Should The Queen Dissolve Parliament?

As the present impasse over Brexit persists and there is now a prospect of Article 50 being extended then there will be enough time for the Queen to dissolve this Parliament to pave the way for a General Election. That would sort out Teresa May’s continued intransigence because she made a deal with her Cabinet to remain as PM on the promise that she would not fight the next General Election. This would also be a good opportunity to install a new Speaker in the House of Commons.

‘My way or the highway’ May has had ample time to honour the true spirit of the UK’s mandate to separate its political entanglement with the Supranational organisation that is the EU, and any self respecting Prime Minister would also come clean and truthful to separate from Military integration where France would take control of our Nuclear deterrent and by proxy hand it over to Germany. It does not make any sense to hand this over lock stock and barrel when the UK will be held over a barrel when it comes to negotiations as declared by French President Macron over fishing rights and other issues like Spain’s desire to grab hold of Gibraltar when it finally comes to actual trade negotiations.

Prospective candidates to stand for election could be those who have shown to honour the will of the people, as displayed over December 2018 and the New Year 2019.

Trade should be a natural and organic process as required by need and not be tied down by political constraints which is what we now have under the control of the EU.