Questions Evoked Due to the abnormal inflation of Natural Gas prices

There is something going on causing the inflation of Natural Gas prices that isn’t normal, so it would be good to attempt to fathom out what is going on.

The first port of call was to take a look at the historical price of natural gas in the Chinese economy where the majority of manufactured goods for the Western World takes place. From the graph it can be seen that the current price in China is not too far off from its historic low.


A 5 year record of the price of Natural Gas in China which is now at its longest sustained low


This 1 year record of the price of Natural Gas in China shows fluctuations in greater detail which can be compared with the corresponding increases and decreases in the European Market
Here is the 5 year chart for price fluctuations for the Western World. It can be seen that we have currently come out of a trough and the present level is lower than last winter, and is similar to the fall and rise of 2015/16


So here is shown the one year chart showing that price levels one year ago were slightly higher than now yet we did not see massive price rises during that period.
This shows the record of price increases in Europe and UK which is most likely due to speculators on the Stock Market. The graph that showed the same trend has been lost.

On the other hand, when we look at the current price for natural gas in the western hemisphere there has been what appears to be a rise, but what it really means is that it is a climb out of the trough of manufacturing inactivity caused during the so called pandemic, but magically as we have been released there has been a string of additional problems to help destabilise businesses of ordinary folk. This current rise brings us back to a lower position than the price point that existed before the pandemic i.e. November 2019.

(( What this looks like to me is that the Corporate World is protecting their profits in their major manufacturing enclave, namely China,  named such because it seems to be protected from the downsides that these same entities may launch on the rest of the world caused by their money manipulation on World markets. This is something that a certain political entity would delight in because it means that their adversary pays for their own demise while they themselves profit. This is what it looks like to me.))

Another interesting thing is that David Ike, right from the beginning when the world wasn’t quite sure what was going on regarding pandemic, suggested that the whole purpose was to create lock downs which would result in companies going to the wall and then being bought up for ‘’cents on the dollar’’. He at the same time pointed out medical reasons why the conduct within the pandemic looked like a scam.

As we were gradually becoming free there came into existence the so called pingdemic which also had the effect of wounding businesses. When we eased our way out of that we then began to feel the chaos caused by absence of multiple thousands of heavy goods vehicle drivers, apparently this has been revealed to be the same situation in countries across the World,which just like the pandemic is equally World wide.

The curious thing is that this driver shortage was already reported to the government many months before, and warnings had also been given of impending problems 5 years ago,yet until this very time everything seemed to be running as normal until now.

At the same time we have witnessed the chaotic disruption to life caused by the Global Warming activists who are intent on causing pain upon pain on society, as we are coming out of continuous lock downs, justifying it by spouting superior platitudes while calmly telling us that we don’t understand the situation, which is the cherry on the top. The latest news is that the EU is demanding an increase in deliveries of coal to fire up their power stations because of the now proven inadequacy of wind and solar. Countries in Africa flare off gas into the atmosphere from their oil wells and there are hundreds of active volcanoes around the World. Britain of course has to undergo what is known as ‘disruptive technology’ to change the way that we heat our homes. Any changes as a result of new technology should take place organically gradually and not throw out what is perfectly serviceable. Germany still sells items which we in Britain have been eager to jettison according to diktat, forgetting completely about the resultant waste that ends up in landfill. 

These disruptive organisations of Extinction Rebellion and its offshoot Insulate Britain are funded from abroad as was Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose which was spawned in America and funded by Deutsche Bank. Common Purpose has been responsible for the ‘’re framing’’ the minds of our once recognisable police Force. Part of this ongoing process began during the New Labour years when Gordon Brown actively began reducing the Police Force, and I recognised, at the time, and also made comment that the purpose was to remove properly trained old school policemen to be replaced by new recruits who would be more malleable to accepting new roles and attitudes.
Teresa May when Home Secretary cut the police Force by 21000 which directly resulted in the police being incapable of the basic role of protecting the public, the very reason that Robert Peel founded the Force in the first place. Now it is a service, literally so, evidenced by a police officer asking a person illegally obstructing the Queen’s Highway if there was anything she could do to help (make them comfortable)
We have been witnessing the ruination of Great Britain, facilitated from within, by our own politicians and it matters not whether it is the Conservatives or Labour at the helm, the result is the continuation of this agenda.

Our political leaders, be they Labour or Conservative, have been facilitating the ruination of this nation for the sake of Globalism. This Globalism, which should in fact be known by another name, wouldn’t mind conflict with China or Russia because it serves the purpose of allowing the free world the opportunity to pay for their own demise. This is the master plan and this is how  you need to view geopolitics. 

It looks to me that the City of London, The Square Mile, is like a parasite upon the Nation, like a Cuckoo in the nest, except that it has always been there. Even our Queen is subservient to the Lord Mayor and she is required ask permission to enter and has to walk behind him. That enclave which is the financial engine is totally independent having been given special conditions that had been granted to it since the Norman Conquest because they recognised that it would be useful in the future. They eventually brought money lenders who were prominent in France at that time but not present in England until after 1066.

It had been evident that Britain had been the second largest contributor into the EU, and this was most likely due to the result of the profits gained from financial speculation from within the Square Mile. Our manufacturing capacity has been sold off to foreign Countries as well as utilities being in foreign hands where profits go abroad.  Also at the same time Britain has more areas recognised as being poverty stricken than any other Northern European country. 



Pandemic, Shortage of Food,and Geopolitical Shenanigans

We are being told that there is a lack of CO2 for the preparation of food. The shortage is said to be the result of the increase in the cost of natural gas. We had been notified that there would be an increase in the cost of gas during October several months ago. Now we are being warned that there will be a drastic shortage of food for Christmas which is in three months time.

It is interesting that these projections have been put forward months in advance which to me suggests that they were also planned in advance.

The percentage increase in the cost of natural gas palls into insignificance compared with the eleven to fifteen times increase in the cost of container shipping. This alone is putting inflation into the system. So why have manufacturers been holding back on an ingredient used for the preparation of food?

It would be interesting to take a look at who predominantly owns this shipping financially.

During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, it has been pointed out that a great contribution to overall deaths came about as a result of food shortages. Could it be that we are being presented with the same play book all over again?

People in the UK may believe that the shortage of lorry drivers is the result of Brexit. However it appears that the same trend of a shortage of drivers has been reported in America and Canada. So what is the cause in those countries?

Media reports told of how drivers from Europe preferred not to drive the route from Europe to the UK because of time consuming and exhaustive out of date paperwork. Another contributory fact is a report that European drivers resident in Britain took furlough and loans then returned back to their own Country with no intention of paying back what may be required of them. That and also that they preferred to be at home in their own country because of Covid 19 and the consequential lock downs.

Several weeks ago, two separate radio stations announced that the emergence of the virus had taken place so long ago that it is no longer possible to determine how it came about, whether in the lab or naturally.

When this statement was made I had been aware of the fact that the virus had already been sequenced and that what it revealed is that the evidence of manipulation of the virus is indicated by remnants that should not be there naturally. It has been suggested that these may have been left behind by mistake in the rush to complete the process.

Another important anomaly of this virus is the presence of an extra Key or anchor point which means that there are two instead of one. This makes the virus many time more virulent with the ability to infect other soft tissue organs in the body, not only the lungs. Today it has been pointed out that Covid 19 is more virulent than the flu and the push for us to make sure that we have the flu jab for this Flu Season, yet what happened to the flu last year in 2020?

The presence of the two anchors is the reason for Covid being so nasty and pernicious, particularly for the older generation. It was the observation of the symptoms reported by those unfortunate to contract the virus that I had commented in the past that the symptoms are so mean that it is likely to have been artificially made. The evidence of these abnormal characteristics together with the silencing of doctors and virologists who challenge the enforced narrative suggests that this is a deliberately created as a bio weapon. Whether it had been released deliberately or accidentally is a good question but it is very suspicious that Event 201 was conducted in November 2019, something which replicated possible scenarios, months before Covide 19 was officially acknowledged during the early months of 2020, though there has come to light that the presence of the virus had been detected in sewerage at that time as well as symptoms of illness also around November 2019.

It has been said, though, that people in good health should have enough antibodies from other corona viruses from the past to be able to defeat it.

The reluctance of Black people to take up the vaccine has been played down as being a case of ‘’hesitancy’’ as a way of deriding their rightful decision. However Africans in particular have become cautious due to the side effects of vaccination programs sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa resulting in infertility. There has recently been news of a rapper who had complained that after having the Corona virus vaccine that his virility had been affected. This had been made fun of and dismissed. There is evidence however that the spikes in the vaccine do migrate to the reproductive organs in females, in particular, as well as males.

Another feature of this vaccine is that the barbed spikes find their way into the blood stream where they attach themselves to the inside of blood vessel walls and there is evidence of blood clots in capillaries that are so small that they are undetectable except by the D dimer test which must be taken within 7 days of having the vaccine.

The psychological tactics to pressure people into taking the vaccine against their better judgement about putting into their bodies something which is experimental is also suspect, and as it turns out that being vaccinated does not prevent catching the virus or passing it on to others. Therefore people who are vaccinated do not need to be concerned about those who are not because they themselves are supposed to be protected, if the believe what they have been told.

The development of using mRNA vaccination is about 15 years old despite being told that it is the recent idea of a particular lady. Perhaps it had been the idea to use this particular technique for this particular virus at this time. This old but never used technology, except on animals, has been recognised as having the potential for problems which can also increased by further doses.

My suspicion is that when people begin to become ill in the future it can be either passed off as natural causes or can be used to make claims for new variants which then again will call for further boosters to be injected.

Have just this moment heard on the radio a comment by Sally Jane Cutler how incredibly safe the vaccines are yet the American Vaccine Adverse Event System  VAERS and the the UK MHRA show many recorded side effects which some claim represent only 10% of the total. It has been said though that people die all of the time and that these deaths aren’t necessary the result of the side effects of the vaccination, however there is evidence that these reports are not being investigated and evaluated which also is of concern.

Political Outcomes

The question that nobody has asked is how much Labour’s remain stance during the BREXIT Referendum, as well as their promise to rejoin the EU if elected, including other Brexit shenanigans in Parliament, contributed to their downfall during the recent elections held in England’ This in light of the spiteful revenge that the EU has heaped on the UK, for all to see, since officially leaving. The attitude of the EU, particularly that of the French may have been a contributory factor in the huge swing away from Labour towards the Conservatives.

Welsh Labour speaks of working within the Union as does Scottish Labour.

All of Kier Starmer’s 28 members of Friends of Israel in his Cabinet, bar one, voted to remain and Kier Starmer himself is a staunch remainer also.

UKIP is a spent force which is reflected in the haemorrhaging of their seats this time around, and the likes of the parties that are pro EU continue to have dismal results also.

The SNP are a different kettle of fish because they are absolutely pro EU and all Scottish National Party MP’s voted remain at the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016. The SNP relationship with the EU is the basis of its existence and it is an active two way relationship, and this has been so from the beginning.

On the lead up to the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, the clear message was that this particular referendum was a once in a generation event, in much the same way that the Brexit Referendum was supposed to be, but it became clear to see that the Remainers, having lost, were intent on scuppering the outcome as well as labour and Liberal Democrats promising to rejoin the EU if elected.

Also Nicola Sturgeon herself promoted the idea of the Scottish Independence Referendum being a once in a generation event, when she spoke in an interview with the Guardian she said:

“A referendum is by its very nature polarising. Whatever the margin of victory either way is, it will be the responsibility of politicians particularly to bring people together. We deliberately put a clause in the Edinburgh Agreement that said that both governments are committed to working together constructively after the result, whatever it is.”
And if the result is No? “Will there be another referendum round the corner? No. We can’t bind our successors, but we’ve made very clear our belief that constitutional referenda are once-in-a-generation events.”

A generation is anywhere between 20 and 30 years and in the present climate there is good reason for being held to this agreement and not being allowed to renege on it after only seven years and to change the goal posts which is the constantly observable modus operandi of the EU to suit itself, by bending or changing the rules on the hoof.

A generation would be plenty of time to allow the EU to get over its spiteful countenance towards the United Kingdom for daring to leave its political constraints, and as it stands there are already insurmountable problems on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland so it would be folly to invite the same border problems between England and Scotland at the present time.

The call for independence by Nicola Sturgeon is disingenuous because as soon as it has been granted then Scotland would throw itself into the clutches of the EU so therefore they would no longer be independent and on top of this would be inviting what has been behaving nothing less than an enemy to be right on the border with England.

Historically the Scots had always been willing to side together with the French in wars against England. Populations always find themselves being dragged into situations which are nothing more than the political will of their leaders, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Nicola Sturgeon threatens a court case if she doesn’t get her way.

We now live in an America where mob rule crushes all dissent

‘’We now live in an America where mob rule crushes all dissent’’

That is the title of an article in the Washington Times which prompted the following response.

I got more from seeing the title in an instant than reading the article itself, though the concepts are familiar. Normally the term Dissent is used to describe the dissatisfaction of parts of a population who have a grievance against the government and express it in words, for what ever reason, but here we have mob rule opposing the will of the people themselves with the authorities in the middle almost sympathising with them instead of enforcing the law. Police bending the knee or police being soft on the antics of Extinction Rebellion when normal law abiding citizens would receive draconian treatment for making a traffic violation by mistake. So members of the public who criticise these and other types of situations will be regarded as dissidents and receive more punishment than those committing the criminal acts.

Such a situation is more likely to propagate racist feelings than to heal them, and who knows if this is the agenda in terms of adding more fuel to the fire. We were to see reported a situation where a Policeman in the UK had also used the knee as a method of restraining a Black person and another case in America where an unarmed person was shot at least seven times in the back at close range despite the furore and protests over the original cause of protests because of the death of George Floyd. This type of behaviour will create the prolongation of rioting by those who feel that they have no recourse to justice and so express their dissatisfaction and hopelessness in the only way that they can.

In the UK there seems to be a cooperation between local authorities and the housing of illegal migrants who use the services of criminals to arrive here in rubber boats, and the authorities keep it secret from the population, There was also a case during the New Labour years where the office for National Statistics recorded more people coming into the UK from Africa than the combined number from India, Pakistan as well as all of what is called A8 countries of which Poland is a part of yet the media were constantly banging on about how Poland alone was the problem for mass immigration at a time when 350 thousand per year was normal. Polish people were a breath of fresh air for the country and a benefit but there is also little control over the criminals who arrive at our shores.

The question is whether this is deliberate policy or not, and I cant avoid remembering how the Cameron government as well as those from other European Countries and America were comfortable with funding the friendly terrorists in Syria who had connections with ISIS who in turn existed on an economy based on murder and then stealing the property of their victims, and this attitude extended to looting the country and stealing assets that were then received by Turkey and no doubt others by mutual cooperation. This situation would have continued had not the Russians finally decided to get involved to make a serious effort to eradicate ISIS.

We are seeing our culture being swamped by violent crimes with our police service, or should it be Police Force, cut to the bone so that previous normal investigations do not take place at all and the population has to put up with being a victim without Justice.

Looks like the Development of the Fourth Reich by stealth. You couldn’t make it up. Where is America in all of this?

This research was inspired by the 4th of September 2020 broadcast of UK Column News on the subject of the European Rapid Defence Force, EUFOR which combines both civilian Police and Military power to intervene anywhere in the World at short notice. Around the period of 2007 and 2008 posters on forums at the time were commenting how police were being trained in shooting practice with targets that had women. Children and old people printed on them and also suggested that by utilising an International force there is a pool of combatants not of the ‘’problem’’ Country who would be more able to not feel any conscience or mercy towards people not of their own kind. This is something to keep in mind.

Already we can see that there can be no allegiance or protection as deemed at will by the ruling class towards those who carry out their instruction as witnessed by the treatment of British troops who served as peacekeeping force in Northern Ireland when they were excluded from the amnesty that was afforded to the IRA as a result of the Good Friday Agreement and who are now presently being prosecuted for conducting their duty for which they had been conditioned and trained.

The following items are directly from articles without paraphrasing and the content within brackets are my own comments in order to facilitate separation.)

(Some of the Statements included in an article posted in Politico on 8th June 2017 come across as very deceptive as they contradict observable facts seen on the ground through official policy, though it may be true that Teresa May may have lain prostrate to the will of the EU while acting in her brief role as Prime Minister.)
UK stands aside as EU boosts defence
London’s opposition to defence cooperation has vanished since the Brexit vote. 8th June 2017

‘’It’s been an article of faith for decades that the U.K. opposes any form of EU defence cooperation. Regular headlines in many anti-Brexit tabloids before last year’s referendum accused the European Commission of hatching plans to create an EU army, something regularly rebuffed by frustrated officials in Brussels.’’
(Brussels may have denied this fact but so has the British Establishment all along also and it would seem logical for anybody who sympathises with the EU to support their policies).

(The following is a quote from a previous article which both exposes the lie through David Cameron’s own words and the fact that post Brexit Britain will be excluded from the Joint funding and manufacturing plan for military procurement within EU member states which in turn means no benefit of industry or associated jobs for the UK but they want to put our troops in harms way at their whim and also have us hand over our military hardware as well as put our Nuclear capability into French control which ultimately could be transferred to Germany. It is following the EU tradition of change through stealth.)

[Quote from Strength and Unity in the EU 9th May 2016]In a speech last May, then Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Suggestions of an EU army are fanciful: national security is a national competence, and we would veto any suggestion of an EU army.”
A possible reason for this policy U-turn? Money. For a company to be able to benefit from the new Defence Fund, the project in question must be based in at least two EU countries with at least three participants.
“Actions funded under the programme shall not be located on the territory of non-member states during the entire duration of the action,” reads the draft law that must be signed off by both MEPs and EU governments before it comes into force.’’[unquote]

(The following article was published while David Cameron was still Prime Minister and is proof that Britain has been totally involved with Military Unification all along)
Monday May 23rd 2016
‘’ BRITAIN has hosted secret Euro-Army war games on Salisbury Plain, in a move feared to be a firm step towards the formation of an EU army

It comes as the UK leads the EU’s high-readiness European Battle Group, which could see senior British Army officers take direct orders from Brussels Eurocrats.
Despite owing its allegiance to the Crown, the British Army was even ordered to emblazoned Headquarter vehicles with EU flags asserting beyond any doubt that they were not involved in a NATO exercise.
The revelation caused former defence secretary Liam Fox to last night warn: “They will try to say this has nothing to do with an EU Army but the truth is that, bit by bit, they are creating the mechanisms that will make it possible.”
A British Army Brigadier was today on standby to lead the fighting and peacekeeping force, including and hundreds of British troops, if it deploys on operations.
That order, however, would not come from Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, but rather from Federica Mogherini, who heads the EU’s Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.
(The role of this ‘’Permanent Joint Headquarters’’ has since been removed and allocated to mainland Europe as of 29th March 2019)

(This Information available on Wikipedia exposes the lie):
[quote]The Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) is the British tri-service headquarters from where all overseas military operations are planned and controlled. It is situated at Northwood Headquarters in Northwood, London. The Permanent Joint Headquarters is commanded by the Chief of Joint Operations (CJO) and the current CJO is Vice Admiral Ben Key.

Major General Christopher Wallace led the team that began establishing the headquarters from 1994. ( This fact confirms that its existence was with the knowledge of John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron who all served in premier or joint premier positions.)“Senior officers in the Army and RAF did not welcome this initiative and Wallace had to deploy his considerable skills of advocacy to win that battle”(to establish the new joint headquarters).

The Permanent Joint Headquarters was established on 1 April 1996 to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of UK-led joint, potentially joint and multi-national operations, and to exercise operational command of UK forces assigned to multinational operations led by others. Wallace was appointed as CJO in the rank of lieutenant general. The PJHQ started to assume responsibility for military operations worldwide (fully operational) on 1 August 1996. The 35-hectare Northwood Headquarters site has belonged to the RAF since 1938. [unquote]

( What follows next is information related to the long term plan for the establishment of funding within the EU for Joint military manufacture and procurement, and we have already since observed how the EU stated that they will cut off the UK from using the Galileo GPS system which the UK had been a prime contributor in both technological know how and financial contributions.)

From Politico November 30th 2016 :

‘’The European Commission announced Wednesday plans designed to encourage greater cooperation between EU governments in defence procurement and research.
Under the European Defence Action Plan, the EU will allocate €500 million in annual funding for defence research from 2020 and change the European Investment Bank’s rules to allow it to fund defence projects.
The plan builds on the EU’s Global Strategy for Security and Defence, developed by the bloc’s foreign policy chief Commissioner Federica Mogherini, and is intended to reinforce the EU-NATO joint declaration, signed earlier this year in Warsaw.’’

From politico By JACOPO BARIGAZZI AND HARRY COOPER June 7th 2017: 

‘’Europe’s new defence cooperation plans, launched Wednesday, mark the first time the EU budget will be used to help buy military equipment and on joint defence capabilities. Conceived long before Trump became president, the aim is not to secure “independence” from the U.S. but rather “strategic autonomy,” said European Commissioner for Industry Elżbieta Bieńkowska, an architect of the defence fund plans.’’

‘’The fund envisages around a half billion euros for military technology research and development for 2019 and 2020, rising to €1.5 billion a year from 2021. The goal is to drive consolidation in the EU’s fractured defence industry (Europe now has 178 weapons systems compared to 30 in the U.S.) leading, it is hoped, to a further €5.5 billion in total defence spending by EU governments each year.’’

‘’The so-called Defence Fund represents a historic push by the EU into a new phase of cooperation on military and security policy, including on procurement of weapons and new technologies. It comes at a time when the new U.S. president has raised doubts about his commitment to NATO’s principle of collective defence, prompting European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to warn that the EU can no longer wholly rely on its superpower ally.’’

‘’One senior EU diplomat said the EU’s ambitions would be judged more on its ability to coordinate security and defence policy and less on its ability to reform the eurozone.

“The real test is going to be on defence and not on the euro,” the diplomat said, noting that if a conflict were to develop in, say, the Balkans, the EU should have the capability to intervene without turning to London or Washington to take the lead.
This ability to put EU boots on the ground will depend heavily on decisions over the next few months on financing for existing EU battlegroups, comprised of approximately 1,500 soldiers, which have never been deployed, mainly because of funding disputes.’’

(Britain will  more likely be cut off from benefiting from this financial boost from within the EU Conglomerate)

Article Continued:
‘’On other EU military initiatives London has been a reluctant partner. For months, it opposed moves to consider a new military unit that will be responsible for EU training missions in Somalia, Mali and the Central African Republic — the Military Planning and Conduct Capabilities (MPCC) — as an EU military HQ. London has also been a historical opponent of anything resembling an EU army.

‘’When asked what this meant for post-Brexit Britain, Bieńkowska said: “Now they are in, and they support it.” But she noted that U.K. participation in the new initiative would be “one of the series of difficult topics to be discussed” during the Brexit negotiations.
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, is no stranger to the topic of European defence. In 2015, as special adviser to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on defence and security policy, Barnier made clear his vision of a European defence policy. “If Europe is to live up to tomorrow’s security challenges, the EU’s soft power must be matched by collective hard power,” he said.’’

(We are observing the covert dismantling of of British armed forces both from a continuous line of British Premiers plus that of EU strategic forward planning, meaning that they may have also deceived us all along.)

(There is a need for a new political party in the UK to challenge what will stand as the second political party of the UK and the name of the party to be challenged will be called: The Lib-Lab-Con Party with ‘’Con’’ being the operative word. Ideally the members of the new challenging party should comprise of people of the same calibre  as those who made up the now disbanded Brexit Party. )

(The American view, a warning made in 2000)
[Quote]Since at least 1998, the European Union has been thinking of its own defence force, the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and the accompanying 60,000 strong European Rapid Reaction Force, which would not be a part of NATO. This has drawn some warnings from the US telling the EU not to consider this.[unquote]

The Modern Invasion from Gallic Shores

It has been known for a long time that the French Navy are actively escorting illegal immigrants across the English Channel half way, and in some cases independent witnesses have watched them, from the cliff tops, do so all the way to our shores.

There are various issues here:

The French government is being paid by the UK to help prevent the flow of illegal migrants. This proves that they cannot be trusted to keep to an agreement, which in turn means they are committing fraud and at the same time are actively in collusion with assisting criminal gangs.

On top of this the French government is assisting an invasion of a sovereign territory which by definition is an act of war.

So what a complete nonsense it is that previous governments, notably New Labour under Tony Blair as well as the 2010 Coalition under David Cameron, but others too, to a lesser extent, had actively stripped out our Defence capability and even at this time the destruction continues through the prosecution of Veterans who had been obediently carrying out the duties they were tasked with during previous conflicts. The conspiracy of silence to conceal the march towards Military Union pervaded all governments and persists to this day.

Another thing that is not being talked about is that all of this is taking place at a time when the whole World are battling against Covid 19 which means that all of the rules of social distancing and other precautions to help stem the spread of the virus are being blatantly disregarded at a time when it is again on the rise in France. This compounds the notion of an act of war.

It is ironic that we are struggling to put together enough vessels to effectively patrol our shores, a situation which is a remnant from a time during the recent past when an agreement was made with the French to act as Coast Guard for the UK as we had decimated our own capability in preparation for Military Union with the EU.

This current situation warrants a complete withdrawal from Military Union and the re establishment of an independently viable defence force. The proof is staring us in the face in that we can only rely on ourselves for National security at time when the chips are down.

During the early years of WW2 when all of Europe had been overrun by the might of Nazism, Britain was to become the last refuge in which a recovery could eventually be made for the staging for the final fightback. It was the strength of the Royal Navy at the time which deterred a sea invasion which meant the reliance on the Luftwaffe to destroy the Royal Air Force to pave the way for an invasion by air. Hitler then turned towards an invasion of Russia, but they too had originally been in collusion with Hitler via the Soviet Nazi Pact to divide the spoils of war between them. Hitler and Stalin were equally devious and deserved each other.
The EU has since been successful in pulling our our teeth. You be the judge of why this could be so.


From The Culture Of Prosperity to A Culture Of Decline

Could it be the case that the protesters around various parts of the country are in fact Extinction Rebellion activists redeployed in Black Lives Matter protests, not just because the lock down has reduced the output of their favourite emission so therefore has rendered their political cause redundant, but because it seems, that ‘extinction’ or rather decline is their common currency.

Why were the police in London just as impotent to act during the BLM protests as they were during the Extinction Rebellion activism which created bedlam for the lives of working people attempting to commute to their place of work.

When are we going to see an end to the kowtowing to an American political export by Cultural Marxists whose real aim is to destroy the fabric of society.

This leads very nicely into the ‘one step at a time’ creep of communist led agenda and we can see the result before our very eyes when we observe how their policies fanned out when Mugabe took power in Rhodesia. Take a look at the various links but the goings on in South Africa is the first because it is the newest of this process and ongoing.

Cultural Marxists are actually living up to their name in our universities by blocking certain guest speakers so stifling the wider view and opinion which had traditionally been the diet of experience for those students capable of rising above the educational norms, eventually to take leading roles in the workings of their own society.

Here is a concise definition of a Cultural Marxist:

‘A collectivist application of Marxist class warfare along a far broader spectrum of identities, such as race, gender, and sexuality, as opposed to solely along class lines’

The latest that you will hear in the news is the campaign to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes, a benefactor of the University of Oxford. Rhodesia was named after him.

Here is a quote from a person who lived in Rhodesia under the premiership of Ian Smith:

The various links to newspaper articles tell their own story.

Alice Tromm, Studied College of Nursing (1976)
7th December 2017

Life under Ian Smith was great. The shops were full, no food shortage, even though the country was for 100% under the UN sanctions. There was no problems between white and black, the police force was for the majority Africans and they were unarmed, like in Britain.
I worked there as a nurse and the pay was low but than again, I could live on $10,- a week and a beer cost 20 cent. A pint of milk was 6 cent, bread was 12 cent, 1 kg of filet steak was 1,50 dollar. I cycled to work and it was safe on the road for a woman alone.
I met Ian Smith 5x and he was a humble man with a dry sense of humor. He refused bodyguards and the government insisted but the bodyguard resigned as Ian was walking through town and suddenly disappeared into the Portuguese hairdresser or an Italian coffee shop. He spoke Italian as he lived during WWII with the Partisans who found him after his Spitfire plane was shot down by the Germans. After retirement, his gate and front door was open all day and anyone could knock on his door. No guards nor guard dogs. He invited many people in, majority were Africans and he served tea. In 1980 he was spotted to walk in Barbours, a big store, and many Africans were gathering at the entrance. The manager said to Ian Smith that he could leave through the back door. Ian’s reaction was that he will never leave by the back door and walked out on First Street. The Africans were cheering him and shake his hand. He was never afraid and he invited Mugabe to walk together without any security through a densely populated township. Mugabe refused.

‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’: South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

Mugabe’s farm seizures: racial justice or catastrophic power grab?

From bread-basket to basket case: Land seizures from white farmers have cost Mugabe’s Zimbabwe £7billion


Mugabe is asking back the white farmers he chased away

A Personal Take on the Conservative Landslide Result During The December General Election

Tuesday 21st January 2020

There was a feeling of satisfaction around the fact that a seat in the House of Lords did not automatically follow John Bercow on his much delayed retirement as House Speaker in the House of Commons, as traditional convention normally dictates because he himself was a dab hand at changing convention during his tenure of a position that demands neutrality. Bercow used his position to throw convention to the winds in an attempt to thwart the democratic result to leave the political entity that is the EU.

Looking back, John Bercow may have single handedly set the conditions for the overwhelming landslide of the Conservative Party during the December General Election because the anti Brexit factions seemed to be on a roll in Parliament due to his accommodation of changes in convention as requested and this mindset presented an overwhelming temptation to go for broke, as demonstrated by the Liberal Democrat Party in particular and others in a quest to seize power and who blatantly proclaimed that they would reverse Brexit.

Also as a result this left Boris Johnson with no other option but to call a General Election and go for broke himself as his hands had become tied with no way to turn to further the progress of leaving the European Union. By their own stance Parliament had totally frustrated the the bid to ‘Get Brexit done’.

Additional to this was Jeremy Corbyn’s stance of sitting on the fence, concealing his real position towards Brexit, after many years of personally opposing the EU, and this had a huge detrimental effect on the public in a similar way that the shenanigans in Parliament had and it most likely came as a result of not recognising the mood of the Country as a whole while busily cocooned in their Westminster bubble.

One thing that could explain Corbyn’s change of heart towards the political entity of the European Union, after many years of opposition to it, is a comment that he made which alluded to uniting with his European ”Brothers”. I hesitate mention Socialists or Communists because how Left Wing he would venture would be anybody’s guess. As a potential Prime Minister he would probably be required to fall into line just as Tony Blair touted the Third Way and David Cameron the Big Society but all fall into line with the ideology of Comunitarianism.

John Bercow was originally Conservative but it has been said that he was chosen to become House Speaker in order to annoy the Conservatives. His actions in the House of Commons resemble that of continually changing the goalposts, as it were, examples of which we have seen after Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany and also Soviet Communism where successive demands are made one step at a time as well as the more recent morphing of the European Economic Community for trade into a political union. Europeans were told about the future in school lessons but the British were kept in the dark in much the same way as Military Union is today despite having achieved so called Brexit. So, the EEC morphed into the political entity of the European Union with the signing of the Maastrict Treaty, but because many Countries had difficulty in accepting it then it was refashioned, though essentially the same, it has been claimed, and ratified as the Lisbon Treaty.

It was always so obvious from the beginning since the result of the Brexit Referendum held in June 2016 that the UK military should also be self governing and independent of the EU so that it could decide independently how it’s military forces would be used so not to be dragged into wars which may be unjust. During the 1960’s Harold Wilson, the Labour Prime Minister prevented the UK from becoming embroiled in that terrible Vietnamese war on behalf of America.

The EU wants to become a super power and we have seen how willingly it has agreed to encroach on Russia’s borders after promising not to do so after Russia relinquished the ideology of Communism and it is interesting how Angela Merkle was so keen to trade with Russia, and Putin with the rest of the World but all of that fell apart when America called for sanctions against Russia as a result of the goings on in the Ukraine with regime change and the consequent response of Russia reclaiming back the Crimea for obvious strategic reasons. It seemed that the EU suffered more than Russia as a result of the Sanctions called by Obama.

As a consequence of Brexit the EU wants to cut us out of the Galileo GPS project of which much of our expertise and money has contributed. These are attitudes which have existed already even to the extent of demanding our fishing waters as the price of being allowed to join the EEC in the first place and it was a condition imposed by France. Even recently there have been huge fishing factories from Europe coming into the remaining waters that we have now and French have been coming close to our coastline trashing the seabed.

These are all attitudes that should be taken into account because our own military capability has been decimated by successive governments from John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and particularly David Cameron. Under Cameron we saw newly refurbished Harriers sold off to America for a song, Nimrod surveillance aircraft broken up as well as Aircraft Carriers sent to Turkey to be scrapped with the result of having to buy back major parts because it was cheaper than manufacturing them. It is as if everything was done in haste to comply with EU agenda of military unification. It was even too much to have work of this kind given to British workers and the steel reused.

As a Maritime Nation we do not have enough vessels to protect our coastline and the job of Coast Guard was given to the French but the evidence is that a constant flow of rubber boats filled with illegal immigrants supplied by people traffickers setting out from France are constantly getting through to our shores. The lessen is already there and that is who can we trust to watch our back at the time of conflict if we are not properly equipped and independent. The plain answer is that it would be foolish to rely on the EU.

Since originally writing this content in longhand on 21st of January, Jeremy Corbyn has come to John Bercow’s defense and called for him to be given a seat in the House of Lords. Given his behaviour as House speaker to implement his personal preferences to stifle the result of the public vote rather than being neutral for democracy’s sake then it is probably good judgement not to allow these attitudes in a reforming chamber. Also Tony Blair’s sudden change of heart regarding leaving the EU should probably be accepted with caution.

Also the two links below were added today as an illustration to some of the points mentioned but there could be many others included

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change”

Brexit may exclude UK from the EU’s GPS satellite program

The Mysterious Inability To Access a Blocked Facebook Account

Yesterday I became locked out of my Facebook account, most likely because of increased activity from the norm which was the result of posting a video made related to the Stop 5G campaign and the fact that over 3500 signatures secured a Debate at the Council meeting on Tuesday 10th September and where the relevant speakers and Councillor responses were included plus an added testimony about the harmful effects of 5G RF radiation on public health by Barry Trower, to provide balance, extracted from the YouTube Video titled Barry Trower on 5G.

So yesterday I successfully identified the four statements made by myself which were required as proof of my identity and the process went as far as being able to submit a new password with the whole process being accepted.

Afterwards I immediately attempted to log on to my account again only to discover that a whole new security check was presented to me so I decided to log off and forget about the whole thing until the following day.

So here we are this morning, and again I decided to choose four sentences that I had written in order to prove my identity. There were three obvious ones and the fourth one I had reservations about but was the only one left as the remaining could not possibly be. It was related to some features of the GQ-EMF-390 rf, emf and ef meter, an item which I had bought to help identify if RF frequencies were suspected of being the cause of headaches which began for the first time in February 2019. The comment presented was not one that I could identify as being said on Facebook but possibly on Amazon but it was the only content that could possibly be related to myself out of those remaining. My suspicion of doubt had been confirmed and so I remained locked out therefore I chose the next option of having a code sent to my mobile phone, a code which never came despite requesting a resend twice. The telephone number is correct and the phone is on patiently waiting for the code to be received. And again it was never sent.

I am still locked out of my original Facebook account and my suspicion is that it is deliberate!! for obvious reasons.

Here is the possibly offending material posted yesterday to many groups and so far there has also only been three views in 22 hours, according to YouTube statistics but then again nothing has been normal for many years since removing all permissions for Monetisation due to adds from unwanted third parties placing placing them on cover band videos that had music copyright warning on them which I had been particularly careful to observe.

[Quote]On Tuesday 10th September 2019 supporters of the Stop 5G Campaign gathered outside of Bristol Council House, recently renamed City Hall, in order to bring awareness to the public of the dangers of Wi-Fi enabled 5G on all living things. Afterwards at 6.00 pm they filed Into the Public Gallery to witness and support the contributions from Amber Eastman followed by Karen Churchill who both did their best considering the restriction of time imposed upon them. The accumulation of over the 3,500 signature threshold qualified a Councillor debate with Sally Beare presenting the petition requesting a pause to Bristol’s 5G roll out until it has been proven to be safe.

First to respond was Thomas Brook, the Labour Councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down, who is also the Chair of Bristol Development Control Committee as well being on the Public Control and Safety Committee. So having heard his impassioned opinion on 5G based on his faith on the information espoused by Health England I thought it expedient to include some some balance by including some insights, following the video clips of the Council meeting, from the experience of Barry Trower who is the World’s primary go to person on the effects of Microwaves on the Human body. All other Councillors have their political affiliations identified prior to speaking.[unquote]

Why Poland is the new France for Germany. Could this mean that Germany practices favouritism?

Today I decided to take a look at why Poland has been progressing by leaps and bounds in it’s economy which in turn benefits the population, as I had been aware that Polish people here in the UK began returning in 2014 and through enquiries learned that trade across the German border had been benefiting the Western side of Poland that the new stream of Polish migrants were from the poorer Eastern part of Poland nearer the Russian influence. All conditions had improved in Poland without inflation so that the value of their wages there would be greater than those earned in Britain given House inflation and ever increasing bills. Poland , like Britain, kept its own currency the Zloty.

Next I took a look at the German model of how things are run there, education, economy and work.
I just wanted to learn what other countries do to make themselves successful.

Along the way I watched a few videos about wage inequality in the UK and how this affects the Northern parts of the country, in particular, and learned that the highest concentration of deprived areas in the whole of the EU exist in the UK in the areas that were once the heart of the Industrial Revolution while the concentration of the highest earners exist in London alone out of the whole EU but they also coexist with some of the poorest amongst them.

It just so happened too that in one of the various videos about the EU, a chart of the money received by each country from the EU against what is paid in was shown and it illustrates how Poland is favoured by Germany in contrast to that of the UK which has the most deprived areas, and this in a sense conveys the real ongoing attitude towards the UK which is a similar one to when we first Joined the EU and our fishing grounds were split up and decimated by French design as a condition of joining the EU. The EU plan for the UK is that we have an economy based on Tourism and it is easy to envisage that the sole purpose of HS2, as an EU project, be for the efficient shuttling of tourists, eventually all the way to Scotland.

Germany had at one time been looking eagerly towards trade with Russia but that all came to an abrupt end because of sanctions imposed by America in March 2014 and the EU as a block was made to comply also. (
Why Poland is the new France for Germany
Konstanty Gebert & Ulrike Guérot

19th October, 2012
[Quote]Germany and Poland have become close political allies. The future of the European Union may be decided in Berlin and Warsaw. But has Poland replaced France as Germany’s most trusted European partner? [unquote]

POLAND, how is it getting RICH? – VisualPolitik EN

Why is GERMANY such an INDUSTRIAL LEADER? – VisualPolitik EN

Europe’s Top 10 Richest and Poorest Places – Data Dive

X marks the net contribution to the EU against what we get back. (Self explanatory)

The top ten poorest areas in Northern EU which comprise of the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg,The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

An old screenshot showing how the Agency of the European Banking Authority, once located in London, has now been transferred to Paris, France in 2019, showing that agencies which would normally be concentrated in each sovereign country are split up between between member states in the same way that component parts for manufacturing are distributed around in the just in time delivery system. Therefore no one Country can operate independently.