From The Culture Of Prosperity to A Culture Of Decline

Could it be the case that the protesters around various parts of the country are in fact Extinction Rebellion activists redeployed in Black Lives Matter protests, not just because the lock down has reduced the output of their favourite emission so therefore has rendered their political cause redundant, but because it seems, that ‘extinction’ or rather decline is their common currency.

Why were the police in London just as impotent to act during the BLM protests as they were during the Extinction Rebellion activism which created bedlam for the lives of working people attempting to commute to their place of work.

When are we going to see an end to the kowtowing to an American political export by Cultural Marxists whose real aim is to destroy the fabric of society.

This leads very nicely into the ‘one step at a time’ creep of communist led agenda and we can see the result before our very eyes when we observe how their policies fanned out when Mugabe took power in Rhodesia. Take a look at the various links but the goings on in South Africa is the first because it is the newest of this process and ongoing.

Cultural Marxists are actually living up to their name in our universities by blocking certain guest speakers so stifling the wider view and opinion which had traditionally been the diet of experience for those students capable of rising above the educational norms, eventually to take leading roles in the workings of their own society.

Here is a concise definition of a Cultural Marxist:

‘A collectivist application of Marxist class warfare along a far broader spectrum of identities, such as race, gender, and sexuality, as opposed to solely along class lines’

The latest that you will hear in the news is the campaign to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes, a benefactor of the University of Oxford. Rhodesia was named after him.

Here is a quote from a person who lived in Rhodesia under the premiership of Ian Smith:

The various links to newspaper articles tell their own story.

Alice Tromm, Studied College of Nursing (1976)
7th December 2017

Life under Ian Smith was great. The shops were full, no food shortage, even though the country was for 100% under the UN sanctions. There was no problems between white and black, the police force was for the majority Africans and they were unarmed, like in Britain.
I worked there as a nurse and the pay was low but than again, I could live on $10,- a week and a beer cost 20 cent. A pint of milk was 6 cent, bread was 12 cent, 1 kg of filet steak was 1,50 dollar. I cycled to work and it was safe on the road for a woman alone.
I met Ian Smith 5x and he was a humble man with a dry sense of humor. He refused bodyguards and the government insisted but the bodyguard resigned as Ian was walking through town and suddenly disappeared into the Portuguese hairdresser or an Italian coffee shop. He spoke Italian as he lived during WWII with the Partisans who found him after his Spitfire plane was shot down by the Germans. After retirement, his gate and front door was open all day and anyone could knock on his door. No guards nor guard dogs. He invited many people in, majority were Africans and he served tea. In 1980 he was spotted to walk in Barbours, a big store, and many Africans were gathering at the entrance. The manager said to Ian Smith that he could leave through the back door. Ian’s reaction was that he will never leave by the back door and walked out on First Street. The Africans were cheering him and shake his hand. He was never afraid and he invited Mugabe to walk together without any security through a densely populated township. Mugabe refused.

‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’: South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

Mugabe’s farm seizures: racial justice or catastrophic power grab?

From bread-basket to basket case: Land seizures from white farmers have cost Mugabe’s Zimbabwe £7billion


Mugabe is asking back the white farmers he chased away

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