Thoughts on Trump’s Tweet

President Trump has been receiving persecution from all quarters of the main stream media as well as various governments for his recent tweets regarding videos said to be depicting extreme Jihadi violence sourced from the Britain First website, which itself is deemed to be extreme Right wing. The videos it seems have now been ‘proved’ not to be from the said locations at all according to independent investigation, but despite this the whole episode prompts some serious questions of their own regarding hypocrisy from his accusers.

The old adage of the Pot calling the Kettle black comes to mind, or the saying of Jesus which said ‘Judge not lest yea be judged’ or even the current saying that ‘ when the accusing finger is pointing forward there are thee more pointing back’.

So the glaring question which begs to be confronted is the issue of sheer hypocrisy from the accusers be it MSM or more importantly, from those in power, be it in the UK or across the pond in America focused on Obama and Hilary Clinton and their backers whoever they may be in the shadow government.

This last point is also an important issue because we have the semblance of democracy but once the vote is in and counted, the resulting ruling party then go on to do as they wish,regardless of public opinion and as such function more like an elected dictatorship, partly in secret.

Within this set up there is another interesting point in the relationship between the UK and America, and that is the relationship of cooperation between the two Nations where the Right Wing of one Country cooperates seamlessly with the Left Wing of the other.

At the time of the false flag of 911, we saw George W Bush,Republican, arm in arm together with Tony Blair, UK, New Labour which in political terms is equivalent to the Democratic party in America. We saw them cooperate in overseas invasions and at the same time enact policies against the best interest of their public at home in the guise of ”The War on Terror” which even included flights for ”Special Rendition” through the UK for illegal torture overseas.

Another example of course is that of Obama and Hillary Clinton, Democrat in the US and David Cameron in the UK, Conservative, which is similar to the Republican Party in America. Cameron was willing to support the agenda to overthrow a a freely elected leader for regime change in Syria.

Now we presently have a situation where the Conservative government under Teresa May in the UK is criticising Donald Trump who is the Republican President of the United States of America.
So this is quite an anomaly at a time when these two political parties, the Conservatives in the UK and the Republicans in the US should be perfectly aligned ideologically. In the past there have been complete harmony between Ronald Reagan, Republican and Mrs Thatcher, Conservative during the 1980s.

It is a fact that Donald Trump wasn’t expected to win the Presidency and it was quite apparent that those who are criticising him now were the same ones badmouthing back in 2016 before the election result but who were quick to change their tune afterwards, which was quite an amusing thing to see.

This is an important detail and it would suggest that Trump is his own man and is not owned by the establishment. This is quite likely to be the answer to the reason for the afore mentioned anomaly. So the bottom line is that he is not a puppet of the Deep State or Shadow Government so they are doing their best to unseat him. Despite this it is apparent that Trump’s initial choice of people chosen to fill government roles are gradually being replaced by those who have been instrumental in supporting previous administrations and could be said to be fully functioning tool of the Deep State.

To compliment what has been written above is what was put together last night with all of the supporting Video links.

The Hypocrisy is very cleat to see and it seems that it is judged to be more of a crime to post videos
depicting terrorist atrocities than it is to be involved enabling and funding them.

Elements of the pot calling the kettle black. Do not judge lest yea be judged and when a finger is pointed forward there are three pointing back.
The attack on Trump from every quarter just begs for clarification of the facts to expose how hypocritical his accusers are.
Just to make it clear that Boris Johnson fully supports the fraudulent White Helmet shown in the video that follows.
Boris Johnson praising the White Helmets and providing £65 million

A composite from many good White Helmet expose’ videos:
White Helmets Fraud – Netflix and MSM Push White Helmets Propaganda Despite Facts


Also an additional video which compliments the above in great detail: