A Personal Take on the Conservative Landslide Result During The December General Election

Tuesday 21st January 2020

There was a feeling of satisfaction around the fact that a seat in the House of Lords did not automatically follow John Bercow on his much delayed retirement as House Speaker in the House of Commons, as traditional convention normally dictates because he himself was a dab hand at changing convention during his tenure of a position that demands neutrality. Bercow used his position to throw convention to the winds in an attempt to thwart the democratic result to leave the political entity that is the EU.

Looking back, John Bercow may have single handedly set the conditions for the overwhelming landslide of the Conservative Party during the December General Election because the anti Brexit factions seemed to be on a roll in Parliament due to his accommodation of changes in convention as requested and this mindset presented an overwhelming temptation to go for broke, as demonstrated by the Liberal Democrat Party in particular and others in a quest to seize power and who blatantly proclaimed that they would reverse Brexit.

Also as a result this left Boris Johnson with no other option but to call a General Election and go for broke himself as his hands had become tied with no way to turn to further the progress of leaving the European Union. By their own stance Parliament had totally frustrated the the bid to ‘Get Brexit done’.

Additional to this was Jeremy Corbyn’s stance of sitting on the fence, concealing his real position towards Brexit, after many years of personally opposing the EU, and this had a huge detrimental effect on the public in a similar way that the shenanigans in Parliament had and it most likely came as a result of not recognising the mood of the Country as a whole while busily cocooned in their Westminster bubble.

One thing that could explain Corbyn’s change of heart towards the political entity of the European Union, after many years of opposition to it, is a comment that he made which alluded to uniting with his European ”Brothers”. I hesitate mention Socialists or Communists because how Left Wing he would venture would be anybody’s guess. As a potential Prime Minister he would probably be required to fall into line just as Tony Blair touted the Third Way and David Cameron the Big Society but all fall into line with the ideology of Comunitarianism.

John Bercow was originally Conservative but it has been said that he was chosen to become House Speaker in order to annoy the Conservatives. His actions in the House of Commons resemble that of continually changing the goalposts, as it were, examples of which we have seen after Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany and also Soviet Communism where successive demands are made one step at a time as well as the more recent morphing of the European Economic Community for trade into a political union. Europeans were told about the future in school lessons but the British were kept in the dark in much the same way as Military Union is today despite having achieved so called Brexit. So, the EEC morphed into the political entity of the European Union with the signing of the Maastrict Treaty, but because many Countries had difficulty in accepting it then it was refashioned, though essentially the same, it has been claimed, and ratified as the Lisbon Treaty.

It was always so obvious from the beginning since the result of the Brexit Referendum held in June 2016 that the UK military should also be self governing and independent of the EU so that it could decide independently how it’s military forces would be used so not to be dragged into wars which may be unjust. During the 1960’s Harold Wilson, the Labour Prime Minister prevented the UK from becoming embroiled in that terrible Vietnamese war on behalf of America.

The EU wants to become a super power and we have seen how willingly it has agreed to encroach on Russia’s borders after promising not to do so after Russia relinquished the ideology of Communism and it is interesting how Angela Merkle was so keen to trade with Russia, and Putin with the rest of the World but all of that fell apart when America called for sanctions against Russia as a result of the goings on in the Ukraine with regime change and the consequent response of Russia reclaiming back the Crimea for obvious strategic reasons. It seemed that the EU suffered more than Russia as a result of the Sanctions called by Obama.

As a consequence of Brexit the EU wants to cut us out of the Galileo GPS project of which much of our expertise and money has contributed. These are attitudes which have existed already even to the extent of demanding our fishing waters as the price of being allowed to join the EEC in the first place and it was a condition imposed by France. Even recently there have been huge fishing factories from Europe coming into the remaining waters that we have now and French have been coming close to our coastline trashing the seabed.

These are all attitudes that should be taken into account because our own military capability has been decimated by successive governments from John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and particularly David Cameron. Under Cameron we saw newly refurbished Harriers sold off to America for a song, Nimrod surveillance aircraft broken up as well as Aircraft Carriers sent to Turkey to be scrapped with the result of having to buy back major parts because it was cheaper than manufacturing them. It is as if everything was done in haste to comply with EU agenda of military unification. It was even too much to have work of this kind given to British workers and the steel reused.

As a Maritime Nation we do not have enough vessels to protect our coastline and the job of Coast Guard was given to the French but the evidence is that a constant flow of rubber boats filled with illegal immigrants supplied by people traffickers setting out from France are constantly getting through to our shores. The lessen is already there and that is who can we trust to watch our back at the time of conflict if we are not properly equipped and independent. The plain answer is that it would be foolish to rely on the EU.

Since originally writing this content in longhand on 21st of January, Jeremy Corbyn has come to John Bercow’s defense and called for him to be given a seat in the House of Lords. Given his behaviour as House speaker to implement his personal preferences to stifle the result of the public vote rather than being neutral for democracy’s sake then it is probably good judgement not to allow these attitudes in a reforming chamber. Also Tony Blair’s sudden change of heart regarding leaving the EU should probably be accepted with caution.

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