Political Outcomes

The question that nobody has asked is how much Labour’s remain stance during the BREXIT Referendum, as well as their promise to rejoin the EU if elected, including other Brexit shenanigans in Parliament, contributed to their downfall during the recent elections held in England’ This in light of the spiteful revenge that the EU has heaped on the UK, for all to see, since officially leaving. The attitude of the EU, particularly that of the French may have been a contributory factor in the huge swing away from Labour towards the Conservatives.

Welsh Labour speaks of working within the Union as does Scottish Labour.

All of Kier Starmer’s 28 members of Friends of Israel in his Cabinet, bar one, voted to remain and Kier Starmer himself is a staunch remainer also.

UKIP is a spent force which is reflected in the haemorrhaging of their seats this time around, and the likes of the parties that are pro EU continue to have dismal results also.

The SNP are a different kettle of fish because they are absolutely pro EU and all Scottish National Party MP’s voted remain at the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016. The SNP relationship with the EU is the basis of its existence and it is an active two way relationship, and this has been so from the beginning.

On the lead up to the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, the clear message was that this particular referendum was a once in a generation event, in much the same way that the Brexit Referendum was supposed to be, but it became clear to see that the Remainers, having lost, were intent on scuppering the outcome as well as labour and Liberal Democrats promising to rejoin the EU if elected.

Also Nicola Sturgeon herself promoted the idea of the Scottish Independence Referendum being a once in a generation event, when she spoke in an interview with the Guardian she said:

“A referendum is by its very nature polarising. Whatever the margin of victory either way is, it will be the responsibility of politicians particularly to bring people together. We deliberately put a clause in the Edinburgh Agreement that said that both governments are committed to working together constructively after the result, whatever it is.”
And if the result is No? “Will there be another referendum round the corner? No. We can’t bind our successors, but we’ve made very clear our belief that constitutional referenda are once-in-a-generation events.”

A generation is anywhere between 20 and 30 years and in the present climate there is good reason for being held to this agreement and not being allowed to renege on it after only seven years and to change the goal posts which is the constantly observable modus operandi of the EU to suit itself, by bending or changing the rules on the hoof.

A generation would be plenty of time to allow the EU to get over its spiteful countenance towards the United Kingdom for daring to leave its political constraints, and as it stands there are already insurmountable problems on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland so it would be folly to invite the same border problems between England and Scotland at the present time.

The call for independence by Nicola Sturgeon is disingenuous because as soon as it has been granted then Scotland would throw itself into the clutches of the EU so therefore they would no longer be independent and on top of this would be inviting what has been behaving nothing less than an enemy to be right on the border with England.

Historically the Scots had always been willing to side together with the French in wars against England. Populations always find themselves being dragged into situations which are nothing more than the political will of their leaders, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Nicola Sturgeon threatens a court case if she doesn’t get her way.