the hypocrisy needs to be pointed out when it is used as justification for military intervention which looks like it will eventually be on the cards.

When MSM states that SiSi deposed the first democratically elected president, Morsi, they conveniently forgot that the Military, who had presided as an interim government, allowed free elections which also included the Muslim Brotherhood who had been banned as a matter of course in Egypt for countless decades previously. Their win was accepted as promised but it came to an end when there was an attempt to change the Egyptian Constitution as well as other issues of concern voiced by the general population. Just found an article that explains in a nutshell.

Why Mursi of Egypt had to Go

Also, as observed at the time of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, was that Elbaradi was trying to insert himself into the mix and it was apparent by his activities and associations that he was Washington’s man but had not managed to gain any influence on outcomes and was basically ignored.


Brexit Without The Exit. Jelly For Brains

Proof of Brexit without the Exit. Jelly for brains.

Absolute stupidity!!

March 22nd

The government has decided that it is a good idea to change the colour of the British passport from burgundy to blue after Brexit but has decided to give the contract to the Franco Dutch company based on price. How nonsensical is that?

First of all to change the colour to blue is merely a cosmetic decision, gesture politics to appeal to the masses, so they think, but there have been many companies which have gone bust because they had the idea of investing in an image change, especially on the shop front and ended up over extending themselves on something which is none productive to the bottom line.

The whole problem is that Britain is leaking money away from the general economy in many ways, with the topmost being legal tax avoidance of multinational companies who have a buying power over the smaller business operator who do pay their full whack of tax. Child benefit for children of foreign nationals whose children may not be living here and so the money is being sent out of the country and not spent locally.

Foreign countries running vital utilities, who may receive government subsidies and again where profits find their way abroad and there has been one mention of a railway company taking profits to invest in their own railway in their native country. Madness.

Selling off iconic British companies to foreign investors who then move production out of the country or own the product and then re badge the product under their own name.

These are just a few examples of many more and the comment by the spokesman this morning has justified such behaviour because we are in a global market. This indicates business as usual and a challenge to this was met with resistance.

So far there has been total nonsense over the events of Salisbury and the only sensible reaction has been from Jeremy Corbyn in a statesman like manner. From Blairism to Cameron there has been little change in ongoing agenda, therefore it must be suggested that the civil service within, and perhaps a shadow government is the culprit. It is quite obvious that Teresa May has dodged situations where there would be live open debate and that whenever there is a detailed policy announcement she is merely reading from a script.

23rd March:

This is a continuation from yesterday’s initial input. Despite being pushed for time in order to be out of the door in a timely manner, with just minutes to spare before posting, it was felt necessary to make comment about the passport issue and on returning home discovered that there was only 100 mb of data left until midnight.

This was just enough to allow the discovery of the fact that the tender for the UK Passport  contract was submitted by our government on the European union’s electronic tendering journal and last October  that a tender for the design of which it had been announced could be done by Germany or France. Additionally the end of the 10 year cycle for passports just happens to coincide with the pre announced deadline for Brexit in March 2018.

Now this is very interesting because this morning, the 23rd. of march, it was announced on the radio that negotiations will begin between the UK government and the European Council, Tusk’s domain, to discuss a trade outline agreement which must be completed by October ready for Parliament to give support, or not, ready for the March 29th deadline for actually leaving the EU.

Yesterday morning I had written more than intended despite time restraint and it may have looked a little out of context but I was aware of the possibility that what we have in yesterday,s announcement is actually a template which denotes further intentions during the ongoing negotiations.

Jacob Reese Mogg has pointed out how the government rolls over without having the belly tickled:


When it was mentioned that the French had won the contract because it was £50 million cheaper  than the UK tender submission by De La Rue, a well established British company then it seemed that the bottom line was more important than the continuation of the company which is an employer and will pay company taxes into the economy as well as the workers who will be taxed and also spend their earnings locally thus benefiting society as a whole. This difference is roughly 10% of the whole contract.

The question then is who’s bottom line? Could there be a privatised element within the passport office? After all it is the UK citizen who ultimately pays the cost so therefore there must be a profit motive for awarding the contract to a foreign state, one which had deliberately screwed us over regarding our fishing waters as a condition of joining the EU in the first place.

The French themselves said that they would not allow passports to be manufactured outside of France for security reasons. This is an obvious consideration for the UK considering that migrants are flocking to France in the hope of illegally entering the UK. The French must be laughing their sock off.

Forgeries are a problem as it is without possible leakage into the Black Market via the French:


The result of the Brexit referendum has been known since June 2016 and the deadline for exit has already been announced yet the government deems it fit to tender for the passport contract under EU rules which should not really apply to us after so called departure next March, one year on from now.

It’s as if the people running the country are not so interested in acting for the National interest but rather are acting more like spivs perhaps for own self interest. Even last September the newspapers were already revealing that the design for the passport could go to a German or French company when this had traditionally been done in house by De La Rue. This information was initially revealed to the Sunday Times by a government insider September 2017.

A final Word:


‘British icon’

Earlier, De La Rue boss Martin Sutherland told the BBC’s Today programme:“Over the last few months we have heard ministers happy to come on the media and talk about the new blue passport and the fact that it is an icon of British identity.

“But now this icon of British identity is going to be manufactured in France.”

He added: “I’d like to ask Theresa May or Amber Rudd to come to my factory and explain to our dedicated workforce why this is a sensible decision to offshore the manufacture of a British icon.” [unquote]






All Sides Being Played By All

This was a comment that I made one year ago today, made and forgotten until now. Interesting.

16th March 2017 Continuation of Dutch election comments.
Having already said that there was more to write, the following morning, the day of the Dutch election, I had absolutely no feeling what so ever to do so and considered, as is often the case, to just let it just pass and forget it. However early this morning I awoke at 04:40 and felt the urge to write down the thoughts I had on Tuesday but which had not been completed.
It looks like a good result in the Dutch elections. I really expected the Turkish demonstrations to push people to vote overwhelmingly for Geert Wilders party but it looks like they turned to alternative right wing parties also with concerns about Islamic Immigration.
As a result of the Turkish agitation I had been expecting people to vote in favour of Geert Wilders party and the result showed that there was a huge movement away from the liberal left with gains also for other parties extolling his values.
It was the agitation that seemed to coincide with the preceding day of the forthcoming election and which drew media focus on the protests, perhaps for emphasis, but there was only brief attention given to Germany and seemingly a side note reference to the fact that France had allowed rallies to go ahead there. In Switzerland permission was also declined, then persuasion to allow based on upholding free speech then agreement not to go ahead because of fears for her personal safety. There was no animosity as a result of this. (There is a possible reason for this and the clue could be in the fact that it has historically served as the banker for despots and in this role has always managed to maintain neutral status at times of war).
Because a regular Facebook contributor had previously posted a photograph of Geert Wilders in Jewish costume complete with the scull cap taking part in a ceremony, this image kept coming to mind amongst other thoughts so decided to pose some questions. I had previously heard about The rejection of Geert Wilders on his visit to the UK years ago and accepted that is par for the course for anybody who stands in a position to challenge the establishment so that was pretty normal, and although I am aware of Zionism and the problems that are said to stem from it, it is not a hobby horse of mine so tend to reserve judgement as well as comment. However in this case thoughts seemed to crystallise around these issues, feeling them to be a significant link and relevant context.
On searching I found an article of Geert Wilders attending a meeting in California held by the American Freedom Alliance in which he was proclaiming that Countries need Zionism. For him to be openly proclaiming Zionism then it is reasonable to believe that this organisation is also Zionist. It is interesting how Wilders party also includes ”Freedom” in its name.
The AFA seems to be making all the right noises that would appeal to the anti establishment frame of mind and contains all of the popular issues that people are generally concerned with and you would never know if there were Zionist tendencies or not. However an organisation that seemingly supports the AFA wrote an article that casts them in a different light to the impression given on their own web site.

[Quote]: “My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe,” Wilders, founder and leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, said at the “Europe’s Last Stand?” conference, organized by the American Freedom Alliance.” Posted in 06/10/2013
by JNS.org [unquote]

Looking from the Turkish angle it is evident that Turkey and Israel have historically worked together in Intelligence, Security and subversion and although they had fallen out they are now back together again since 2010 when it was the IDF that approached Turkey. This came about because Syria blocked a gas pipeline that was to run from Arabia and Qatar all the way to Israel and ultimately across Turkey to Italy for sale through Europe, pushing the Russians out of this market. The deal failed in 2009 and this is why I believe Israel re established relations with Turkey in 2010 and the war for regime change in Syria began in 2011.
Turkey has been a player regarding ISIS in Syria and it has been reported that ISIS casualties receive medical treatment in Israel. It has also been mentioned that America, under Obama, had been responsible for creating ISIS. The pipeline from Turkey to Haifa in Israel is still waiting to be connected so it seems that the war in Syria will not end until the connection can be made and Russia remains Assad’s ally therefore it looks like Russia is being played by Turkey in the scheme of things.
I also seems that Israel regards Holland as the gateway into the EU, particularly because it is multi lingual so this gives sense to why they would want one of their own running the country.
Here is a comment that shows that there had been organised agitators:

[Quote] Dov Segal
This report is from AFP journalists. As usual, misleading.
According to the AFP.
“After several hours of calm demonstrations, police moved in to disperse over 1,000 people gathered close to the consulate, charging the crowd on horseback and using dogs to regain control.
Protesters hit back, throwing rocks at riot police, while hundreds of cars jammed the streets blaring their horns and revving their engines.”
What actually happened?
There was a relatively peaceful demonstration outside the consulate in Rotterdam. Lots of Allahu Akbars and Turkish songs. They were waiting for a speech from a Turkish minister.
When they heard that the minister had been sent back to Germany most of the Dutch/Turks started to leave.
As the demonstrators were leaving, the Dutch riot police started to stand down, moving back to their trucks.
Then a group of about 200 young Turks began to attack the police from behind. The riot police regrouped and charged their attackers.
Sounds a bit different to the AFP narrative.
The AFP forgot something as well.
The rioters were not singing Turkish songs any more. They were hurling epithets at the police.
They were screaming, “Jews, cancer Jews”.
Mar 12, 2017 9:54am [unquote]


Craig Murray: “Of a Type Developed by Liars”

Now we know why the UK Government would not send a sample of nerve agent to Russia to be inspected and why there was the urgent bluster and bullying of Russia.

This was brought to notice by today’s information packed, as usual, UK Column of 16th March.

Craig Murray

Of a Type Developed by liars
”I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation. The Russians were allegedly researching, in the “Novichok” programme a generation of nerve agents which could be produced from commercially available precursors such as insecticides and fertilisers. This substance is a “novichok” in that sense. It is of that type. Just as I am typing on a laptop of a type developed by the United States, though this one was made in China.” [unquote]
Read on from this link:
Of a Type Developed by Liars (UK Column at 3:31)

Shifting Definitions and Illiterate Officials: 23:09

Also of important interest is the Kit Kat Tapes 32:56 Deceiving the British public over Brexit:
don’t HAVE A BREX, HAVE A KITKAT Bombshell tapes reveal how top Whitehall officials compared Brexit to a KitKat with chocolate layer hiding UK ties to Brussels

UK Column:
UK Column News – 16th March 2018

Ignoring Internationally agreed Due Process

Jeremy Corbyn demonstrated reasonable sanity by his reasoning, in parliament yesterday,15th March, which is very sound and who it appears is agreed with by the majority of the population judging by a radio phone in program. Proof of who was responsible for the nerve poison attack in Salisbury which became effective on Sunday 4th. of March

[Quote]To rush way ahead of the evidence being gathered by the police, in a fevered parliamentary atmosphere, serves neither justice nor our national security
Jeremy Corbyn
British opposition Labour leader [unquote]

It is unbelievable that the Country being run by politicians who all agree with each other, in all it’s permutations, that Russia is guilty by association without proof. In this case what better a way to convince the public of Russian guilt for something which could quite easily be a false flag event, because of their past track record.

To ignore International due process and to give an instant ultimatum can only be received as a insult, and the corresponding indignant response, which would be a natural one given the air of disrespect is also used as said proof of culpability.

In my opinion Britain itself is behaving like a rogue state and this is crystallised by their behaviour in Syria, supporting the terrorists and their front group to garner public sympathy, the White Helmets. Just look at the extensive, on the ground, reporting by Vanessa Beeley on this matter. This is the track record of the UK unfortunately:

Vanessa Beeley on the White Helmets

The Curiosity of the Re Emergence of Smolensk at a Non Anniversary Time

The Curiosity of The Re-emergence of SMOLENSK at a None Anniversary Time

In Poland there is a cloud of suspicion over Tusk because not only was he not on the aircraft that was brought down in Smolensk, but it is also felt that he did not do enough to secure a thorough investigation and as such is felt to have committed treason.
There are questions about how a low flying aircraft over trees could break up the way that it did and about the lack of survivors. It has been suggested that there was a bomb on board and if so there must be a further question to how it was activated at the precise place armed actors lay in wait to murder any survivors.

A previous contributor to the original UK Column forum, Bluthund, before it unexpectedly ceased operation without warning or explanation in the summer of 2011 put forward the theory by his father that the shock wave from an external explosive device would be enough to break up an aircraft and also added the suggestion that the assailants could have hailed from the EU. That was said in 2010.

It is known that the people who represented the Polish government at that time were strongly independent and did not take kindly to the dominance of the EU and just like Britain has kept hold of their own currency, the Zlotty and as a result Poland has been able to become prosperous and increase the well being of it’s population, that is why many Poles of the first migration 2004 have returned.

[Quote] On 10 April 2010, a Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. Among the victims were the President of Poland Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria, the former President of Poland in exileRyszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Polish Government officials, 18 members of the Polish Parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. The group was arriving from Warsaw to attend an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the massacre, which took place not far from Smolensk. [Unquote]

Here is an analysis video translated with English subtitles telling of the conversation of the persons awaiting to finish off any survivors. Although the opening box overlay says what it does. I have a different viewpoint on it.


This video is new and was found just now while deciding to write my take on events:

Here is a link to an upload of the video soon after but the original was not as blocky as this version. What this version does retain is the gun shot where the video momentarily pauses between the bent bough curved back on itself. At this point a shot could be heard and at the same time an instantaneous disturbance by what appeared to be the result of the blast. In this video though any such effect is obscured by the blockiness of the low bitrate video. The original gunshot blast was something that I had pointed out on the forums at the time and it had appeared afterwards that the video had been doctored to remove the blast effect by perhaps removing a frame or two of the video at that point. Other videos would move quickly past that point.

Having come across the video at the time by chance, I was aware that there wasn’t much news of the accident seemed to be very sparse and it was only in bringing up the subject with a Polish friend and work colleague at our place of work that he showed a more high definition version of the video and said that the person in white who’s arm could be seen moving was a religious minister. Additionally over time it was mentioned that the flight recorders had been retained in Russia despite requests for their return by the Polish government. Also it took much protest to have the bodies returned to Poland and that those that were had body parts missing or were those of others, suggesting that attempts were made to conceal evidence of the cause of death.

Recently, while pursuing research on The EU stance on Brexit the events of the Smolensk aircrash came to mind and I was most curious why Donald Tusk was not on that aircraft, thus initially thinking that he had remained behind in Poland. However the opposite was the case in that it had been reported that he had already been in Russia for two weeks earlier before the day of the air crash, and a different report stated three days .

Now this point is interesting because a news paper report stating that journalists who had only recently arrived in Russia went directly to the crash site and that Donald Tusk was with them. So by implication, without clarification, the impression was that Donald Tusk also had also only just arrived in Russia.

Another Polish internal report made the claim that there was no motorcade waiting at the airport to receive the Polish Government on arrival because it was already known in advance that it would not be required. A differing report pointed out that the aircraft that was transporting the vehicle and which was ahead did not land.


Would it not be necessary for Russia to maintain a constant pretence? So the most obvious question would be where was the whereabouts of Donald Tusk during the immediate expectation of the Polish contingencies arrival? Its an open question.

There has been speculation that it was an explosion on board the aircraft that brought it down and one report claims traces of Nito, then the next obvious question is what are the logistics in activating an explosion on board at the required location, since the assassins must have already been laying in wait to carry out their dirty deed of execution to ensure no survivors.

[Quote] ”in early May, the Polish public learned of yet another startling revelation. According to Poland’s Agency of Internal Security (ABW), someone in the Russian Federation hacked into President Kaczyński’s cellular phone only a few minutes after the crash time (the crash occurred at 10:41 AM Russian time, while the first break-in occurred at 10:46 AM) and checked his voice mail. [unquote]

The Suggestion by Bluthund’s father eight years ago is most likely closer to the truth and Polish investigators have recently carried out experiments to duplicate the same type of damage sustained by the fabric of the aircraft by building a section of fuselage to the same specification and scale, and the type of damage sustained has been duplicated exactly. The results lead to the conclusion that a thermobaric charge was used to bring down the aircraft which causes a shock wave and consequent explosion.





Such a weapon would more accurately be used at a lower flying altitude than at normal cruising height and it seems that this was implemented by fooling the pilot on the location of the landing strip. This appeared to be achieved by placing dummy landing lights in the vicinity of the wooded area. This area would also provide cover for the perpetrators.





[Quote] ”A thermobaric bomb is an unusual type of explosive, that doesn’t incorporate oxygen molecules, thus requiring atmospheric oxygen. Sometimes called fuel-air explosives, the name comes from Greek and literally means “heat” and “pressure.”

The most interesting thing about this bomb is the fact that it actually produces two blasts, the first being the dispersion of a cloud of liquid or powder explosive using a small detonating charge, and then the main explosion, when a second charge ignites the cloud, producing the actual deflagration.

The advantage of this bomb is the fact that it combines the power of both forces, intense heat and huge pressure, to destroy even the most inaccessible targets. It’s not more than a mix of a monopropellant fuel explosive and a highly energetic material, like powdered aluminum.

Being an ideal package of two crushing forces, even on their own, condensed in a tight space, the thermobaric bomb is ideal for blasting underground targets, like army bunkers and missile silos, while at the same time limiting collateral damage.

The intense concentrated fireball combined with devastating blast overpressure destroyed a large one-story masonry type building in Iraq in only one round, coming from a Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon-Novel Explosion (SMAW-NE), from a distance of 100 yards (91 meters).[unquote]

Testimony of witness:

[Quote] ” Anatoly Zhuyev is another witness of the last seconds of Tupolev’s flight. Zhuyev stood on the road by the garages. From his position he could see the back of the aircraft. According to Zhuyev’s testimony, he saw a huge blast behind the tail of the aircraft that looked like an enormous egg yolk. “When the aircraft emerged for a short time from the fog, there was a moment when the engines roared, and then there was this blinding flash. After the flash the aircraft tried to gain altitude” Zhuyev testified later. The aircraft already flew past the birch tree, flying at the altitude of more than 10 metres above the ground. [Unquote]

2018 is not a time of a significant anniversary but it is a time of significant Russia bashing.

In 2010 there did’t seem to be much coverage by mainstream media at the time and most information was online but now there is MSM activity at this time in March 2018.

Back in 2010 the West was on good terms with Russia and Putin, it was a two way relationship and at one time  President Clinton expressed to Tony Blair that Putin is a decent chap and that they could work with him.

[Quote] ”At the end of 2006, Sergey Yastrzhembsky, the special presidential representative for developing relations with the European Union, expressed hope that Russia and Brussels would mend ties. He believed that Germany’s presidency of the European Union in 2007 would facilitate the process.
But the dialogue on the new Russo-EU agreement on partnership and cooperation reached a deadlock due to Poland’s veto, Prokudin and Ardaev highlighted.” [unquote]

Herman Van Rompuy, Dimitry Medvedev and Jose Manual Barroso in Brussels 7th Decenber 2010

There are two differing reports coming out of Poland carried out by those who sincerely seek the truth and those in power who willingly follow the Russian narrative and seek to cover up the truth.

[Quote] ”To begin with, the crash itself seemed quite suspicious. The post-Soviet Russians have been evasive and uncooperative from the outset, assigning blame exclusively on the Polish side throughout. Furthermore, their behavior has exhibited many disturbing signs of an apparent cover-up. The liberal post-communist Polish government, in turn, has consistently and pusillanimously sought to accommodate Russia. For quite a few Poles, the combination of Moscow’s stonewalling and Warsaw’s docility created an unsettling impression of collusion to suppress the truth, not unlike the collaboration between the Soviets and their Polish-speaking vassals to smother the truth about the Katyn Forest massacre. [unquote]

My personal suspicion was that there was an equal hand involved but now that ‘Russia bashing’ is the flavour of the last five years or so then the MSM are now in over drive attempting to blame it exclusively on the Russians. Who knows the inner motives of what took place in Salisbury at this particular time? Only asking.






BBC report on five year anniversary.

Anatomy of a Crash Site Co operation not taken

A Proposal for a Solution to the Irish Border problem re Brexit Negotiations

A Proposal for a Solution to the Irish Border problem re Brexit Negotiations.

Mrs May, in a recent speech said that the UK will uphold EU standards or even better. Therefore a solution to the Irish border question which is a stumbling block to further negotiations and which is in fact of the EU’s making as a result of insisting Ireland vote twice on the Lisbon Treaty to secure a yes vote.

The proposal is that Northern Ireland maintain the EU standards in keeping with the rest of the UK, something which is already part of our present relationship, and also keep in place levels of purchase tax equivalent to that of EU VAT in order to ensure that there are no benefits from smuggling across the border, therefore for all intents and purposes the border remains fluid.

When Britain finally leaves the EU a different level of purchase tax may be introduced in the UK mainland and if it is lower than the level of VAT then Northern Irish citizens will be compensated by a corresponding reduction in income tax to balance it out.

This will facilitate smooth day to day living but the trade off will be customs checks at British Ports of entry which would also facilitate checks on who comes and goes. This will be a necessity and as a such the control of movement will also mean not being part of the Single Market as dictated by present EU rules.

A proposal would be that trade with Russia be stepped up, and this anyway is something that the EU countries are presently active in, while the UK is kept busy with its anti Russian rhetoric. As a traditional sea faring nation we could send and receive container ships directly to and from Russian ports.

Of necessity in Northern Ireland, the fluid border would require that citizens have identity cards which are checkable to the source of origin and the efficacy of issue. This would be necessary as a consequence Ireland’s special circumstance. Therefore these identity cards would act as an internal passport, as it were, for public services and the right to buy property. Perhaps one day Ireland, North and South may wish to unite or perhaps even Southern Ireland leave the EU altogether.

The Irish problem instigated by the EU may in the end result in Britain leaving without a deal which may be more simple but difficult in the short term but better in the long term by not being stitched up to the EU’s own advantage.

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EU freezes Brexit talks until Britain produces Irish border solution

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Do What We Say, Not What We Do

The following content must have been expressed by myself at the time of the Conservative competition for the position of UK Prime Minister as a result of David Cameron’s resignation after the result of the Brexit vote in June 2016. The date below is that which is the date shown on the document when it was copied and pasted to a different computer so losing the original date of origin which is really annoying.

The information about the English business woman and the plight of her business was obtained during the run up to the election itself on a phone in radio program. There were many such calls but this one stuck out and was worthy of quoting for the sake of those who would have us believe that Brexit was all about immigration and nothing to do with how badly Britain had been treated from the very beginning the moment that we were allowed to join the original European Economic Community. The details of this outrageous treatment is documented in the UKIP pdf called Stolen Seas.

Donald Tusk has now shown his hard balling stance towards Britain regarding negotiations for business and this had already been predicted, it is only now that he is showing his hand. He is the President of the European Council of which Rompouy has said himself is not accountable to the European Parliament.

What had originated as the EEC has transmuted into the EU which is the European Union, a political entity which serves itself to the detriment of business regardless.

Before this week it was fine for the EU to slap tariffs on the UK as part of the punishment for daring to leave the stifling and restrictive fold of the EU. The fact that Donald Trump has decided to slap a tariff on imported steel to make a correction on the dumping of cheap imports which result in the decline in the home steel industry is very sweet in terms of Donald Tusk’s reaction which demonstrates that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander as far as the EU is concerned, the true characteristics of a bully.

Since it seems that the link to the Stolen Seas document has now become elusive I have decided to track it down to save the frustration of anyone wishing to take a look:


25th January 2018

This morning it was announced on the news that Mr Juncker said that if the new prime minister was a pro-remain figure, Article 50 should be activated “in two weeks after his appointment” — but if it was a supporter of the leave campaign, “it should be done the day after his appointment”.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard and thought to myself that he hasn’t learnt anything. It is proof of the dictatorial nature of the EU representatives and their fickle diktats.
To top it off a little later we then heard that all 27 had agreed that there would be no concessions and that the single market will come at a price and it was added that the strict decision was to deter others thinking that they could get a better deal than what they already have.

It is incredible. Its as if the EU is being run by the Mafia and that the price for being part of it is equivalent to protection money. You could say that they are out mafiosing the Mafia at their own game and Juncker is playing it tough to make a point.

In fact Britain, while a member of the EU bent over backwards to accommodate its dictates but it was known that other countries within its confines adopted to varying degrees or not as they saw fit.

There is the recent story of an English business woman who had to write off a three hundred million pound business because a competitor in the EU was failing to follow the strict guidelines set out by the EU itself and so could undercut her in price. The lady went to her MEP who said that he was powerless to do anything to help and told her that she must contact a Lobbying group. She discovered that the first meeting with the Lobbyist would cost her £12000 plus a retainer. This is what British business is up against in the EU.

Perhaps it is better to cut our losses and make up the difference by not being in the single market by expanding business to the rest of the world where there are no trade barriers or compulsory fees charged for doing so. I have never been a fan of those cards from banks where you have to pay a fee in order to obtain enhanced benefits. It means that you have to spend more than intended in order to benefit when in fact you may not want to spend anything at all.