The release of JFK Assassination Files

The recent news to break is that Trump has released thousands JFK files, and blocked others under pressure. It is understandable why the FBI and CIA have exerted pressure on Trump to withhold for further scrutiny, redact further or even seal.

On the morning of 26th October BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview with Clint Hill who is the Secret Agent who who can be seen jumping on the back of the Limousine the moment after the shots rang out. He maintains the official narrative that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin and debunks the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Now the interesting point here is that he would have been in a prime position to be able to hear the direction of the shots which the majority of bystanders heard coming from the grassy knoll and who responded by ducking down whilst looking in the direction of the picket fence.

The interviewer asked ‘how did you know for sure that Kennedy was dead at that time’ and the response was words to the effect that ‘ Kennedy was slumped over and I could see that there was a large hole in the skull and that there was no brain matter left. Remember that the biggest hole is always from the exit wound and that the Agent was observing from behind and thoughts at that time during the interview was the possible use of dum dum bullets.

Now this is a personal experience of mine going back to 1985 while staying in a shared house on Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville Tennessee which had been used by students belonging to CARP and who had recently moved out.

Now here the bookshelf was full of political books which was something in keeping with the building’s use and one day I pulled out five books from the shelves in what would seem to be a random manner but I was soon to discover that each one was relevant in its own particular way. One of the books, which was also the largest, was an autobiography by Henry Kissinger called simply Kissinger with a black and white photograph of his face dominant on the front cover. I had no intention of reading this book from cover to cover because of its size but instead browsed through its pages. One particular passage jumped out at me which said words to the effect of ‘When a policy is being made, the best time to change it is before it goes through. Of course I understood this in the context of moulding policy to the will of such like the Trilateral Commission for example, but at the same time that sentence acted as a catalyst of thought that suggested to me that there was a thread or connection that made a link between the events of the Bay of Pigs, the assassination of J F Kennedy and Watergate.

I never ever stopped searching for more insights into both politics and religion for my inner self always told me that there was more to know than we are aware of. So I always took the opportunity to search and brows and while in Jackson Mississippi in particular focused on reading Watergate books to see what could be gleaned of relevance but found nothing in particular that would support my tri event theory.

As far as understanding where Kissinger was coming from, politically, I had already discovered a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen during the tail end of 1980 in San Francisco while browsing a bookshop there. After an initial look around, I had decided it was time to leave but it seemed as if there was a hand on my shoulder keeping me there so I understood that I was to continue looking. Eventually on a white plastic wire carousel of paperbacks I picked out a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy and as I browsed its contents realised that this was what I was supposed to find and that it was important that people should know about it. However, after buying it and having time to begin reading it through properly I began to wonder if this was just the product of the author’s fanciful imagination. I became separated from this book before completing it due to an unexpected trip to to New York for a three week seminar and expected to return but did not. I should have known better. (

That first stint in America lasted 14 months after which I unexpectedly returned to England but it was during the second trip which began 1984 thereabouts that one of the five volumes chosen was NDC but I had not recognised it at first until proceeding to read it and gradually I recognised the content and this time was convinced that what was written inside was true.

When the so called ‘Berlin Wall came down’, I could not help but be suspicious that a plan was underway for the infiltration of Europe but eventually put it aside and moved on and with regards to the content of None Dare Call it Conspiracy I put that aside as well because those whom I spoke to about it did not believe and regarded it as an inside joke.

It was during browsing on the internet in 2007 that the answer came regarding the link between the events of the Bay of Pigs, JFk assassination and Watergate and it came in the form of the death bed confession of E Howard Hunt to his son named St. John. It seemed that St John had already had suspicions of his father’s whereabouts on the day of the assassination and recognised the similarity of his father to one of those masquerading as tramps seen behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, and that he also had his hand in both the Bay of Pigs and Watergate. (

In this context it also comes to mind a question surrounding the observation of the extent of President Kennedy’s fatal wound.

The Brexit Song

1). Brexit, we want to exit, but we may or may not I am afraid.
Strong and stable, like a two legged table, a £100 billion forfeit may be made.

Remainers want to stay and don’t mind to have to pay and give the EU cart blanch to have their way.

2). Freedom, we want our freedom, to trade with whom we like without restraint.

There is Junker in his bunker,which will only make us hunker, hunker down and not be bullied in any way.

3). The remainers, are complainers, who cannot accept the referendum vote,
For if they had won instead, it would be quickly put to bed, with no hope to have a second vote.

4).Brexit, we want to exit, we may or may not I am afraid.

The Remainers want the EU but we say that we will see you, for its freedom in the end we really want, and we think we are negotiating instead we are procrastinating, will we ever actually leave.

5). Brexit, we want to exit, we may or may not I am afraid.

Mutating Flu Virus

Last Friday the 20th October, while travelling to work by bus, having already travelled three quarters of the journey, a lady got on board and sat in the seat right behind me. She was sneezing, coughing and spluttering and immediately I could feel the peppery feeling in my nose and during the short walk to my destination I could already feel the throat beginning to become sore. I was surprised about how quickly the symptoms of what may be a cold established itself but I was also aware that I had already had a cold which began with a bout of sneezing on the 22nd of September and which had passed by eight days although I took some days off work to recover.

With this in mind I was hopeful that this would soon pass and it seemed that nothing had become of it. On Monday morning, now yesterday, I awoke with thoughts of writing about the experience in relationship to the unusual symptoms that I had earlier in the year, with the premiss that what I had then was what had found its way to Australia and mutated and which is now about to return.

Also I would like to add that my daughter Clara had sent me a text on Sunday morning to say that she was quite ill at the moment and would be staying home. I decided to call her on the phone to ask what what she had and I could hear her coughing and sneezing, just like the lady on the bus, while trying to explain. Luckily it is half term so she would be able to remain in bed and not miss any lessons.

So Monday morning it seemed that nothing had come of it and felt that I should write but as usual there are so many points that come to mind that it is off putting because of the task of representing it
as it comes to mind because the thought just come flooding in almost abstract and to represent them on the page is more linear, and then it becomes a case of where to start.

By Monday, 23rd October in the evening I began to get mild headache just as I did in January but during the recent cold in September I had normal symptoms for what must have been the common cold and did not have a headache at all. So this tends to confirm my theory about the mutating form of that virus returning to the Northern Hemisphere for our winter season. The headache seems to serve as a tell tale sign. I do remember speaking to a young man who was probably in his mid twenties who was working to install new central heating for my next door neighbour and I brought up the subject of the virus and he said that he had had it and that it was terrible.

Initially back in January I wanted to know if what I had was the common cold or the flue and at that time there was no clear explanation and in fact there was no news at all. Therefore we had gone from October 2016 to January 2017 with no information on the virulence of the flu virus and the only the only report I could find at that time was one from a hospital in Canada which reported of providing more beds and funding it themselves in preparation, so they were aware of the situation, and the common reported situation around the World was a shortage of beds in hospitals.

The situation of reporting is very different now because there have been ample warnings of the Australian variant which I had suspected was a mutation of what we had during the 2016-17 flue season. It was at this time that I was drawn to try understand what is meant by the A (not subtyped) variant and also here there was no clear information that I could find, although it is most likely known to health professionals. It was notable that this was the most prominent proportion/type in the Northern Hemisphere at the time, and a recent observation of its strength during the period coming out of the flu season, from the WHO charts, was that it remained the strongest and least affected by the natural decline, meaning that it maintained its resiliance.

I had finally come to the conclusion that the none subtyped variants pertain to the Human whereas all others have their origins in animals, such as Swine Flu or Bird Flu. Again, looking at the make up of the Australian flue virus types, it is notable that the A (not subtyped) virus has been reduced as a proportion of all of the known variants for the Australian flu season but at the same time there is a strain which has become more dangerous so therefore I concluded that what had taken place is that it had mutated into the animal variants and on checking on my journey home, Monday evening found that this has been reported to be the case. The same proportion of flue variants found in Australia are now shown to be identical in the USA according to the present WHO charts.

This is what was written in longhand this morning (Monday) when I made a start but did not finish it.

As explained in January, the virus was not normal and would change the form of its symptoms as time progressed in a topsy turvy manner. It took just under six weeks to subside.

I believe that what I had in January this year was the beginnings of what had made its way to Australia, mutated, and is now returning to the Northern Hemisphere for our winter flu season.

I initially caught the virus from my sister Angela who always has her annual flu jab, and I was not concerned when she told me that she had the bug.

So looking back and reflecting on what is being said or advised now, is that the only defence is to have the flu jab, and this has been very prominent, but which also comes with the advisory that it may not be effective to protect against the Australian Flu.

The A(not subtyped) was quite a large constituent of the over all influenza picture, and was mirrored in the US, Canada and Northern Europe. I suspect that this has cross mutated into the other strains which are animal bases in origin and so have become more virulent and potent. Thus it can be seen that the A(not specified has become less of the proportion in Australia and this is mirrored by what can be seen in the current WHO diagrams for America.

Words to a potential Brexit song

A week ago today words came to what was to be song, with its rhythm and rhyme, but it fizzled out and cannot add more to it so thought just to post as is.

The Brexit Song: Words

Brexit, we want to exit,but we may or may not I am afraid.

Strong and stable, like a two legged table, a £100 billion forfeit may be made.

Remainers want the EU but we say that ‘we will see you’ for it’s freedom in the end we really want.

Freedom, we want our freedom,to trade with whom we like without restraint,

We think we are negotiating, instead we are procrastinating, will we ever actually leave?

The Remainers want to stay, and don’t mind to have to pay, and give the EU cart blanch to have their way.

So Here’s The Deal

The EU has been so persistent in insisting that the UK pays for projects they  claim that we pledged to support before the Brexit Referendum vote and even those which have not started yet.

On the EU side, as soon as the result of the Brexit Referendum was known, the attitude of the EU was to bar UK MEPs from certain meetings even though we had not yet formerly left. Therefore we can know the attitude of the EU towards Britain because they have clearly demonstrated it.

Right from the beginning I could not help holding the perception that perhaps private/ secret discussions were underway on how to ”manage” us and held the concept that they would mix and match the way that each remaining member will, in turn, frustrate progress of negotiations because it has been made clear that any agreement has to be agreed on by all member states.

So, the deal should be that if they want us to pay for projects that we will never benefit from in the future, including those that we have already paid for in the past, then it would only be fair for us to charged the EU rent for one twenty eighth portion of any properties that we have paid into in the past as well as in the future, for perpetuity.

The UK must be part owner of any real estate that has been built for EU purposes as we were equal partners footing a substantial part of the bill and even though Mrs Thatcher won a decent rebate, EU lover Tony Blair gave a large part of it back for nothing in return.

To most right thinking people it is totally incorrect to have a huge financial demand as a prerequisite for negotiations to begin independently of other issues. It is a manner of conduct that would not be out of place being made by the Mafia. So perhaps it is reasonable to lease our portion of assets to the political structure which is the EU, a supranational political structure which has not signed off its accounts for 23 years.

During the early hours of Thursday 28th September on Radio Five Live a caller phoned in to make a comment about Russian interference with the presidential election and that Facebook claims to be neutral. Suddenly everything began to sound garbled and the program moved quickly onto news about a 163 carat diamond which was to go on a world tour to eventually be auctioned off in Hong Kong. listeners were told that they would return to the item but never did.

Because this item of news of Russian interference is so persistent and keeps returning, it also serves as a reminder about a radio program which had recordings of interviews with Ukrainian students who were being paid up to $5000 to generate stories during the time running up to the US Presidential Election.

I thought this was interesting and it kept coming to mind, firstly that the legitimately elected leader had been ousted in a coup de tat and also that UK soft power has been injected into the area. So the underlying question was is there a connection with this and could the money paid to the students be traced to the source. Of course I never really made the effort to find out but this morning I became very interested so I later did a search while travelling by bus, out of curiosity.

It seems that the Ukraine is a very poor Country and an immigrant to the UK expressed that she hates the Ukraine and never wants to return because there is nothing there for them and this emotion surprised me because otherwise she came across as very pure in heart.

So it would be easy to understand how the bright minds of the Ukraine would readily take up this offer to put their creativity to work.

Here is what I came across during the bus journey: