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The point of interest is that Today’s UK Column News also covers some of what I had felt inspired to write regarding the courts and misuse.

Posted on Facebook account 24th May 2018.

Two Police Stations in my local area have been sold off for housing development and amalgamated into one in an area that Insurance companies know is a low crime area. Also there are plans to sell off Court Buildings around the country and replace them with Pop Up Courts in local shopping areas and to hold court sessions through video links. This would seem to be intentionally planned to separate the public from the process of being judged by one’s peers and because they are pop up in nature then it would more easily foil the public’s curiosity to attend. A variation of this has already taken place by withholding information on the timing of court sessions, or until the very last moment, where there has been interest concerning people have had their homes taken from them by deliberate dodgy paperwork or of cases brought against those who are a challenge to the status quo.

It looks like the break up of the infrastructure to maintain law and order in society, and another telling development is that police will no longer investigate domestic robberies.

The first police force in the UK was paid for by the middle class in Scotland who were fearful for their own safety and this was many years before a police force was introduced by Robert Peel in England.

With this in mind it is interesting to observe that in Central London we have seen the introduction of tooled up paramilitary style police in the name of combating ”Terrorism” while at the same time policing infrastructure is sliding away in the rest of the country.

Police stations to be sold off

Sutton Coldfield police station to be sold off by cash-strapped force

Surrey police station sell off brings in £30m for force after Epsom sale completes clearance

Katie Hopkins OBLITERATES Sadiq Khan Live On TV

Today’s UK Column News 25th May 2018

Facebook and Google could be fined BILLIONS after being accused of ignoring GDPR rules and ‘forcing’ users to give them their private data

Atheistic Zionism

This question came to mind yesterday morning but then I became distracted with something perhaps more important but now again this afternoon on arrival home with the intent of listening to some music to relax the question posed itself again. The search question was: Zionism and Godless ideology.

The reason for this question lies in the fact that on Monday 14th May the very moment that I awoke I turned on the radio early in the morning a program was already underway talking about the American recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish Homeland and the opening of the American Embassy there on the very day of the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the so called State of Israel.

This news brought an immediate recollection that during the early 1970s onwards the founder of the
Unification Church, Rev Sun Myung Moon consistently proclaimed that the atheistic ideology of Communism would decline after seventy years, and additionally during the mid 1980s warned that conflict with the Muslim world would be the next World problem after the fall of communism. From current observation, it seems that this has been artificially created and promoted.

Now there is a significance here because in the same way that the recent 100 years anniversary of the birth of Communism last year evoked a feeling that there was an intertwined connection with the Bolshevik Revolution and the steps initiated to bring about the Balfour Declaration which took place roughly within the same time scale, so this time also there seemed to be a significance with the number 70, although there has been a shifting of the time period. 1917 to 1989 for Communism and 1948 to 2018. We cant know if this agenda was on the cards regardless of who had been elected American President in November 2016.

Wall Street financed the sealed train that took Lenin through to Petrograd Russia and it was the same bankers and interests who financed Hitler, so there has always been a question mark over what seemed to be the fact that these very bankers facilitated the extermination of the Jews in Europe. Could it have been the case that Atheistic Zionists were financing the genocide of Jews of faith. It would be awful to think that this was actually part of the overall plan to gain World sympathy for the establishment of the ”Jewish” Homeland but it has since been utilised for this purpose. However here is a video which gives some clarity on the matter:
Benjamin H Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel
Benjamin.H.Freedman 1961 speech, Extended Version HD Watch through but at 55 minutes there is an explanation of the origin of the word Jew, a name evolved from the geographic location called Judea.

Distinguishing between atheist Zionism and Judaism

Go to:

[Quote] There is an extensive literature in English, French, and German reflecting the argument that the Bolshevik Revolution was the result of a “Jewish conspiracy”; more specifically, a conspiracy by Jewish world bankers. Generally, world control is seen as the ultimate objective; the
Bolshevik Revolution was but one phase of a wider program that supposedly reflects an age old religious struggle between Christianity and the “forces of darkness.”

The argument and its variants can be found in the most surprising places and from quitesurprising persons. In February 1920 Winston Churchill wrote an article — rarely cited today —for the London Illustrated Sunday Herald entitled “Zionism Versus Bolshevism.” In this’ article Churchill concluded that it was “particularly important… that the National Jews in every country who are loyal to the land of their adoption should come forward on every occasion . . .and take a prominent part in every measure for combatting the Bolshevik conspiracy.”

Churchill draws a line between “national Jews” and what he calls “international Jews.” He argues that the “international and for the most atheistical Jews” certainly had a “very great” role in the creation of Bolshevism and bringing about the Russian Revolution. He asserts (contrary to fact) that with the exception of Lenin, “the majority” of the leading figures in the revolution were Jewish, and adds (also contrary to fact) that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship were excepted by the Bolsheviks from their policies of seizure. Churchill
calls the international Jews a “sinister confederacy” emergent from the persecuted populations of countries where Jews have been persecuted on account of their race. Winston Churchill traces this movement back to Spartacus-Weishaupt, throws his literary net around Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxemburg, and Emma Goldman, and charges: “This world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.” [unquote]

The Opening Ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem Monday 14th May 2018

Walking Quietly With A Big Stick

We may not agree with the North Korean System of Government,but it is clear to see that their desire to develop a nuclear defence system could be spurred on by the Western goal of constantly invading and overthrowing Middle Eastern governments who may choose their own independent rout to economic survival.

So it would be reasonable to say that North Korea was mostly concerned with staving off invasion rather than using them as a weapon of unprovoked assault on other countries.

The latest development which the North Koreans will be observing is the Israeli’s ruthless attack on Palestinian children protesting while approaching the ”security” fence, a fence which in fact acts as the confines of a prison for the Palestinians. The Palestinians have been reduced to having to throw stones against their captives who receive millions of dollars a day for ”defence” from America while the Palestinians receive zero.

So the World witnessed this ruthless force by well armed Israeli troops and snipers against virtually unarmed children, save for stones which are totally ineffectual. This evidently is the balance of power that America and the Israelis prefer. Walk quietly with a big stick but be sure to confiscate everybody else’s.
The smile that accompanied the handshake that Gaddafi received when he gave up his weapons of mass destruction program was seemingly equivalent to the Mafia Kiss.

After Trump’s banter about who has the biggest nuclear button, things change and Kim Jong-Un had opened himself up to negotiations, obviously believing that he had joined the International club on an equal footing and was looking forward to trade, plus the end of sanctions, with his former enemies but the radical about turn came about when John Bolton put it about that North Korea must unilaterally give up its nukes. This has seemingly taken the relationship back to square one but it will be read that this is just a repetition of past form from the North Koreans regarding the reverting backwards from hope of thawing out of North Korean and the West’s icy relationship.

Returning to Israel, we have witnessed first hand their use of deadly force, even against children, not to forget their involvement with the foment of wars in the Middle East yet they were virtually handed their nuclear weapons on a plate by the very countries who dictate to North Korea and Iran. We know that this could be used as a pretext to attack Iran but when it comes to the Korean Peninsula it is a more delicate matter because of the close proximity to South Korea. It looks like America has slipped up regarding it’s demands.

December 2003: Gaddafi renounces weapons of mass destruction programs.
[Quote]Tony Blair says Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is willing to join Britain in the fight against terrorism.
After shaking hands with Colonel Gaddafi at the start of the historic talks, the prime minister said there was real hope for a “new relationship”.
People should not forget the past, they should move beyond it, Mr Blair said.
Thursday’s Tripoli meeting follows Libya’s renunciation of weapons of mass destruction in December. Mr Blair said such changes were “extraordinary”.
After the talks took place Mr Blair headed to an EU summit in Brussels set to be dominated by the issue of security in the wake of the Madrid terror attack.
As Mr Blair met Mr Gaddafi, it was announced Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell had signed a deal worth up to £550m for gas exploration rights off the Libyan coast.[unquote]
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Running Around The Runaround

On Thursday 10th May 2018 I visited a local One Stop Shop to submit an application form sent to me by the Pension Service for a benefit that I am entitled to. The intention was to take it there to confirm if all information was correct against what they already have on record.

The lady at the desk initially did not want to help me and said that I should contact the Pension Service, however she did look into my file on the computer to advise me of specific information that I had been looking for which meant that she actually had my file open on the computer.

When I arrived home I went on Google Earth to locate the Council offices indicated on the return address sheet provided in the envelope by the Pension Service for the delivery by post but I felt that I preferred to deliver it directly by hand. So seeing that it was located in a place that I had visited on other occasions in previous years, I thought that it would be a straightforward drive and that there would be no need to take my Satnav. Big mistake.

To my great surprise the whole site had been turned into a building site for Churchill Retirement Apartments so the next option was to enquire the location of the replacement Offices. The answer came from a passing couple and so made my way to locate it just over 8 miles away. This was a big mistake without the satnav, not so much journeying through the country lanes, but having arrived, because there was no indication of where the offices were and I ventured out and around and returning and having to ask people where the offices were. I must have travelled three times that distance looking. It turned out to be a new £30 million building, I subsequently discovered the following day, on trying to locate correct contact addresses which were all but elusive except for dogged detective work. All contacts by post were to go to a place that has either since been converted to a post office sorting depot as alternative use or it had always been used to receive mail for the Council. Who Knows?, as I discovered from the various post codes given on the web site bare no relationship to the actual new office building..

Several old post code addresses from previous correspondence over the years had been indicated as being deactivated.

So on entering this great slab of a building, one thing that struck me was that it was not designed to cater for the public. Instead there was a reception desk on the right hand side, curved to blend with what looked like a security access system, and sat at the desk were two females who’s main job was most likely security. The reason that I suspect this is that when I handed them the application form, the immediate response was that I should have taken it to a One Stop Shop to which I explained that I already had the previous day and was rejected and that when I took it to the location provided by the Pension Service it no longer exists.

They took the letter anyway and I asked them to write on the envelope what the contents were and who had provided the form to me and also to date stamp it which they did. I also asked for a receipt for myself to take away and put it straight into my bag without checking it. Unfortunately when I finally arrived home I discovered that although there was a description of what the form was for and whom supplied by, as well as the names of the two receptionists, they omitted to both date and stamp it with an official Council stamp, and they should know that a receipt with out this is usually not accepted as proof of submission or delivery. The heading on the paper is for the Department for Chief Executive and Corporate Resources. The indication therefore is that this building is not designed to cater for the general public, and this is most likely what the One Stop Shops are designed to do. Computers assist in keeping them at arms length. This then can also be a problem when the computer says no and the person responsible difficult to trace or get hold of.

This is obviously something that I will have to actively chase up on, and because the whole situation doesn’t sit right, quite naturally I feel concerned and can visualise where things can go amiss. Anyway time will tell and we can do nothing other but to trust them but the preceding events poses an obvious question mark.

Help the aged claim that there are billions of pounds of unclaimed benefits for pensioners, this has been the case for decades, I believe, as far as I can remember. It has also been pointed out that the UK gives the lowest rate of income for its pensioners within the EU but we can seen that there are supplemental benefits which are to make up for it but somehow there is a feeling of catch 22 about how entitlement to payments are calculated.

Old but still relevant:

Monday 14th May.

A phone call was made this afternoon to inquire  if the application form had been dropped off at the correct place and after describing events to the person on the other end of the Phone, who was very helpful, it appears that the pension aspect of the claim had created a confusion at the One Stop Shop and that all that was needed was a notification of the change of circumstances.



Dredging Up The Memory of Karl Marx

The problem is that the present generation have not experienced the realities of the practice of Communism first hand and may hold a romantic notion from the influence of old Communists who claim that Soviet Communism wasn’t true Communism. In fact in Russia today the Communist Party attracted only 11.77% of the vote in the 2018 presidential election.

There is however a situation which has seemingly come about as a result of the fall of Soviet Communism and that is that present day Capitalism has become one of total greed which to the observer may reinforce the the validity of Marx’s writings but in reality both sides reflect human failings and the Nomenclature were nothing more than the Capitalist boss, in attitude towards its people,as projected in the writings of the ideology, but which now seems to have become a reality in the western world and is especially evident in the UK.

It is as if the boot is now on the other foot, as it were, where it is now the once ”Free World” that is fomenting foreign wars through proxies and destroying God centred Nations, like Syria in particular which is secular but upholds the centuries old tradition of encouraging freedom of worship equally for all faiths. The West is seeking to destroy this and supplant sectarianism which it openly supports through funding.

Russia used to have food shortages and long queues which people joined ‘just in case’ there might be something worth having. Now we have our own food shortages for the working poor who’s stagnated wages cannot cover the ever rising cost of housing due to it being an investment vehicle, and also ever rising utility bills but which the inflation rate always seems to maintain an overall figure of around 2%.

Tony Blair and New Labour were advocates of Communitarianism, otherwise known as the Third Way, as was David Cameron and the Coalition Government of 2010 with the promotion of Big Society. The most noticeable feature of the pushing of Big Society was that perfectly functional charities proven to be beneficial to society were having their funding either cut or removed altogether with the result that they would have to close. The idea was that people would volunteer to keep similar organisations running, but I thought that this was a bit rich since people were struggling to maintain their own living standards and keep their heads above water. Also funding to local Councils has been systematically cut over time to such an extent that economies have had to be made by closing public conveniences, buildings which already existed, but they require people to be paid to maintain them. Before Cameron won the election in 2010 I remember him claiming on radio that the rich bosses maintained a wage difference of 400 to 1 over the workers but as soon as he became Prime Minister this figure ended up being reworked to something less dramatic.

So what we are basically seeing is the removal of all of the benefits to society that were fought for by our conscientious forebears who saw the need as a result of poverty during the Victorian period when Britain was at its most prosperous and powerful. We are seeing again where the individual and their plight counts for nothing as witnessed by the number of homeless rough sleepers and the withdrawal of Benefit support to the chronically ill who have been deemed fit for work by a privatised company.

Communitarianism & Its Plan for Society